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Enjoy scrolling through all of our Frosted Face senior animals who have benefit from our mission at Frosted Faces Foundation.  They are listed in order of date of rescue, including those that have passed. If you have been following a certain Frosted Face's story and would like to know how he/she is doing, please email us at

Please make note of animals still looking for families. Their "Family" is listed as "Frosted Faces Foundation."  View biographies and more photos at Available Frosted Faces, learn more about becoming a family and the different programs we offer. You can also help fund their care by registering as their monthly sponsoring Fan.  

Euthanasia Policy
Frosted Faces Foundation delivers the promise of family and quality veterinary care for senior animals.  Family is unconditionally devoted and makes sacrifices for each other’s benefit.   These sacrifices include dedicating time to behavioral training, investing in medical care, and knowing when to relieve suffering.

We do not condone the use of euthanasia for convenience because we promote commitment. We do advocate for the use of euthanasia when a dog's quality of life has diminished physically and/or mentally beyond the application of resources.  We refer to the advice of the acting licensed veterinarian, the Executive Director, the experiences of the family, and a certified behaviorist in appropriate circumstances. 

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Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: November 7th, 2013
Date of Passing: September 19th, 2016
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Fans: Amber Tkach
Tribute: While we were hopeful we could cure her panreatitis, her eyes became vacant, and we knew there was something more serious causing her condition.

We rescued Elsa when she was 8 years old on November 7th, 2013 from OC Shelter with advocacy of our friends at Lionel's Legacy. Elsa was brought in as a stray and labelled "rescue only" for bad behavior. On that day, Elsa the Snow Queen became our little sassy teenager who got dragged on family outings for the next three years!

Elsa leaped off of curbs, she carried bones around the house, she pawed at the door to come inside after going potty, and she always walked very slowly on leash as if to resist being controlled. Whenever she offered us a kiss, the room was silenced and stilled in surprise to witness her moments of trust and affection. Elsa was so soft, so beautiful.  We will never forget that.

Thank you to Amber Tkach for being Elsa's monthly sponsoring Fan. Thank you to Andy Smíšek for saying "yes" to one more senior dog I had to have and falling in love with her alongside me.

Elsa knew tricks from the first day we got her! She knew "shake" "sit" "down" "roll over" "spin" and "double five." Those senior dogs left behind in the shelter system... all that love... all that life...

Mommy & Daddy love you sweet Elsa.


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Acquired from: South LA Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: May 8th, 2014
Date of Passing: May 20th, 2014
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Tribute: We rescued 13 year old Ernie from South LA Shelter, with the help of The Barking Lot, on May 7th, 2014.  He ate very little upon rescue, but he loved eggs!  He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure by our veterinarians.  We loved him up, and tried to give him as many positive and caring experiences as possible!  Ernie went on a trip to Fiesta Island, watched sunsets on Mission Bay, tried on a couple new outfits, ate some great new human foods, and received a lot of snuggles.  A short couple weeks passed, and on May 19th, 2014, while we were at the vet for chest x-rays, he went into cardiac arrest and passed away.  Ernie taught us how precious our time is here on Earth, as our hearts were set at ease after his passing, knowing how special his last weeks had been.


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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: May 21st, 2014
Date of Passing: August 20th, 2014
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Tribute: Edie (fka Sugar) was a 14 year old owner surrender, who we rescued from Carson Shelter on May 21, 2014.  The previous owners said she was too ill.  Thanks to The Barking Lot for helping us to rescue her, and Kathleen McCabe who transported this little sweetie to us!  

The whole first evening Edie was passing out every 40 minutes!  We took her to Bay Park Veterinary Clinic the next morning to learn that she was having syncopatic episodes due to congestive heart failure.  After getting her a prescription for the appropriate medications, she trotted out of the vet, and hadn't had an episode the rest of her time with us.

Edie still wheezed a bit when she got too excited, so we tried to be very gentle with her.  That didn't stop her from investigating the WHOLE yard, and she loved rolling in the grass!  Edie sat at our feet wherever we were dwelling, and when we were eating, she stood at our feet and barked with a whole-hearted hop!  Yes, this little princess melted us!

Edie's little heart told us it was her time to go on August 20th, 2014.  We are confident that we Fulfilled our promise of Family to her, as her broken-hearted mommy and daddy wept over her and whispered sweet words into her ears, as we released her from her struggle-our final promise.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: May 31st, 2014
Date of Passing: October 17th, 2016
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Fans: Rachel Frederick
Tribute: We rescued Emerson from Downey Shelter on May 31st, 2014 after he had been surrendered by his owners. Right after we celebrated his 15th birthday he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he slipped away so quickly.

We love so many senior dogs and help them pass with dignity. More than ever, we are just exhausted and being completely irrational dealing with the fact that we will never ever see him again. We loved him like a son.

We will always love you, Emerson.


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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 18
Date of Rescue: June 17th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 3rd, 2014
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Tribute: Emily (fka Precious) was an 18 year old owner surrender from Carson Shelter, who we rescued on June 17th, 2014.  Her previous owners claimed she was too old.  We drove up one day after being relinquished, because we noticed her immediate resemblance to our Princess Ebba-Face, and we HAD to have her!  Imagine that!  Someone having  to have you after being heartlessly surrendered!  

It was obvious right away that Emily couldn't see and had neurological issues because she was walking in circles. She was quite skinny underneath all of that fluff too!  After being examined at Lindsey Veterinary Clinic, we were pretty sure her time was limited.  We took her home and loved her up, and realized that Emily wasn't going anywhere!  

Much of Emily's confusion was a result of her blindness, with a some tendencies of dementia, but MAN, this girl wanted to live!   She loved to eat.  Her teeth were very rotten, but we had opted out of surgery due to her age.  Despite her sore mouth, she chomped down anything she was given, and took it from us with gusto! Emily slept between us at night, and loved all the smells of the yard.  Other times she wandered, or we tried to make her comfortable on the couch.  Gentle Emily was sincerely acknowledged by the other dogs and they were very patient with her tiny, stiff steps.  We are so happy to have had this precious girl in our lives!

On November 3rd, 2014 we decided that Emily was not living the exceptional quality of life we wanted for her with her newfound freedom.   She was having a more difficult time getting comfortable, she had begun actually acting very lost and cried out often with confusion, opposed to her previous state where she happily lived in a state of unawareness in Emilyville.  

Emily forced us to evaluate what dogs should get out of life.  She never seemed "present" from day one, but because bloodwork and tests consistently came back normal, we made the conscious decision to keep her alive and challenged ourselves to keep her comfortable and provide the good things that made her sparkle.  She loved meeting the new dogs and the hustle of the pack.  She would stop spinning circles and approach dogs for sniffs!  If any food was out her eyes and her nose followed us, making feeding times special moments because she truly acknowledged us!   More than anything Emily loved to be scooped up like a baby by Dad, and fall asleep on the rise and fall and warmth of his chest.  This was how her last night was spent with us, and her dad was the last one to hold her before she fell into a deep endless sleep.  We love you Emily, and we will miss you sweetheart.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: July 5th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 22nd, 2017
Family: Scot Whaley & Patricia Mihalko
Fans: Lisa Biel, Beth Ruch, Christina Jones, Mari Stein
Tribute: It is with a heavy, HEAVY heart and tear filled eyes that I must let you know that our sweet Charlie boy peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last Wednesday, Nov 22nd at 6:10am. He passed in my arms and on his own terms. Almost a week later, I'm still heartbroken and crying over our loss. :'(

My dearest sweet Charlie, Charlie Boy, Charles, Char-Char there are so many things spinning around in my head since you left us that I don't even know where to start. But I want you to know that you are so terribly missed. The house is so quiet and I keep looking around expecting to see and hear you. On Thanksgiving morning while I was in the kitchen cooking, as always I was conscious of not tripping over you. I would look down and my heart would sink because you were not there.

During dinner, your name came up a lot. We shared a few "remember when Charlie did this... or that..." stories. Were your ears ringing? When you first came into my life, you seemed very stoic. I wasn't sure if you were happy or not. But I continued to love you like my fur baby and sing to you in hopes that you would relax, get used to my voice and trust that you were safe. Soon you were pretty much attached to my hip. You followed me around the house and as your vision got worse, you started to bump my leg with your cold wet nose. Many a pant legs even got doggie boogies on them, but I didn't mind.

I hope you had fun running around the neighborhood with me and I was glad that you were okay with my slow pace. We also enjoyed swimming in the pool, the bay, camping adventures, hiking and of course shopping at the local IB Pets store! You stole the hearts of everyone who met you. You were such a character and so treat motivated! You would spend hours playing with that treat toy we made you and after that, you were STILL hungry for dinner. I loved how you would pace back and forth like a Wildman and bark at us as if to say, "Hurry up and fix my dinner!"

Charlie, there are so many happy memories with you. I keep looking at your pictures and videos reminiscing of our time together. Thank you for allowing me to be your momma and for being there for me when I needed you to cuddle with. Rest in peace my silly boy. Until we meet again. ❤



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: July 11th, 2014
Date of Passing: August 16th, 2019
Family: Paula Rushton
Fans: Tammy Martin
Tribute: On August 16th we fulfilled our promise to the longest living Frosted Face, Joey.

