$10,000.00 Matching Campaign:

This month of February with love in the air,
"To love, is to Act." 

Senior dog lover, Tanya Nielsen, has challenged Frosted Faces Foundation and our supporters to match a $10,000.00 donation in honor of her mother who passed away on February 13th of last year.  Tanya shares that her mom taught her the value of love and putting it into action. Tanya has loved countless senior animals through the end of their lives, and this Valentine's Day would like to see her donation matched to help more senior animals whose love and lives are in jeopardy.

Please help us achieve and double this donation, where your $1 is worth $2. 

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To love, is to act!

Meet our donors:

$1,000 Heike Maglaque: For many years we've adopted only senior dogs because we simply can't be bystanders when so many are being euthanized in shelters. To give (and to receive) love is to adopt seniors and special needs pets!
$1,000 Robin Zakoor
$500 Keith Zakarin
$500 Lauretta Johnson: At this point in time, all I can do is offer monetary contributions. I prioritize any extra money I have to help support great groups like Frosted Faces Foundation.
$500 Jerrie Calandra
$250 Jennifer Murray
$200 Debra Sakata

$200 Sue King: How I love senior dogs - I have 5 senior rescue dogs, and volunteer in various ways with FFF from admin work and home checks to volunteering on-site.
$150 Karen Billington: We adopted 9 yr old Toby from our local shelter as a companion for our 8 yr old lab a few months after we lost his older brother. The first couple of weeks were way rougher then anyone expected, Porter really didn't want a new brother. During this period we also learned that Toby suffers from seizures and is a runner / opportunistic escape artist. 
The seizures are mostly controlled with medication, and the humans are much better trained about keeping the gates closed. Most importantly, Porter and Toby have made their piece. Porter is the boss and they figured out that they get way more treats when they present as a united front!
Fast forward 3 years and we can't remember when Toby wasn't a part of our family. He is definitely good company for Porter; keeps him honest during evening games of fetch, but Toby is definitely his own dog. Toby is sweet, loving, empathetic, aloof and stubborn as a mule, all at the same time.
Toby is one of a kind and we are very grateful that we get to be his pack. Here's to many more birthdays for our 12 yr old "puppy".....
$100 Mary Arkwright: I try to be a good Mom to my 4 beautiful dogs.
$100 Susan Zevola: Currently, I am enjoying the company of my 4th senior adoptee. This photo is of seniors 1 and 2, Daisy and Angel. Love, for me, means acting in a manner that enables senior dogs to live the remainder of their years with medical needs met and all attention they want. Hopefully having lots of fun along the way too! Daisy, Angel, and I had many wonderful adventures in our time together. I miss them both so much. 
$100 Helena McArron: Sponsoring FFF’s Dharma to have a new life and be loved unconditionally.
$100 Vicki Conway: For last 20 years all our dogs have been rescues.
$100 Leslie Harris
$100 John Kohoutek: We love our dogs Heidi and Snoopy very much and provide them with all the care and love they need. We love supporting organizations like frosted faces and others.
$100 Stacy Lovell-Garra: I love what FFF does️
$100 Lynn Carlson: Three rescues and being a good wife.
$50 Dan Fujita: To love is to never take for granted the countless blessings our senior puppies bring us.
$50 Nikki King: By fostering senior Frosted Faces, Cocoa and Graham.
$50 Maureen Fitzgerald: I adopted a senior boxer, Maggie, from NorCal Boxer Rescue.
$50 Nara Lee: My 15-year-old bear, Edie, recently celebrated her three-year adoptaversary! There's just something extra special about a senior dog...I'll always have a senior dog (or several) in my life.
$50 Lisa Lind
$50 Loree Cook
: Nothing I love more than a senior kitty.
$50 Margaret Ruiz
$50 Elizabeth Wentworth: 
My current companion is Mojo; a Chi-mix foundling from a mall parking lot, whom no one claimed. As he is young and I am currently 60; I have been sadly contemplating that this may be my last 4 legged companion. I am fearful of leaving a furry friend in a homeless situation when I pass. But I have come to realize that I may be able to provide a loving home to the older ones whose own need is limited by expected lifespan. I am happily looking forward to providing a home to the elderly ones for as long as I can! :)
$50 Ann McKay: Dogs have always been an important part of my life. But it was volunteering at my local animal shelter that made me a champion for senior dogs. I had a senior rottie named Drew, and have always been a one-dog-at-a-time pet owner, but decided to bring home Noah, a 14-year-old terrier from the shelter that was doing poorly there, expecting to have him just a few months...he was with us nearly 2 years! Then, I fell in love with Angie, a senior lab/Rhodesian mix at the shelter. She had the best personality, but no one applied to adopt her, because she was a senior. So, when my two dogs passed, I adopted her, and Andy, the Jack Russell Terrier mix she befriended at the shelter, who had been there for 2 years because he was extremely distrustful of most people. Then, I discovered Frosted Faces Foundation via a Shane's War campaign posted on Facebook. This was an organization that grabbed my heart immediately! So, I decided I had room for a third, and applied to foster this pathetic little Chihuahua/Papillon mix we named Monty (C. Montgomery Burns). We have since adopted little Monty, and, after my sweet Angie passed, took in 15-year-old Sparky, who was at the animal shelter because his owner stabbed him three times before killing himself. It was very unlikely anyone would apply to adopt a 15-year-old half-blind, mostly-deaf dog, no matter how sad his story. But dogs like Sparky...and Monty...and Angie...and Noah...they deserve so much more than being left in a shelter to die. Frosted Faces inspires me to continue to do whatever I can to help them, by taking in those that I can, volunteering my time for home checks for Frosted Faces, and volunteering at my local animal shelter. Though our time with these seniors is always too short, the gifts they give far exceed the heartache we experience.
$50 Mel Biendara
$50 Gina LaBella
$40 Sara Klein
We foster
$35 Carolyn Conti Seniors deserve the best of everything.
$25 Diedra Bigham  Volunteering at my neighborhood fire department.
$25 Marla McLuckie
$25 The Pearce Family
$25 Rick Emens
$25 Afrouz Rashidian

