Please review the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions to better understand our procedures and philosophies.

What do you do?
Frosted Faces Foundation develops solutions to ensure all of the senior animals that cross our path have a family and proper veterinary care.  We rescue senior animals and rehome them, we offer financial assistance to senior pet owners, and we board senior dogs at an inexpensive rate while providing excellent care.

Can I come meet the Frosted Faces?
Visiting Frosted Faces is by appointment only.  Scheduled approved applicants are invited to meet the Frosted Faces, and we have Open Houses on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am-1:00pm where no appointment is necessary.

How can I be a Family to a Frosted Face?
We offer a variety of programs that allow Frosted Faces to live in your home for a short or long time period.  Please click here to learn how to become a family.

What is the process to become a Family to a Frosted Face?

  1. Fill out the Application as completely and thoughtfully as possible.

  2. An application screener will email you to ask follow up questions, review your expectations, and schedule a home check.

  3. A volunteer from FFF will home check you to verify that your home is dog-friendly and prepared to take in a Frosted Face.

  4. Upon passing, your application screener will coordinate an appointment for you to visit Frosted Faces Foundation and choose a dog.

    *You have the option to attend an Open House at FFF prior to or during the screening process to meet the Frosted Faces.

Do you transport animals?
We require that families come to Frosted Faces Foundation in Ramona, CA for a character assessment by an FFF Director. We also require that all of the potential families' dogs be introduced to the Frosted Face.  If these two things happen, yes, a family may arrange transport for the Frosted Face approved by an FFF Director.

Do you really cover all lifelong medical expenses for Forever Fosters & what are the other benefits of being a Forever Foster?
This is where it is best to go straight to the contract.  The contract reads:

All medical concerns must be brought to the attention of the FFF Advisers immediately to consider and recommend treatment.

FFF covers all medical expenses pre-approved in writing for Frosted Faces.  FFF does not cover the expense of exam fees.  Frosted Faces must be seen at a Rescue Veterinarian if the Forever Foster lives within 20 miles.  Major procedures or hospitalization may be referred to Rescue Veterinarians out of your area. A list of Rescue Veterinarians can be found on the Forever Foster Family Portal. Appointment notifications can be scheduled on the Forever Foster Portal to ensure that an FFF Adviser is available to give consent for treatment at the time of your appointment. Submit receipts on the Forever Foster Family Portal for reimbursement.

 In the event of an emergency, FFF covers all pre-approved medical expenses at any emergency veterinary clinic.

All veterinary care that you choose to donate must be pre-approved by a Director and records of those diagnostics and/or procedures must be provided to FFF upon request.

FFF agrees to reimburse you for medication the Frosted Face may need.  Ongoing medication is prescribed by a veterinarian and pre-approved by an Adviser for administration.  Families are instructed to fill recurring prescriptions (prescribed more than once consecutively) at Costco (insulin must be filled at Walmart) and must submit a photo of the itemized receipt on the Forever Foster Family Portal to be reimbursed within five business days by check.

Upon a Frosted Face’s passing, Frosted Faces Foundation agrees to provide the Family with a memorial of ashes and a paw print.  The ultimate decision to humanely euthanize a Frosted Face is that of FFF Directors and no one else.  In all circumstances of death, a licensed veterinarian must contact a Director to verify the cause of death and identify the animal.  

What if I decide to adopt my Frosted Face that I am Fostering or Forever Fostering?
Frosted Faces can be adopted by Foster and Forever Foster Families prior to an interaction with an interested adopter.

Is there a fee associated with being a family of a Frosted Face?
We are completely funded by donations, grants and fundraisers. We do not have adoption fees, as our primary goal is to place and support our Frosted Faces with Families who welcome otherwise "unadoptable" animals and are dedicated to fulfilling our promise.

Where do Frosted Faces come from?
Senior animals, dubbed Frosted Faces, come primarily from Southern California.  We rarely take animals surrendered by their owners. We rescue animals from the shelter system with no advocates whose lives are in jeopardy.

Do you rescue/place strays?
No, we cannot take strays. Strays and abandoned animals are handled by local Animal Control agency, allowing owners to have a chance to find their lost pets. If the animal goes unclaimed and there is an outside party being his/her advocate, we may rescue the animals as a Frosted Face with a $500.00 donation to support his/her care

How old does a dog have to be in order to be considered a Frosted Face?
We rescue dogs who are 8 years old or older, more commonly 10 years of age and older.

How are you funded?
We are solely funded by private donations, grants, and fundraising events.  Details about making a donation can be found on our Donate page.  

For Frosted Funding, what is considered "low income?"
Low income is determined by the current year's state income limits as part of the Department of Housing and Community Development.

How can I help Frosted Faces Foundation?
We have varying needs depending on the week!  We all work as a team to accomplish each task to support the mission. The best way to offer your help is to email us at info@frostedfacesfoundation.org and talk to us directly and go to our Volunteer page to fill out an application!  We love new ideas too!

Can my son/daughter volunteer at Frosted Faces Foundation?
We require a parent accompany children who are under 18 years old.

We try to be quite transparent and have open conversation on all topics.  We welcome any questions at info@frostedfacesfoundation.org. You can expect a response within 24 hours from one of our Directors.