When a Frosted Face lives five years beyond rescue, that is truly something to celebrate. Joey was chosen by a patient, forgiving, problem solving mom who stuck by her through behavioral and medical issues, while simultaneously showing her the good life because she loved little Joey for Joey herself!

"Farewell to my baby girl Joey. She was one tough mama: in the five years I had her she overcame detached retinas/blindness, many ear infections, anal gland stuff, collapsed trachea and an allergy situation I tried my best to manage. She kept chugging along and doing her thing. She made it to 15 and enjoyed several cheeseburgers before we said goodbye. She was my first dog with Frosted Faces Foundation.

Love you, Joey! 💗"


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Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: July 19th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 11th, 2015
Family: Ron Gaza
Fans: Carey Nagoda
Tribute: We will admit that we are gravely disappointed and heartbroken.

We don't want to be the crazy dog owners who can't see the big picture, who spend thousands of dollars on diagnostics and procedures when their pet is truly dying, and neglect just spending time with them. At the same time, we had hope. We regret that we were not present when she passed away, as that is the worst burden to carry when we loved her so much. Did we push it too far? How could we know? We couldn't let Ellie go home last night with a pyometra, nor could we justify euthanizing her without trying.

We absolutely could not in good conscience have put her to sleep yesterday upon diagnosis the way she was trotting around the room, wagging her tail for pets, and cocking her head alert at the door when she heard noises.

You must watch her shelter video, know that she was wheeled in a cart out to our car upon rescue, and credit her Forever Foster as he gave her over a friggin' YEAR beyond this video! We rescued Ellie from Carson Shelter on July 9th, 2014. She was placed with the best, most knowledgable Forever Foster in regards to diabetes, received endless kisses from siblings and was loved to the moon and back. No doubt whoever surrendered Ellie would not believe that with proper veterinary care our girl lived so much longer beyond the time they had given up on her.

Ron writes in tribute to Ellie:

"When I think of Ellie I imagine the most perfect dog. She was so sweet and gentle. Always lounging around by my side while I worked. I loved the way her mouth would curl into a smile when you rubbed her head.

She loved to sleep and sleep and then roam around at night like a vampire. When I would wake up in the morning she would be in the bedroom doorway just waiting to start the day.

It's hard to believe anyone would give her up. She's the dog you see in the movies you wished your own dog could be. I'm glad that I had a chance to spend time with her."

We are sorry, Ellie. We love you and we tried



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: July 20th, 2014
Date of Passing:
Family: Bethany Moore
Fans: Emily Elliott, Fido's Forty Winks


Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: July 23rd, 2014
Date of Passing: August 17th, 2016
Family: Matt & Nadia Fulkerson
Fans: Moira Mahoney, Guy Zigfried, Kathleen Miner
Tribute: Our beloved Rosie-Belle is no longer with us today. In a completely unexpected turn of events, Rosie was not herself this morning and steadily declined in no time. We rushed her to the vet and unfortunately, the news was dire; Rosie was extremely ill and sadly, in a lot of pain. So, much as it broke my heart to have to say goodbye, she was held and kissed as she left us as peacefully as she had arrived.

We had the opportunity to foster Rosie for a short time but it was incredible to see her grow into a member of our family so quickly. Rosie was a wonderful, beautiful soul that came to us with such sadness. I’ll never forget the day Kelly dropped her off and she promptly dug a hole in the garden and curled into it. It took two days of us gently bringing her inside to let her know that the super soft bed was hers, the gigantic pillows had her name on it and she would never spend another night outside – ever. She absolutely LOVED being brushed and a special thank you to her secret admirers who sent her the brush set on her frostiversary, it made for an incredibly happy Rosie! She loved our daughter Ella, seeking her out to nuzzle up to her as much as possible. And food, did she love her food! If you were cooking in the kitchen, it was a guarantee that she’d be right in the middle of the floor knowing she’d get a sample of whatever we were making. What amazed me most though was the transformation; she was happy. She’d wag her tail when she’d sense us approaching, she’d nuzzle your hand to keep on petting her and she loved her clean blankets – rolling around in them, making sure she covered them in hair while they were still warm from the dryer.

It is incredibly heartbreaking to have lost her however I spent an hour outside this evening looking at the stars and I remembered the following quote “perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy”. Run free my darling Rosie-Belle. And when my heart hurts, I’ll look up at the stars and know that once blind, you can now see – and what an amazing view you have. <3

Love, Nadia



Acquired from: North Central LA Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: July 26th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 30th, 2018
Family: Kelly & Mike Hayes
Fans: Rhamona Zielonka, Erin Garibaldi, Brian Parker
Tribute: On Friday, November 30th, we fulfilled our promise to 14 year old Shadow. We rescued Shadow on July 26th, 2014 from North Central Shelter-LA. She was one of the very first Frosted Faces and the second longest living Frosted Face since our incorporation.

Losing Shadow comes as a heavy milestone for us. When we first rescued her she had a dent in her skull from such a horrendous ear infection. She needed a TECA BO surgery because the cultures and treatments weren't working. We wanted to do anything to make her comfortable and we had promised to cover lifelong medical expenses. The surgery would cost $1,700.00, almost half of our bank account for Frosted Faces Foundationwhen we started. The first big bill. A private donor offered to cover the cost and asked, "Would she live long enough to make it worth it?"

I circle back to those times of growth, realization that we weren't alone in wanting to help all these senior animals, and just knowing that Shadow did live a beautiful long life with really nice people. The same vets at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital who walked us through Shadow's procedure as a new rescue four years ago were also with her in the end when she passed from a ruptured intestinal mass that we didn't know was lingering. Now this is fulfilling a promise- a phrase we started using from the beginning that we could have only hoped to mean this much today.

Her mom shares,"In a way I am happy that it happened so quickly, but on the other hand, I wish I would have had time for a few more really awesome days with her. She had been with our family almost 4.5 years and our home today seems so empty without her. I never thought she was going to die, she seemed to be Benjamin Button.

She was a really long dog and was always next to me - which caused me to almost kill my self tripping over her daily - but now my personal bubble feels empty. I miss her so much. The grief of her loss is clearly weighing on her younger brother, Jack. We hope to rescue another dog in her honor in the upcoming months."

Thank you to Mike and Kelly Hayes, just two acquaintances who said "yes," because "If not you, then who?" Newlyweds at the time of committing to Shadow, Mike and Kelly have now moved and had a baby with Shadow in their care. Thank you for your devotion to our special girl. Thank you to Rhamona Zielonka, Erin Garibaldi, and Brian Parker for being Shadow's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.


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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: July 28th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 11th, 2014
Family: Kay Buell
Fans: Tammy Martin
Tribute: We had a Family offer for Samuel (known as Larry in the shelter) right away when he arrived at Carson Shelter.  Kay Buell, the ultimate serial senior foster, had this boy on her mind! We were all ready to save him, and then suddenly, the shelter had rescanned him and discovered a microchip.  We and our anxious foster waited for Samuel's microchip hold to be done.  No one came, but we were knocking down his kennel door on his due out date on July 28th, 2014!  

He was infested with fleas and ticks and had a horribly stiff gate. The vet told us that his elbows were very thick with arthritis, causing him to walk like he was on stilts.  We immediately put him on Metacam, and his joints now move a little more fluidly.  After being bathed and medicated causing the fleas to fall off, Sammy had the softest thick coat!

Sammy loved the beach, giving kisses, running with excited pitter patters of his front feet toward his mommy, and then bunny hops! He also learned how to open the fridge on one of his first nights in the house!  Uh oh!  He got his weekly dose of ice cream to keep those pitter patters going too!  

It was on April 12th, 2015 Kay told us Samuel had been stolen from her yard.  We later learned that she made some very irresponsible decisions with her dogs as a person who we did not recognize or experience in our multiple interactions.  We fear that Samuel is no longer alive and our hearts ache for him.  


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Acquired from: Ramona Humane Society
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: July 30th, 2014
Date of Passing: October 27th, 2014
Family: Wendy Loeffler
Tribute: Giles was rescued from Ramona Humane Society on August 5th, 2014.  Giles (fka Elijah) lived with the loving Family of Wendy Loeffler.  She took one look at the intake photo and just knew that underneath the matted fur and bad teeth was a sweet boy that had to come home to stay with her son and her terrier mutt, Guinness. And she was right. His first haircut was a little rough, but he was super cute, soft as a little lamb, and only 8 lbs. The doc thinks he is 14 years old and he had all sorts of the general stray-related issues, such as matted fur, infected foxtails, fleas, bad teeth, skinny body, and kennel cough. He appears to be a poodle-bichon mix, with others added in for variety, perhaps. He has super long front legs and one wonky ankle, which makes him walk/hop like a small gazelle. Most of his teeth had to be extracted with the exception of the three front canines that were left in place, giving him a snaggle-tooth appearance.

He settled in perfectly into the house. Guinness, who is a 20-lb stocky pup, was gentle with him. Giles seemed unable or uncertain about navigating the steps to the porch and deck, but within a week or two, he was going up and down them like a champ. And while he was a little old man, he still seemed to have some fiesty male behaviours, such as trying to one-up Guinness while relieving themselves in the yard! He was super-bonded with Wendy and followed her around whenever he could. He also slept a lot and loved nothing better than to be curled up on the couch or bed, next to one of his family. He curled up at night next to her head although she tried to get him to sleep in his dogbed by her feet to make sure he didn't get smushed at night.