$25 Jean McCumber: I recently adopted 15 year old Gladys after both of my doxies died within 4 days of each other. I did not last long without a dog in my house...I saw Gladys' picture on a rescue site Facebook page and the rest is history. I will only be adopting seniors from now on.
$25 Keven Tugend
$25 Meghan Hoffman
$25 Dawn Smith: 
Following the Bumblesnot on social media inspired us to adopt Rocky, an 11 year old mostly blind energetic and feisty little pug from Pug Nation Los Angeles. We found what our friend M.E. of Senior Ride Rescue said to be so true...SENIORS ROCK!!!
$25 Pam Sites
$25 Liz Lacombe
$20 Emily Watson
$20 James Berkson
$20 Carrie Thomas
$20 Michelle Lynch
$20 Ona Carroll: 
Frosted faces Fling family!
$20 Allyson Storts: By adopting senior dogs! I have adopted 5 senior dogs (all with various medical conditions and coming from some pretty rough backgrounds) over the past 6 years, and hope to add my 6th senior dog to the family next week! The photo I have attached includes Clark, Bertie, Walter, Boyd, and Quincy. Sadly, only Bertie remains, but everyone has brought so much joy into my life that I am thankful for our time together, no matter how short it was. Everyone should be so lucky to know the love of a senior dog.
$20 Kerri Bermudez: To love is to rescue, to love is spoil my animals absolutely rotten. Every pet deserve a loving forever home.
$20 Wendy Brock
$15 Kaycie Gillette
$10 Ara Van Der Mark

$10 Margaret Lynn: Giving care to Senior
$10 Lynn Ruiz: By volunteering at two animal care facilities sharing time with all the dogs but focusing on the seniors they are my passion the ones people walk past I give them the love they so deserve & need & what they give back is priceless
$10 Veronica Marquez: By making the time for someone or something outside of yourself.
$10 Michelle Ishida: One of our dogs just passed away due to a tumor on his head about a month ago. He was 9 years old. We loved and miss him very much. He left his 15 year old senior brother behind whom we also love so much!
$10 Kristen Natale
$10 Margaret Lynn: Care for this girl
$10 Catherine Taylor