Final Wish Program

The Final Wish Program is in place to ensure the safety and long life of a pet upon the passing or incapacitation of his/her owner.  When there are no other options, and one does not want to assign the pet the uncertain fate of being surrendered to the shelter, we commit to providing family and quality veterinary care for the pet's entire natural life.

Every Frosted Face that enters our program requires an interview with the owner or family and temperament testing.  Acceptance into the program is based on space and the likelihood that we can meet the owner or family's expectations of placing and caring for the pet.

We send monthly photo and medical updates to the family upon request, and we act as the legal owners of the pet while he/she resides with a Forever Foster Family.

The donation requirement varies based on the pet's age, breed, and current condition. The donation for each pet can be established by bequest through a will or trust, and must be fully honored at the time of transfer of ownership. 

Please fill out the application to start the conversation.