He was a sweet boy! Poor Giles was diagnosed with advanced liver disease and his health declined rapidly. Wendy administered food, fluids, and meds to try and get it under control. On October 27th, 2014 Giles told his mom that he was ready to be more comfortable and needed her to lovingly help him pass away into a painless deep sleep.  Giles was one of the worst cases of neglect Frosted Faces has yet experienced and we are privileged to have been able to pair him with wonderful Wendy, to fulfill our promise of Family in his final months.


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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 16
Date of Rescue: August 1st, 2014
Date of Passing: January 11th, 2015
Family: Kay Buell
Tribute: My Molly had my heart when I saw her curled up in her cage at the shelter. She came up and looked at her eyes and promised she would never sleep on cement again and was coming home with me. Petite soft coat and soulful eyes described Molly. Followed me everywhere. My puppy Vida loved Molly from day one. Mother and daughter I called them. Molly watched over all my furkids and was just a protector at heart. She liked harmony in the house and always smiling when I came through the door. Like she was saying, 'all is good mommy and you can take over.' She loved treats ice cream sitting on her favorite lounge chair in the sun watching the world go by. We miss you Mollly and our house is empty without you. Vida looks for you all the time. We are heartbroken and remember we will see you again my Molly Wolly. Fly high Angel....till we meet again.

Love Mom and Vida



Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: August 1st, 2014
Date of Passing: February 15th, 2016
Family: Christine & Dominic Castiglioni
Fans: Lindy & Ed Kalpakoff, Patricia Allem, Kimberly Rogers
Tribute: We lost our Potato today.

I thought I knew going in how this would end. My husband and I would get a dog to love and care for, for a little while. But eventually, I'd have to be there while that dog quietly left our lives. Of course, this would be after much debate over when was the best time to let the dog go. And after days or weeks of checking items off the dog's bucket list, we would schedule the right time for him to be ushered to the other side.

Yesterday, February 14, Potato started the morning with two seizures. He'd never had them before. We panicked and rushed to the vet, but there isn't much to be done for just two seizures. Plus, Potato seemed to have come around to acting his normal, happy self again. We went home with a lot more information than we had to start, and instructions to watch Potato and keep a log. The log looked like this:

2/14 7:15am duration unknown

2/14 7:45am duration 1.5 minutes

2/14 11:22pm duration 45 seconds

2/15 2:00 am 2 min

2/15 2:10am 2 min

2/15 2:15am 2 min

2/15 2:30am 2.5 minutes

Shortly after that, while we were in the process of contacting an emergency vet, Potato's seizures became so frequent we couldn't count them anymore. We couldn't tell where one ended and the next began. We had to transport Potato while he was seizing. He didn't stop the whole ride there. The vet gave Potato two doses of valium. He was still seizing. At that point, there was no deciding. Ultimately, Frosted Faces gets to decide, but I knew we had to let him go. No bucket list day, no careful planning. It was time. We had to get ready. We let him go early this morning. We cried.

That's how it ended, but the year-and-a-half before that was a gift. The transformation Potato underwent in our care was the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. He was always a great dog, well-mannered, social with dogs, people, and even horses. But after we'd had him some months, he just-- blossomed. He was always full of such joy. Big, wide, smiley joy.

And he was my shadow. I'll miss him waiting to greet my car when I get home, and head butting the bathroom door the whole time I'm in there. No one will randomly come up and lean against my legs anymore, because it is the safest place to be, even if it makes us both trip.

He liked to stick his head under any hand, arm or leg that might extended in space, so he could get a free pet. He surprised more than one friend that way, and even a couple unsuspecting strangers.

We don't know what befell Potato before he came to us. Whatever it was, it left him sick, injured, and infected, alone in the San Bernardino County Shelter. But still, he approached life with this excitement and aplomb, like he never had reason to expect a bad result. We could all learn to be a little more like that.

It was a privilege to share our home with Potato while we could. He hiked with his brother, Stax, met horses, liked to visit our neighborhood park, and even got to tour Sonoma. Thank you, Frosted Faces Foundation and Kelly Smisek for gifting us our time with Potato and for being there for us whenever we needed you. And thank you Frosted Faces Family for always being so supportive.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: August 8th, 2014
Date of Passing: April 27th, 2015
Family: Pamela & Raymond Soto
Tribute: It's with great sadness and tear filled eyes that I have to announce that MrBurnzy has crossed over the rainbow bridge. 
When he became a part of the Soto family last year in June, the vet said he'd give him 6 days to 6 weeks max. Well we showed him... Burnzy got a taste of the "good water" and lived the rest of his life surrounded by love, family and a whole bunch of foster brothers and sisters. 

We will miss his "happy feet dance" that he preformed before every meal and the nudge of his muzzle along the couch when we watched TV. He might've only had 10 months with us but we loved him as if we had him for 10yrs. 

We love you BURNZY!!! Rest in peace now with no pain."
Thank you to Raymond and Pam Soto for being Burnzy's Forever Foster Family.
❤Love, Mom & Dad



Acquired from: Redlands Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: August 8th, 2014
Date of Passing: October 8th, 2018
Family: Joe Salvatore & Toniann Zukowski
Fans: Rosemary Connolly, Rachel Harriger
Tribute: On Monday, October 8th, we fulfilled our promise to 17 year old Bo.

We rescued Bo, along with his brother Toby who has since passed away, on August 8th, 2014. To know both are gone truly feels like the end of an era. They were the 18th and 19th Frosted Faces ever. They were our first bonded pair and the first time a shelter had ever reached out to us, Frosted Faces Foundation, specifically for our help. We met one of our current Foster Coordinators, Emily Elliott who's also on the board of REDlands Friends Of Shelter Animals (REDFOSA), through Toby and Bo's rescue too. Toby and Bo were also the first dogs to ever be surrendered back into our care after being placed. We practiced some important lessons about rescue commitment through this relinquishment. Most memorably, Toby and Bo were featured on Cause for Paws where they got to be on TV and held by Betty White!

"Our sweet little Bo has crossed over the rainbow bridge. He let us know it was time, he was exhausted...

For a while now he would fall down often when trying to walk and he would fight frantically to get up. During that struggle he would wiggle spastically in order to gain enough momentum to pop up on all fours. Most often he needed a little help otherwise he’d risk hitting his head on the floor if he couldn’t get up fast enough. Recently he stopped getting up completely after a fall. As of last week, he would just lie in defeat wherever he would land because he was just too tired to fight. He walked slow and unsteady for the last several months to get where he wanted, but now could barely get around at all by himself and when he could muster up enough strength to go someplace he would find himself in whatever corner of the room he would blindly wander into. It was heartbreaking to see him finding comfort by leaning into the corner of two adjacent walls headfirst just to hold himself up.

He struggled with dementia and would wake up barking frantically several times a night but within the last couple of weeks or so he even lost his will to cry out for help and wouldn’t make a peep for us when he got up. So it was actually worse if we didn’t hear him in the middle of the night because having him walk around without supervision was very dangerous for him. And trying to contain him in a closed off area made him way too anxious and wasn’t an option. So Toniann and I would take turns camping in the living room with him because after Toby’s passing he didn’t like to sleep in our bed anymore.

We Bo-proofed everything here, to the point we wouldn’t have anyone over here because our place was no longer human friendly. We held him up when he pooped and we would help shuffle food towards his mouth from within his dish so he could actually eat. But it was inevitable, we knew his body was shutting down slowly and this day was coming way too fast. Although he was eating and drinking plenty he was malnourished and getting thinner and weaker. The sparkle in his eye had faded over the last year and he was clearly no longer able to maintain his quality of life. There were no more “good” days, he was having only bad days. So along with FFF and our Vet Dr. Green we came to the conclusion it was time to set him free on Mon. Oct. 8th.

We know he’s with his FF brother Toby now and has met our beloved Loui as well. Bo has left such an imprint on our hearts and our lives and will always be with us in spirit. Especially with the way we we’re blessed to have him and Toby enter our lives….

We were mourning the death of our 14yr old chihuahua Loui (we had him from 6 weeks old) back in Nov. 2014 and we’re just hanging out with his heartbroken best bud Spike on the couch with the TV on as background noise when Toniann interrupts our convo in excitement and says “Look, OMG how cute.” There were superstars Bo and Toby on TV! Even though we thought we weren’t ready for more pups we emailed the show anyway for details thinking “so many people are watching, they’ll never get back to us.” Little did we know we’d be on Facetime with Kelly and Andy a couple weeks later and flying to San Diego to meet Bo and Toby within the next couple of months.

I remember walking with the FF pack at that time on the beach and Bo lagging behind just moseying along taking his time while all the other dogs did their thing together. He never wandered too far from everyone but kept his distance enough to declare his individuality. He was a boss. Subtle yet bold personality for such a cute little poodle.

