Frosted Funding


Frosted Funding is a program to assist in covering the expenses of veterinary care that is required to significantly maintain and enhance the quality of life for senior dogs in our community.  

Our goal is to help owners whose senior pets unexpectedly become ill or develop chronic conditions that require long term medication, and to treat pre-existing conditions of newly adopted senior dogs within the first 60 days of adoption.  

Pet insurance is costly for senior pets, and does not cover pre-existing conditions for those who wish to adopt seniors, or who register when financial assistance is the most needed. Our hope is that Frosted Funding will encourage owners to keep their pets instead of relinquishing them to the shelter, help them to provide a quality life and dignity, and incentivize senior pet adoption.

Donations made in honor of a pet or person are designated to fund this program and are memorialized on this site and on our social media.  To donate to Frosted Funding to help to keep senior pets with their owners and encourage adopters to choose a senior, please to go our Memorial and Honor Donation page. 

Below are the senior pets and people who have benefited from Frosted Funding.



On February 24th, 2017 we were able to help our first Frosted Funding applicant, and what a neat story it is!

We actually were working to rescue 10 year old "Don Juan" an owner surrendered dog at Baldwin Park Shelter, but all of our open FFF Families declined. Days later we learned he was privately adopted, a burden gratefully lifted from our shoulders, and we moved on. Just weeks later we received a Frosted Funding application with a dog's photo attached who looked awfully familiar!

That's right! Don Juan, newly named "Whiskey" (because nothing ages better than whiskey) was adopted by a family who loved him to pieces and he has a large mass in a bad place. Frosted Funding is a grant program to advocate for the adoption of senior dogs and help keep senior dogs with their families. We fund major necessary surgeries and 6 month terms of life-saving medication. Applicants are low income families or families that adopt a senior dog who reach out within 60 days of adoption.

Whiskey's family did bloodwork which looked good and a biopsy of the mass that proved he had an 8x10cm spindle cell sarcoma mass on the right side of his anus. We scheduled them a consult with a surgeon at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital to evaluate whether surgery was sensible. We did x-rays to determine if the cancer had metastasized and it had not. The family was warned that it was a very aggressive cancer and without surgery they would lose Whiskey very soon. They were also advised that with surgery, they may not be able to take large enough margins, Whiskey may become incontinent, and it may grow back. Whiskey's family was also advised that everything could go very well and we could add many months to his life.

Whiskey's family graciously trusted our decision either way, and we agreed that if Whiskey were a Frosted Face, we would go for it. Today Whiskey and his family drove back down from Los Angeles for the big surgery, they even stopped at the ocean and Dexter's Deli to buy one of our fundraising shirts, and hoped for the best. Surgery went fantastic and they think they were able to remove the entire mass without any nerve damage so he will still be continent, and he also got neutered!

Later in the day we learned that surgery would require an overnight recovery at the hospital, so his family planned to head back to LA and drive back to San Diego in the morning. Then an angel, Paul Anderson, donated some Marriott points to get Whiskey's family a free hotel stay so that we could keep Whiskey's family in San Diego for the evening and they could visit him tonight after surgery and pick him up easily in the morning.

Our hearts are gushing with all of the love of senior dogs that made this procedure, and hopefully a longer life, for Whiskey possible.


Donations have been granted in honor of the following: