Frosted Friends


Frosted Friends is a senior dog boarding and day care program for the public that supports the mission of Frosted Faces Foundation.  We are located in peaceful Ramona, CA, a worthwhile jaunt from anywhere to ensure peace of mind that your senior dog is in capable, loving hands.  We are able to accommodate Frosted Friends who are 8 years old and older during your time of absence, providing them with the same dignified care that you do at home.

Frosted Friends often require -

  • quieter, slower paced play groups

  • more comfortable bedding

  • management of incontinence

  • help with mobility and ground with increased traction

  • prescription/home cooked diets

  • medications administered

  • additional supervision and precautions due to impaired eyesight and/or hearing

We are happy to help! 
All boarding fees are a donation to Frosted Faces Foundation, an organization dedicated to fulfilling the promise of family and quality veterinary care for senior animals whose love and lives are in jeopardy. We require a modest minimum donation $25.00/day/Frosted Friend at the time of drop off, but recommend a greater donation if you are able.

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