Then after a nice long walk on the beach Kelly dropped us off at our hotel so Bo, Toby and myself could spend some alone time to get acquainted. I remember thinking, let me snuggle with them and pet them so I put them on the bed. Once on the bed, Bo instantaneously sprayed explosive diarrhea on the bed spread! I quickly put him on the floor and he continued to do it on the rug, then in the bathroom and then by the door. He was terrified...but I picked him up and hugged him tight. He tried to wiggle viciously out of my arms but I held him until he just sunk into my arms. Call it love at first poop or whatever, but at that moment our bond was officially formed! I couldn’t wait to get them home to Toniann an Spike.

It took Bo a little while to get adjusted to the climate change going from San Diego straight to a huge snow storm in NY but he got acclimated pretty quickly. He became Toniann’s little couch buddy and my bedtime snuggle buddy and like clock work, he would alert us with a chirpy little bark every night when it was bedtime. He’d let the other guys go ahead almost like he was herding them into the bed room and then he’d lumber along behind them and wait for his treats. He would also wake up out of a deep slumber when he smelled chicken boiling on the stove and he would alert the other dogs that something was up in the kitchen. And once again they’d all come into the kitchen slowly with Bo leading the charge. If he didn’t have some in his dish within minutes he would bark playfully. His whole body would jolt up when he barked and his ears would flap up and down...and also his front legs would come up off the ground as well. It was the cutest thing to watch him do this because it was like he was putting all his might into this intense little chirp/bark. And the look he would give you from his adorable big pleading eyes! Bo was a showstopper out in public. Everywhere we went people needed to stop and say hi to him!

He was a spry little dude too. He took his time getting around but could really turn on the jets when he wanted. His infamous poop dance was a testament to that…he would whip around in circles for 15 seconds or so like a puppy after a nice poop and then he would get down on his front legs and pounce back and forth. And when you wanted him to run fast you could just scratch his butt above his tail and he would pickup a slow walk into a run. He had this one specific toy that he went wild for. It was a little soft cube that looked like a colorful version of a Rubix cube. He would dive at it and jump to catch it (even though he couldn’t) when we threw it in the air. You can see it in some of the videos we’ll post.

Bo loved to snuggle with Spike and Toby, and his favorite place to sleep in was his pile of soft blankets mostly provided by fans and other Families of FFs for which we are very thankful for! Bo loved to be scratched under his chin while he slept and his adorable squeal of a snore was a sign that he was super comfy….that along with his insanely long tongue that would pop out of his mouth while he slept. Bo had a bum stomach so his diet was limited but once in a while we would treat him to flavored rawhide and he would squeal like a baby pig as he ate it up in bliss. And he had a slew of nicknames we made up for him, Bobo, Bubs, Bubsie, Bubbaliscious, monkey Bo, The Bubsinator and the list goes on....

After almost 4 years with Bo it seems like he’s been with us for an eternity. We had so many good times with him and he has brought us so much love and laughter. Fate brought us all together and we’ve made so many memories that we’ll cherish forever. We are gonna miss putting him in his size 3 Huggies diapers, and his Xmas PJs!

We absolutely love(d) all our dogs but Bo was just so special. Thank you, Kelly, Andy and everyone at Frosted Faces Foundation for rescuing Bo (and Toby) and connecting us. Big thanks to everyone here who are Families of other Frosted Faces for all your support as well. We will stay connected.

Rest easy now Bo Bo, until we meet again!"

Thank you, Joe and Toniann, for loving these special boys unconditionally. Thank you to Rosemary Connolly and Rachel Harriger for being Bo's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.



Acquired from: Redlands Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: August 8th, 2014
Date of Passing: January 5th, 2018
Family: Joe Salvatore & Toniann Zukowski
Fans: Lisa Switzer
Tribute:  On January 5th, 2018 16 year old Toby passed away in his mom's arms. We rescued Toby on August 8th, 2014 after he and his brother, Bo, were brought in as strays to Redlands Shelter. We later learned that they were actually surrendered by their owners who had lied because they reached out to us to tell us their real names after their rescue was publicized.

Toby & Bo's story began by being placed with an approved FFF Family who returned them because they marked in the house. It was fate, because they surrendered them just in time to be eligible to be on Fox's Cause for Paws to be networked for a family. That is where their love story began. Joe and Toniann saw them on TV Thanksgiving evening 2014 all of the way across the country in New York. They were one of many applicants, and were willing to fly all of the way to San Diego to meet and safely transport Toby & Bo home after the screening process.

Joe shares his story about Toby, 
"Today we had to say goodbye to our baby Toby 💔

It is so hard to come to terms with it because it really came out of left field, within a two week period he went from a routine vet visit to having the onset of liver and kidney failure. Supportive care could give us maybe a week or so more with him, but according to 3 vet opinions his body will even give up before then. That was not fair to him.

Things have gotten to the point where we rushed him in several times in the last few days because of bouts of extremely bloody stool (just blood really) and dehydration. His digestive system was shutting down and he had food and fluid in his stomach that would not pass on its own. He was still doing his best to hide how sick he was. He’s a champ! After a rough year so far, between losing most of his teeth, both his eyes, and being diagnosed with liver issues, we thought he was in a good, stable place health wise. He was on supplements for elevated liver enzymes and only ate boiled chicken and royal canin rabbit protein wet foods (he could thank Bo for that bland diet 😂) regardless he was still always happily prancing and dancing around during feeding time!

We’ve had so many good times with him packed into these almost three years now. Would’ve been 3 years this February, but we sent Toby off with as much love and comfort as we could. Spike and Bo accompanied us to say farewell too. We smothered him with love and hugs and let him do the same with baby Natalya, his new love. In some crazy way we feel like he held out for her. He’s infatuated with her.

It’s in these moments I feel we see how truly amazing these old guys are. They are the ones sick and in pain yet they’re licking our faces and comforting us. I’d like say a thank you to all the wonderful supportive people here in the FF family, Lisa Switzer for being his fan and a tremendous thank you to Kelly, Andy and FFF for this precious little gift we’ve had the privilege of loving."

So much love to you Toniann Zuckowski and Joe Salvatore. You always went the extra mile. xo


download (8).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: August 9th, 2014
Date of Passing: December 28th, 2016
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Fans:  Gina Philips, Jo Anna Green
Tribute: When we rescued him he was paralyzed, and after about 6 months he began to walk again. He was chasing balls up until yesterday!

Russell seemed dull this morning and he had a very low temperature. We knew he had metastatic hemangiosarcoma, and we have been preparing ourselves for over a year for the inevitable rupture of his splenic mass, as surgery did not seem sensible.

Knowing how quickly he would pass, I laid him in his bed in the sunshine wrapped in a fleece blanket. I spooned my Russell and sang "You Are My Sunshine" endlessly in his ear as I wept. Andy was too far out in the field at work to be present, but we got to FaceTime him so he could say goodbye to his boy. I ultimately brought Russell to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital to let him go so that he did not have to endure the dying process.

If you know us, you knew Russell and how much he meant to us. He always received our softest touch, the longest good night kisses, sweetest voices, and enjoyed the most family outings because he was such a good boy. He brought out genuine kindness in us. We included him in everything and we agree that we have few regrets other than wishing we had more time with him. We have story after story about Russell, and we will be telling them for our lifetime as we go on without him.

It was an honor to be your family, sweet Russell. Mommy & Daddy will always love you.


download (10).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: August 11th, 2014
Date of Passing: October 7th, 2015
Family: Craig & Carla Cackowski
Fans: Kamela Gladich
Tribute: Shirley had my heart the moment I saw her video from the shelter online. She was a sweetheart and everyone who ever met her said so. Shirley was so sick for so long- probably even when we pulled her out of the shelter over a year ago. She needed to rest. I could feel it was time. Our family will miss her terribly and we are so grateful to have spent the last fourteen months with her in our lives. Thank you to Kelly and the Frosted Faces Community- the world is a nicer place with you all in it."


download (11).jpg

Acquired from: Moreno Valley Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: August 23rd, 2014
Date of Passing: January 8th, 2015
Family: Bobbie & TJ Shaw
Tribute: I didn't hesitate. How could you look at that face and say no? We fell in love with Simon as soon as we picked him up, and it felt like we had him his whole life. He automatically became part of our family. I miss him following me around! Even though he was blind he seemed to know where I was aways. I miss his little bark that sounded like a seal. We can't imagine how anyone could carry him into a pound and walk away. We loved that little man, and he will be missed.


download (12).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: August 28th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 13th, 2015
Family: Alana Frankel Lawler
Tribute: Bubba always had people rooting for him!  Bubba was well networked  by countless Baldwin dog supporters who loved him, and we were able to rescue him with TWO foster offers on deck!  Tori Armstrong rushed to the shelter to spring him for us as soon as she heard the news that we had a plan.  He howled in her front seat on the way home to let everyone know he was a free man!

Bubba was a big boy, weighing in at 49 lbs, and he was calm and as lovable as a marshmallow (sweet & pillowy).  He loved being out and watching the happenings of the house from his orthopedic pillow under a big fan!  After his initial vetting we found that he had an upper respiratory infection, Lymphoma, and poorly functioning kidneys.  

Anxious Family, Paul Hupp and "pack" were waiting for his arrival nonetheless where they could continue treatment.  He spent one really good night with Paul getting lots of petting and snuggling, and a good teeth cleaning.  We were beginning to be concerned that he hadn't eaten in 3 days, so volunteer, Lynsey Rave, drove him all of the way back to San Diego for more testing.  While in San Diego Bubba snagged the hearts of the Lawler's, a Family who was designated as short term foster while he received care.  We retested Bubba's labs, and test results 7 days later proved worse, revealing that he was in the advanced stages of multiple organ systems failing.

We agreed on one more good day where he still refused the best of food, but got snuggled by the Lawler kids and got to lay in the grass under the warm sun.  The kids said what we were all thinking, "Bubba has such a cute face.  Why can't we just put Bubba's face on a healthier body?"  

Poor Bubba let us know he was was ready to be pain free, as his breathing started to deteriorate and he passed diarrhea of food he had never eaten.  His body was all done.  Bubba was escorted over the Rainbow Bridge on September 14th, 2014, with eight loving hands rubbing his body, scratching his ears, and kissing his nose.

We wish we could fill these paragraphs with more stories…a greater glimpse of happiness we could have given him. In only a week though, he somehow went from having no Family to THREE Families, all who prayed, cried, and gawked over adorable pictures we shared with each other while exchanging responsibility for his care.  Bubba passed with dignity and literally encapsulated by several hands of love.  

Dad, Paul Hupp's message to Bubba, "Bubba, I loved you, I still love you and I miss you…"



Acquired from: California City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: September 2nd, 2014
Date of Passing:
Family: Ricardo & Adriana Vargas
Fans: Lisa Killen, Erin Brown

Mr. Man

download (13).jpg

Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: September 3rd, 2014
Date of Passing:
Family: Paula Rushton
Fans: Charlene Buechner, Jennifer Glatz, Rose Connolly



Acquired from: Harbor Animal Care Center
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: September 7th, 2014
Date of Passing:
Family: Michael & Peggy Lewis
Fans: Sally Whitely



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: September 21st, 2014
Date of Passing: April 25th, 2016
Family: Kelly Saltern & Shannon Catalano
Fans: Millicent Townsend
Tribute: She was such a huge part of our family. She always will be. Se melted my heart and made me smile.


download (14).jpg

Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: November 10th, 2014
Date of Passing: May 26th, 2015
Family: Kelly & Andy Smisek
Tribute: We often called him our little "potato," and he resided with Kelly & Andy Smisek. On May 26th, 2015, the looming brain tumor got the best of his systems and he passes away peacefully at home in his Andy's arms.

Andy writes, "I loved Paully. He had a bold personality as a tenacious eater, barker, chewer, and even getting into scuffles with dogs many times his size. At the same time, he was completely helpless. He was totally blind, weak, and had breathing problems. I loved caring for him and seeing him thrive. And more than anything, I loved seeing him sleep peacefully, whether he was pressed up against another dog or tucked safely in my arms. 

Paully was such a sweet boy. I feel privileged that he stuck around as long as he did. We thought he would only last a couple weeks which has made the past 6 months with him feel so special. Thank you my precious Paully for being part of my life."

Kelly writes, "I remember seeing your picture over and over again thinking that you looked "rough." When I found out that you were brought in as a stray I had to laugh out loud as that was absolutely ridiculous,  You couldn't even walk! I pleaded for a foster, but knew you needed an immediate exit.  I guaranteed to your dad that you were a "hospice case" and needed to be humanely euthanized, which the shelter could not do as immediately as you appeared to have needed suffering to end.  When the transporter, Tori Armstrong, said you mustered up a bark on the ride home, I smiled and called the vet and said, 'This may be more of a check up!' We worked our tushies off to make you comfortable and help you to breathe those first two weeks, never knowing which kiss goodnight would be our last.  

Never would we have dreamed that you would be part of our family until the end of May! And you really lived hard and fast!  You barked the loudest bark, cuddled with the friendliest and most grateful of dogs, you always took advantage of every toy in your path, and your hunger was insatiable! I was happy to take you on a long ride in my bike basket, which you loved, carry you to several FFF outings where you were nearly stolen from my own two hands because you were irresistibly cute, and you loved 'hot tub time' when you sat in our kitchen sink filled with warm water, where your little tater body sat and soaked up the therapy!  

One of the absolute funniest memories of you that I have is when I was at work and your your crazy dad texted me a picture of poop inside of one of your pink toy balls that you had chewed apart.  You had pooped perfectly right inside of it, Paully! Paully, or as we often endearingly cheered around the house, Paaauuu!!- I am so glad that we could appreciate you so much, enjoy your company and love you enormously."


Abuelo before after-2.jpg

Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: November 22nd, 2014
Date of Passing: September 27th, 2015
Family: Lynne Christmas
Fans: Jessica Farrington, Judy Sharp
Tribute: Booboo visited San Diego Bay Animal Hospital today for a "check up," as we kind of knew what Dr. Wallace was going to say. Booboo had lost so much weight, was visibly in pain, and we frustratingly just could not find the cause. He has been wincing in pain, having trouble breathing, a bloody nose, and not eating. We have had good days and bad days maintaining him on fluids, sometimes foods, various antibiotics and pain meds, only to occasionally win a sparkle in his eye.  

We invested in cultures, dental surgeries, X-rays, bloodwork, and even an exploratory surgery this month, but nothing gave us answers. Today was the day we were faced with the reality that there was nothing left we could do, we had fought the good fight for him. He was wasting away in front of our eyes. We had run out of time to figure it out… if the cause even was treatable, we will not know and that leaves all of us pretty uncomfortable.

We will not remember him for his sickness. Booboo had a wonderful year as a Frosted Face being well cared for my Lynne Christmas & her daughter, Amanda. They fed him his favorite food, let him sleep in bed where he likes to burrow, and he enjoyed daily morning walks in their neighborhood. 


Pax before after.jpg

Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: September 23rd, 2014
Date of Passing: September 29th, 2014
Family: Adam & Robyn Pope
Tribute: When we saw her heartbreaking video, we knew we were dealing with a dog who had neurological issues.  She spun circles to her right, and her head was permanently tilted to the right.  Upon vetting, we discovered she had a brain tumor and her illness overtook her body and quality of life quickly.  When it became difficult for her to breathe we released her from the pain of which her body held her captive, to run free in the meadows over the Rainbow Bridge.  Pax's mom, Robyn, will tell you what you really want to know…the good things like how much she was loved.

"Kelly and I met in October 2013 when we adopted Kimber (fka Hermione) from The Barking Lot, where she worked at the time. We later realized we’d actually both been at the Courthouse at the same time when applying for our marriage licenses – to wed the incredibly patient and supportive dog lover husbands we now both have. When Kelly started Frosted Faces, I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and have been lucky enough to meet almost every Frosted Face to take before and after photos.

When Kelly posted Daniela’s picture seeking a hospice foster for her, I knew we had to get her out. So from a plane somewhere over the Middle East, I messaged and said we’d take her. We named her Pax, hoping to show her some peace in her final days. Pax came to us when we landed 18 hours later, and bonded quickly. She made herself comfortable on an oversized bed, met my three giant fur-kids, and seemed to feel at home. Pax turned out to be a champion photo-editing partner, snoozing on her bed while I worked. She got cheeseburgers for dinner and her fill of ear scratches and snuggles. Kimber, in particular, took to Pax – at first wondering why she wouldn’t play, but quickly realizing Pax demanded a gentler friend.

When I went home at lunch to check on Pax, I knew something wasn’t right. I took her outside for some sunshine and settled her on her comfy bed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let Kimber and Pax tell the rest of the story of a fast friendship and an unlikely pair who were together only a few days, but together til the end. Pax vobiscum -- peace be with you. RIP, pretty girl."



Acquired from: Finder, Millicent Townsend
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: September 23rd, 2014
Date of Passing: March 4th, 2015
Family: Danny & Elaine Flores

Tribute: Mabel was dropped over the fence into an FFF supporter's yard.  She immediately reached out to us, and we networked sweet Mabel for a Family.  Only a week later, Elaine and Danny Flores stepped up, and were in LOVE with her! She officially became a Frosted Face on September 23rd, 2014. The vet thought she was about 11 years old, and had been bred many times.   SHE was finally the baby, and a prize to be won! 

As Mabel spent time with her Family they realized her belly was getting very large, she was uncomfortable on her own four legs, and she consumed water endlessly.  Labs finally revealed an answer to our concerns, which was diabetes, but it was only a symptom of the underling issues.  On Mabel’s last days she was producing ketones from insulin deficiency, she had a massive tumor in her abdomen pushing on her organs, and her arthritis had become so painful that she could not use her legs for even the most delightful things like eating and cat chasing.  On March 4th, 2015, Mabel’s Family let her be pain free and at peace.

Mabel’s mom, Elaine, wrote this beautiful tribute:

“Mabel, our darling Mabel.

With her little eyes shining brightly Mabel walked into her new forever home and our lives were changed forever. She loved food like she loved her walks, sniffing and doing what dogs do best, she loved us and upon arriving home from work she would be at the front door with her little tail wagging waiting for those hugs and kisses, not to forget who was going to feed her.

