Molly & Me Project

"That’s what we do – we hold them close. We hold our dogs so close that parts of ourselves overflow and fall directly onto their furry heads. So when we look at our dogs we see our worst sorrows, our greatest joys and the deepest part of ourselves for which there is no name. The story of our dogs is the story of us."

-William Kearney

There are senior dogs left behind by their owners that are poorly socialized with other animals, but are incredibly loyal companions to humans and likely have been for many years.  Molly and dogs like her are difficult to place and often find themselves in long term isolated kennel boarding or facing euthanasia. The Molly & Me Project was implemented to recruit people that have no other animals who can carry out our mission of family to love dogs like Molly who need to be an only pet long term.  


  • No other animals of any kind in the household

  • Submit weekly photos

  • Live an enriching life and include the Frosted Face

  • Demonstrate ability to avoid scenarios of negligence that would put the Frosted Face or other animals at risk


  • $200.00/month for a term of 12 months
    *will be issued a W-2

  • We pay for veterinary expenses

  • Donated food and supplies

Molly & Me Project Donor

If the mission of the Molly & Me Project moves you or someone you know, please consider being a donor or dedicating a donation so that we can continue to find families for Frosted Faces like Molly.  Your donation will be recognized on our website, each time we discuss the Molly & Me Project on social media, and you can email to get updated photos and recent happenings of the Frosted Faces during the term of your donation.

Molly & Me Program Donation
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Tami Cross
Michelle Judge in honor of Jen Stein
Kathleen Brodie 

Frosted Faces of the Molly & Me Project