Those who make a recurring donation of $25/month are called Fans of Frosted Faces. Fans are assigned a Frosted Face representative of a relatable example of the donation in action. Fans choose to sponsor a Frosted Face at the time of introduction on social media or from the website.

We cover lifelong medical expenses for families who choose to adopt senior dogs and cats as an incentive for their extraordinary, selfless choice.

Participation in our program is unique in that we rescue and contract families to have consistent communication in exchange for covering quality veterinary care, in addition to medication and support, for the Frosted Faces' entire lives.

Our transparency and communication are unmatched. We notify you when your Frosted Face finds a home, has a Frostiversary (birthday), and when he/she passes away. You are always welcome to email for a current update about the Frosted Face(s) you are sponsoring.

We offer recognition in a few ways as a means of gratefulness. Fans are noted on social media posts about the Frosted Face, and every single Frosted Face we have rescued is mentioned on our website with the Fan names and family's name listed beside the Frosted Face's photo.

Frosted Faces Foundation covers an average of $32,297.89/month of veterinary expenses and medication for 414 surviving Frosted Faces. This is $936.17/year for each Frosted Face's care, not including grooming, feeding, or housing them. One Fan contributes $25/month at $300/year. Of course, we give every Frosted Face everything they need regardless of whether they have eleven Fans or one Fan because all Fan donations supplement the medical budget. We cover everything from a $2,400 splenectomy to $75 for monthly carprofen refills.

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