As our mission states, we rescue senior animals whose love and lives are in jeopardy.  We believe that there is always a solution other than surrendering responsibility, and we would like to help you keep your pet. 

We rescue senior animals from the public when there are no other options.  Every Frosted Face that enters our program requires an interview with the owner and temperament testing.  

Because you reached out to us to ensure the safety and long life of your animal opposed to the uncertain fate of bringing your animal to the shelter, we require a $3,000.00 donation for each relinquished animal upon commitment. We commit to providing family and adequate veterinary care for the animal's entire natural life.

We do not take stray animals.  If you found an animal:

  • Take it to the vet and have it scanned for a microchip.
  • Post in Craigslist Lost/Found
  • Post on
  • Post on
  • Post on the Facebook page Lost and Found for that city
  • Hang FOUND flyers on every intersection as far as you can with a BIG picture, age, description, phone number
  • Take the animal to the shelter near where it was found, because the owner may look there.  Place an IP "interested party" hold on the animal, so the shelter will alert you when the animal is scheduled for euthanasia.