Frosted Funding


Frosted Funding is a program to assist in covering the expenses of veterinary care that is required to significantly maintain and enhance the quality of life for senior dogs in our community.  

Our goal is to help owners whose senior pets unexpectedly become ill or develop chronic conditions that require long term medication, and to treat pre-existing conditions of newly adopted senior dogs within the first 60 days of adoption.  

Pet insurance is costly for senior pets, and does not cover pre-existing conditions for those who wish to adopt seniors, or who register when financial assistance is the most needed. Our hope is that Frosted Funding will encourage owners to keep their pets instead of relinquishing them to the shelter, help them to provide a quality life and dignity, and incentivize senior pet adoption.

Donations made in honor of a pet or person are designated to fund this program and are memorialized on this site and on our social media.  To donate to Frosted Funding to help to keep senior pets with their owners and encourage adopters to choose a senior, please to go our Memorial and Honor Donation page. To apply for Frosted Financing, please go to our Frosted Funding Application page.

Below are the senior pets and people who have benefited from Frosted Funding.

***This is a new program as of November 29th, 2016, and we are currently screening applications.***