She tolerated the indoor cats and did not like the fact that the ferals would come to the back door for meal time. If she did not know you she would in her strange little voice bark to let you know a stranger had entered her space.  She was a very intelligent dog to as she knew exactly when she was about to have her bath, I think this was one of her pet peeves if you pardon the pun.

We never thought that we could love a dog so much in such short a time. Last night when she allowed the indoor cats to sniff her we knew that she was suffering.

Today we celebrate Mabel’s life and know that she had a loving home and was so loved. May you rest at the rainbow bridge my little princess.”



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 16
Date of Rescue: October 1st, 2014
Date of Passing: June 29th, 2015
Family: Dillon Salcido
Fans: Jennifer Faraji, Alana Lawler, Sima Salek
Tribute: There is a young man out there with a big broken heart as he had to say "goodbye" to his 15 year old Frosted Face Choco from Lancaster Shelter tonight.

Choco had a grade V heart murmur and congestive heart failure even upon rescue back on October 20th, 2014. It was quite a miracle of love that Choco got to see the holidays, go on interesting family road trips, and experience the unconditional kindness of the Salcido family. Choco originally lived with Dan & Nefi Salcido, but when their son, Dillon, met him, he knew he needed a mellow buddy out at SUU to get him through long nights of studying.

This weekend, after all of the time & miles Nefi donated to FFF transporting food this week, she drove all of the way to Cedar City, Utah to see her boys through the experience of death & loss.

Choco was screaming "Mission Fulfilled!" and he called it on his terms and in the arms of Family. What an honor, Choco. Rest in peace. 



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: October 2nd, 2014
Date of Passing: December 12th, 2014
Forever Foster Family: Trevor and Kristin Lucas
Tribute: She told her mom that she didn't want to eat anymore, she was not strong enough to walk, and she was dazed with pain. We rescued Pumpkin from Downey Shelter on October 2nd, 2014. As you may recall, she suffered from an enlarged spleen, most likely hemangiosarcoma, and laryngeal paralysis.

While one of Pumpkin's short term fosters Kristen Martin DeMuth was a phone call away, her other short term foster Lynsey Roever, her mom, Kristin Lucas and I consoled each other and held Pumpkin as she passed away. With an unleashed cry, her mom announced to the room, "I just LOVE her!" as she draped her body over Pumpkin's.  

We have so much lost time to make up for when we discover our abandoned Frosted Faces so late in life. I know Kristin was wishing "Pump" could talk this morning and tell her, "We had enough time, and you loved me as hard as you could while you had me."

While Pumpkin is at peace, we are left behind hurting.  Pumpkin's short term foster mom, Lynsey Roever, wrote this letter to make Pumpkin's mom, Kristin, feel better.

"Dear Mama Kristin,

You are the best mom I ever had.  When I was in that cold unhappy place you call the shelter, no one noticed when I threw up or how skinny I was getting or that I didn't feel well.  Then you and Kelly came for me, and I knew I was one lucky girl.  I never minded all that construction noise in the new house, because I was home with you.  You made me the best homemade food.  You fed me so nicely and were so patient with me.  You snuggled me on your bed and gave me such nice dog beds.  You kept me warm in a sweater.  You took me out in the sun on those nice walks until I was tired and had to stop.  You carried me when I needed it and took me to the vet today when I was needed it.  No one noticed my silly under bite the way you did or kissed my little snout and nose like you did.  You made me feel like a model with all of the pictures you took of me.  Trevor was pretty nice, except for what I like to call the thermometer incident...  And those littles that kept sneaking into my bed were nice too, but you're the one I counted on and you're the one whose snuggles I loved most of all.  You all were so sweet to include me in your Christmas card photo and to make me feel so loved.  I loved being part of you family, and I wanted to hold on and stay with you longer.  But it was getting too hard for me, and I was so tired all the time.   Thank you for letting me rest.  Thank you being my best home ever and for all your love.

Your Pump"

Pumpkin's other short term foster mom, Kristen DeMuth Martin, wrote this in tribute to Pumpkin:

"We were blessed to know and care for Pumpkin and her sweet soul. We saw her go from unable to walk the stairs to running up them showing that love and compassion really is powerful. Though she didn't have much time, the love everyone gave her brought out the best in her, and she gave us a lesson in courage. Rest well Pumpkin."



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: October 2nd, 2014
Date of Passing:October 30th, 2017
Family: Terri Garber
Fans: Victoria Conway
Tribute: She was one of our longest living Frosted Faces, and just celebrated her third Frostiversary. Jane passed quickly and naturally at her mom's side, and the cause is unknown. We had just done bloodwork and full body x-rays last month of which were excellent for her age!

Jane's mom reflects, "I have watched many others have to write this post. Today my sweet pearl loving diva Jane passed away. The last few days my other dogs must have sensed something was wrong with Jane. They sniffed and loved on her more than normal. Jane was my major cuddle sweetie. She always had to be next to you touching some part of your body. I keep looking over at her bed expecting to see her cute face. Run free my diva girl."

Most notable to me were the videos of Jane wiggling endlessly in the soft grass. Her happiness was contagious, and we were privileged to pair her up with such a devoted mom like Terri Garber and her boys. Thank you sincerely, Terri, for all of your love and support.

We love you, precious Jane.



Acquired from: Harber Animal Care Center
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: October 9th, 2014
Date of Passing: October 5th, 2017
Family: Gail Shirley
Fans: Glenda Edwards, Gilbert Sanchez, Julie Preston
Tribute: "Oh Finnegan. We went through a lot together, but this is the hardest. Rest in Peace, my sweet boy.

Finnegan, Finnie, Finn, The Finster, Finn Man, Finnegan BeginAgain . . . My Finn passed away peacefully on October 5, 2017, just 4 days short of his 3rd Frostiversary. Five months after he joined our family, Finnegan was diagnosed with insulinoma and given 6-9 months. But he wasn’t going to have any of that, no sir. He had a family now, and he wasn’t giving us up so soon! Together we celebrated 3 Christmases, 3 Frosted Faces Foundation Anniversary parties, 3 Halloweens, 2 Frostiversaries, and so much more.

Finnegan loved his food and treats. A favorite was watermelon, oh and sardines, and then there were . . . well, you know, there wasn’t much he didn’t love. Finn was a pretty mellow boy once the hormones after neutering left his system (he was a bit of a “hound dog” those first 10 days!). Finnegan enjoyed sunning on the patio, neighborhood walks, car rides, snuggling (especially on movie days), but only tolerated “dressing up”. After putting a sweater on him, or a Santa hat, or a Halloween costume, or his Frostiversary finery, he always gave me that look that said, “You know I’m only doing this because you love it so much, Mom.” Yet he was ok with the Green Bay Packers scarf. A tribute to Kelly and Andy, I’m sure!

Thank you Kelly Smíšek and Andy Smíšek for making Finnegan a Frosted Face on October 9, 2014. He has been the joy of my life. Finnegan’s two fans from Day 1, his Auntie Glenda Edwards and Auntie Kim Salt, were devoted to him. Thank you both for loving Finn so very much. And thank you to all of Finnie’s Aunties and Uncles in our Frosted Faces Families. Our FFFamilies give “Family” a whole new meaning.

Run free, my Finnegan. I will always love you. Until we meet again . . ."

Like I told Gail upon Finn's passing, I think I will always feel like he is out there being loved. Finnegan was one of our first Frosted Faces and to imagine him aged and gone is not easy to wrap my heart around. We could always count on Gail to invest her whole self into his care- thank you Gail Shirley for the life you offered Finnegan and all of your support through time, recruiting new families, and donations to spread our work.

We love you, Finnegan.



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: October 20th, 2014
Date of Passing: September 29th, 2015
Family: Catina Perahia
Fans: Bev Hollis Photography, Michael Kavanaugh
Tribute: I had to put my sweet, little Leyla to sleep today. She will be missed more than she will ever know. When FFF saved Leyla from the Carson Shelter, she was in really bad shape. With fantastic medical care thanks to FFF, nutritious food, soft doggie beds and a lot of love Leyla began to do very well.

These past few weeks she started fading away. Her back legs were so weak she could barely stand. I was hand feeding all of her meals to her and her appetite decreased. She started to walk around the house all day and all night long, bumping into things everywhere. Going potty was a struggle for her. When she would try to squat to go, most times she would fall over. It has been heartbreaking to see her deteriorate.

With Kelly's support and Dr. Herrera at Peninsula Center Pet Hospital saying that it's "definitely time," I had to say goodbye to my sweet baby.

I'm so grateful to Kelly and Andy for saving her and for enabling me to give her the life that she so deserved for her last year. She was so sweet and special. I will always cherish the 11 months I had with her. Thank you, FFF."

Jiminy Cricket

download (1).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldiwn Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: October 21st, 2014
Date of Passing:October 23rd, 2014
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Tribute: Jiminy Cricket (fka Dingo/Killer) was rescued from Baldwin Park Shelter on October 21st, 2014, after being left behind by his owners who had been in an accident and could no longer care for him. He was supposed to be our shining star on a Thanksgiving FOX dog-a-thon, and sit on the lap of Betty White! We only picked the cutest, best mannered dog we could find…and that was you sweet Jiminy.

Be still my heart. I was ready for you the moment I saw your frosted face. I waited 10 days in vain for you to become available in hopes that perhaps your Mom & Dad may have not truly abandoned you and may return. When I first met you, your smile melted me, and I was relieved that you were safe in our care. This outcome was not fair and I grieve for you because I was falling in love with you and we had big plans for your little special life. You will not be forgotten sweet Jiminy. 

Jiminy Cricket's breath became labored. X-rays showed that his lungs we're 90% filled with fluid and he had a pneumonia. We treated him, put our trust in the veterinarians and waited for Jiminy to recover. We received a call in the afternoon a day later that it was time. Andy & I rushed to find our baby struggling to breathe even in an oxygen tent. We held our dear Jiminy tightly on our laps and let our tears flow as we let him go on October 23rd, 2014.

We cried for you Jiminy. You had a Family in us and we will not forget you. 



Acquired from: Ventura County Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: October 24th, 2014
Date of Passing: March 29th, 2016
Family: Daniel & Neferatari Salcido
Fans: Kim Whiting, Melissa Shaw
Tribute: He was so happy all of the time and his walk was the most memorable. It always made us smile. Pappy suffered from a vestibular episode this fall, but recovered quickly. Just two weeks ago he seemed to have another, but even with treatment he never recovered. He could not stand nor eat, and oh - how his Forever Fosters did not want to part with their dear Pappy. They held him until the very end.

Our loss of Pappy reminds us of our final promise to our Frosted Faces, and that is to not let them suffer. Our bodies all will fail us in some way some day and we are privileged to have the science to lovingly let our pets rest.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: October 27th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 14th, 2014
Family: Tina Saxton & Carley King
Tribute: Benny’s new life consisted of walks in the park, chin scratches, snuggles, tasty meals and a warm comfy bed for him to rest his arthritic body.  When Benny fell down, there were patient and understanding hands there to pick him back up and sit with him until he was calm and cozy again.  He literally had the support and prayers of a thousand people that followed his story and the many folks that donated money, beds, and their time towards the common goal of giving Benny a better life.

Benny’s passing is incredibly sad in the sense that we wish we would have had more time with him.  On the other hand, we are happy that he is at peace now and that he passed away with dignity, while being showered in kisses and held by two people that loved him very much.

Thank you to all the people that helped bring Benny into our lives. Thank you to Benny for being so tough and loving and hanging in there until our paths crossed.  Carley and I were both honored to have you as part of our family and we will truly miss our walks, your kisses and wrapping our arms around you.  Rest in peace Benny Boo Bear.  We love you." Tina Saxton

"If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever."  Carley King


download (2).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: November 1st, 2014
Date of Passing: November 14th, 2014
Family: Jill Knipp
Tribute: Bobbie was rescued from Downey Shelter on November 9th, 2014.  He got a good bath, warm snuggles on a therapeutic dog bed, showed us that he knew how to roll over, and had the most gentle demeanor.  The next morning he took a turn for the worse.

His temperature has been sky high for a couple of days and he couldn't even breathe with the help of oxygen. He's been in the hospital receiving IV fluids and antibiotics, oxygen, and being kept cool since yesterday morning. X-rays showed his lungs were filled with fluid and he also suffered from a heart murmur which makes treatment difficult. By this afternoon, doctors said the prognosis wasn't good, that he was suffering and would most likely not recover.

We are grateful for every dollar we are able to spend on the care of our dogs, because sometimes no amount of money can save them. Today, November 13th, 2014, 10 year old Bobbie from Downey lost his battle with pneumonia and passed away. 

It was just Bobbie & me when it was time. It was nice to be alone. I got to talk to him out loud with no reservations and I got to hold him and sob all over him when he was gone. Bobbie was loved and we wanted so much good for him. 

The worst part about losing our Frosted Faces right out of the shelter is that they don't get to experience all of the love and plans we have so carefully set in place for each. Bobbie didn't even get to meet his mom, Jill Knipp. You as fans didn't even get know Bobbie well, and he was such a dear dog. That first night he showed us roll over, he gave kisses, and he was soooo beautiful and gentle. 

We love you Bobbie. Rest in peace.



Acquired from: Moreno Valley Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: November 8th, 2014
Date of Passing: June 23rd, 2015
Family:  Bella Shepard
Fans: Melissa Muik, Bonnie Sposato
Tribute: 15 year old Penelope from Moreno Valley Shelter lost her battle with congestive heart failure. We at FFF loved her so much & we fell deeply in love with Penny even her FIRST night out of the shelter when she was so engrossed in Andy playing his guitar. <3 Her Family put the lyrics to this song on her tag, "So stay with me and I'll have it made." Truly the statement of "Who rescued who?" Penny, sweet as butter - rest in peace.


download (3).jpg

Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 18
Date of Rescue: November 9th, 2014
Date of Passing: December 8th, 2014
Family: Kay Buell
Tribute: He lived with three different Families in his time with Frosted Faces Foundation!  He went to a short term foster, where he stayed for two weeks with Jamie & Jamie Aitken.  While his true Family, Kay Buell, nursed another of her ailing dogs, Eddie stayed at Headquarters for awhile and roamed innocently with our pack.  He finally got to be with his mom, Kay, until the end, when his brain cancer got the best of him and took him away from us on December 8th, 2014.

Jamie, who knew Eddie best, wrote this in tribute to him:
"Eddie felt like family from the moment we met him, even if it was only temporary. He came back to our house and while he was getting acquainted with his new surroundings he gave my husband a big kiss on the face. Our crazy young small dogs even loved Eddie, following him around on walks and in the backyard while exploring. Our nicknames for Eddie were “Sir Eddard” or “Edward”, because he was such a regal old soul.

My favorite memories of him were when he would wake up from a nap and wag his little nub tail ever so slightly at seeing me. He loved eating his soft food, especially when hand fed or spoon fed to him. He loved taking walks around the neighborhood, smelling the bushes on the hillside and hopping up and down the curbs. Everyone who met him remarked what a calm, polite and gentle boy he was. He was very good natured. He never made a peep, not even a growl when the younger dogs barked at him or ran around near him. He spent much of his time napping and I think he liked it when I covered him with a nice plush blanket. At first he was not too interested in being petted and seemed indifferent to it. By the end of our time with him, he would walk over and put his head near my lap so I could pet him.

I told Eddie so many times how much he was loved and that life isn't fair many times, but things were better for him now and he had families that loved him. I truly believe he knew this and felt all the love he was given. Eddie was our temporary foster, but we will forever love and remember him. His loss has hit us hard, but I would not trade it for anything. Jamie&Jamie (aka temporary mom&dad) love you Eddie. Thank you Kelly, Andy & Kay for allowing us to love Eddie too."


download (4).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: November 14th, 2014
Date of Passing: December 11th, 2015
Family: Glenda & John Edwards
Fans:  Susan Cassell, Amanda Jimenez, Celeste Leander
Tribute: My little Kelly, originally named Esther when she was rescued from Carson in July, 2014. After much angst and a mountain of texts, Kelly Smíšek rescued her, saving her life for us to love. I am eternally grateful for all who assisted and gave us this opportunity.

Kelly blossomed as much as she could with all her ongoing medical issues. You can tell by these photos! It was determined by our vet that she had been abused at some point and her blindness at some point could have been helped. 

Blindness never stopped her. She was in and out the dog door like a champ and owned every inch of the back yard. She always got her way, and her treats...which was generally fresh turkey and, or sweet potato jerky medallions. No wasn't a word we used for her. 

We were blessed with her for a year and a half and I am sure it was meant to be. We found Frosted Faces and hope to always be a part of this wonderful group. Our little Kelly saw to that. 

She had a nickname...our little "Tiddie Bits". She loved hearing John call her that. She is waiting for us in call her that again. We love you, Tiddie Bits."

Annie Mae

Annie Mae-8499.jpg

Acquired from: Long Beach Animal Care Services
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: November 16th, 2014
Date of Passing: August 30th, 2019
Family: Brandon & Emily Elliott
Fans: Julie Gravelin-Vari, Jenna Larson
Tribute: On August 30th we fulfilled our promise to Annie Mae, just shy of her 5 year Frostiversary.

We formed a relationship with Emily and her family because of Annie Mae. Emily asked FFF to back Annie Mae and exit her from Long Beach Shelter in agreement that she would be her Forever Foster. That gesture has been returned tenfold, as not only did Emily and Brandon offer Annie Mae a long beautiful life, Emily has been a Foster Coordinator for FFF for the last 5 years and volunteered in various valuable capacities.

"Babybird. It was something Kelly said about Annie Mae once, that she was tiny "like a little baby bird." It quickly became her nickname and soon, just her name. "Annie Mae" was for prescriptions and paperwork, but Babybird was our girl. For 4 years and 10 months she was our girl.

When she came to us she was oh so small and underweight with flakey skin, short hair, and rotting teeth that put my stomach to the test as she clung to my shoulder panting in my face on her freedom ride in LA traffic. As we addressed her needs she blossomed into the beautiful dog she was supposed to be with the longest ear hairs, the softest fur, and magestic tail that waived like a flag. She would hop and spring in playful bouts and would flip over in the blink of an eye for belly rubs. I would tuck her into her bed at night, but without fail, she would later come to my bedside for one more pat on the head. She found her place among my pack of 6, at the top, or so she believed. My pack let her believe this too and graciously tolerated her toothless nips at their ankles and "big" barks.

That was the Babybird that I sort of forgot about. The last year and and half she began to slow down and it happened in the gradual, glacial way that you don't notice the day to day changes. She slept more, barked less, moved slower, too stiff to spring about with her pals. We were so focused on each day, we didn't look up to see moraine of change. It wasn't until now, reflecting on her life that I realized just how much of her light was stolen by age.

We said goodbye to Babybird with her body pressed to my chest and whispering to her that it was going to be okay and how we loved her.

Our deep appreciation and gratitude is extended to Frosted Faces Foundation - the individuals working in the backgound and the community of Frosted Friends and Families. Because of FFF, Babybird got to live, thrive, and be loved."



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 18
Date of Rescue: November 22nd, 2014
Date of Passing: October 29th, 2015
Family: Lisa Petrich Binns
Fans: Elizabeth White
Tribute: I will never forget the day I drove to Downey shelter to pick up Candy- Sunday Nov 30th. It was raining. I had never been to Downey shelter, it was bad. I got emotional just driving into the parking lot. I had to wait almost an hour to get Candy, it was torture. I walked the kennels with the attendant until we got to hers. There were about 4 small dogs in with her and then I spotted her- skinny, barely standing and looking very weak. There was no where soft bed for her to lay down so I figured she had been standing a lot. As soon as the attendant confirmed her tag # with my paperwork, I scooped her up, wrapped her in a towel and held her very close to me. I was crying. I felt so bad for her (and all the others I had to leave behind). Dogs were barking so loud, it was deafening. Her head rested by my shoulder and I whispered in her ear that she was safe. She would never have to worry again. And I hope and pray that I have fulfilled that promise to her.... 

When I brought her home I seriously thought she had about 2 weeks to live. She was in bad shape. She could hardly stand, let alone pee without falling over. I made peace with it and thought that at least she isn't dying alone, cold or terrified. Fast forward to January 2015..... Candy hit celebrity status in my neighborhood- she didn't walk on a leash but trotted along behind me, her 2 brother-dogs and my daughter. One by one, my neighbors learned of Candy's story and how she became "my dog."They loved her too.

They loved that she was old but had a spring in her step, they loved that she followed behind us on our walks- down the street, across the street, and back again. Sometimes even around the entire block. They loved that she was loved. They loved that a senior dog got a second chance. They loved Candy. They loved Candy like I did.

Candy loved to go on car rides. She got to sit in front with me on a special seat cover with her blankets. She was content to just be near me. She followed me from room to room in the house so I made sure there was a dog bed in every room. Recently, I had put her dog bed right next to my bed so she could be closer as I could sense she was getting more needy. I would have to be careful as to not step on her in the middle of the night. She snored. She snored loud. But that was ok.

I don't know where things went wrong or what happened but I just know my old gal didn't feel well. Things progressed fast and it was hard. Hard to think clearly and make the best decision for Candy. Not for me but for Candy. I made a promise to her that she would never suffer or suffer alone and all can do is think that I (hope) lived up to my promise to her- that she is not in pain. I pray that she slipped away knowing how much I grew to love her and that I thought I did what was best for her..... it doesn't matter how many times you do this, you always second guess yourself and your decision. Run free Candy Cane Coo de Coo.... you are loved and your missed!

She passed 1 day short of her 11 month Frostiversary.



Acquired from: Long Beach Animal Care Services
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: November 29th, 2014
Date of Passing:
Family: Jonathan & Jaymie Lavan
Fans: Tamara Cross
"It's with a very heavy heart that Jonathan and I must tell you that our dear Princess at age 18.5 has crossed the rainbow bridge. She has had a slow decline the last two months with eating less, losing weight and playing less. Last night she let us know her poor old body was done.

She passed peacefully at home with us, surrounded by her pom babies. She was the best momma dog ever. She loved and cared for every foster dog that came through our home and treated them as if they were her puppies. She was always there for me too, always by my side to cuddle and smooch. Jonathan and I will both miss her crazy playful antics and happy wagging tail. Our house will never be the same without her. Rest in peace Princess, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge."



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: December 5th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 23rd, 2016
Family: Joanna Poleszczuk
Fans: Terry Phillips,  Nanette Wood
Tribute: We rescued Mimi, formerly May, on December 5th, 2014 from Carson Shelter. On that same day we rescued three other dogs on a big rescue adventure we titled Operation Girls' Day Out. Although we lost Mimi of kidney disease just days before her second Frostiversary and short of her 12th birthday, she was the last living Frosted Face from that special day. Here is a video by Haute Dog: couture pet photography documenting their rescue: 
Girls' Day Out:

There is something to be said about having only one dog. One can pour herself into that little trusting soul the way Joanna did, and it means many outfit changes, personalized "M" pancakes, a customized "M" toy box, always getting a spot in the bed, being in the Christmas card, memorable vacations, swim therapy, gobs of attention, and OH so many photos!

Not all bully breeds are so lucky to live such a fairytale and we are sincerely grateful that Mark Hubbard and Joanna Poleszczuk wrote Mimi's.  This quotation is worth repeating to sum up the relationship of Joanna and Mimi:

"That’s what we do – we hold them close. We hold our dogs so close that parts of ourselves overflow and fall directly onto their furry heads. So when we look at our dogs we see our worst sorrows, our greatest joys and the deepest part of ourselves for which there is no name. The story of our dogs is the story of us."
-William Kearney

Rest in peace, Meemers



Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 5th, 2014
Date of Passing: April 9th, 2015
Family: James & Stacey Dowdell
Tribute: 10 year old "Nina" was rescued from San Bernardino City Animal Control on December 5th, 2014.  She was newly named "Skylar" and lived with Family, Stacey & James Dowdell, and their kids, Nathan & Carli. On April 9th, 2015 something did not seem right to her mom, as Skylar was whimpering and had had a seizure the night before.  We were advised that symptoms indicated she had a brain tumor and by that evening, Skylar experienced so many back to back seizures in the ER that her brain was dulled and we were advised to let her go. 

Skylar will surely be missed and she was finally part of a Family where her daily antics were shared with loved ones.  Mom would laugh at how lazy Sky was! She said if she wasn't eating or out on a walk, she was sleeping on her spot on the couch. And it was oh-so endearing when Skylar would lay on her back with her feet straight up in the air! Mom, Stacey, explained that when her best friend would come over, she would lay with Skylar and spoon her and Sky LOVED it!  Skylar wasn't the best behaved with her new cats, but only a few months in she had learned to not only co-exist, but to sleep next to them on the couch. She would even let them groom her!  

In the end when Stacey and her Family endured watching the side effects and treatment of Skylar's brain tumor and then the unspeakable heartache of losing Skylar, Stacey wrote, "I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Last night was the first night I was angry at whoever her original owners were because she is a senior dog and didn't deserve to be in left in a shelter to die. At the same time, I am so glad we had her these past four months and am hoping selfishly for more time with her, but not if she is suffering. She is a sweet girl and we love her so much."
Senior rescue is not for the faint of heart… or is it? We are sure the Dowdell's will rescue again.  To love so much to be moved to act, and then act again in the face of heartache. Knowing you don't rescue for you - you rescue for the dog, and the next dog.  For Skylar. You are forever in our hearts.



Acquired from:  San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: December 5th, 2014
Date of Passing: August 21st, 2015
Family: Patricia Allem
Fans: Kathy Cleveland
Tribute: Today Katie Dog (KD) crossed over to The Rainbow Bridge. I was blessed to have KD for over 8 months…when the vets thought she would only be with me for 2 months! She was THE PERFECT dog…I am serious and Kelly agrees with me! KD was beautiful, smart and so gentle and such a little lady at 98 pounds.  

It took KD a couple of days to feel at home with me and look me in the eyes, but, oh once that happened we were best friends…I couldn’t go from one room to another or the couch to the chair without KD getting up to be closer to me. You could see the love in her eyes and I will never forget that.  

She trusted me completely and that is something I will hold close to my heart forever…I don’t know what KD’s life was before becoming part of Frosted Faces and my family but I know it wasn’t good. She had multiple medical issues including cancer that spread throughout her tummy but you would not know it by the way she would be so happy all the time.  

Until the end…she still tried to wag her tail and be happy but I know she was only doing that for me. She was tired and filled with cancer and was ready to rest. She passed away very peacefully with her head in my lap. I will miss her forever. Rest In Peace sweet girl.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: December 5th, 2014
Date of Passing: February 26th, 2016
Family: Carol Burt
Fans: Melissa Muik
Tribute: Yesterday afternoon I held Biscuit for the last time humming to him, kissing his head and massaging his paw. 

This funny old man who wasn't expected to last but a few weeks survived 14 months. His will and strength to live astounded me. Even on bad "grumpy" days he still had that spark that said he wasn't done fighting yet. 

On his Frostiversary Dec 5th, I made him a promise that together we would work for him to go down in FFF books as the longest surviving foster ever and he gave me every reason to believe that he understood me perfectly. Biscuit could be stuborn but a cute stubborn. He hated toys that his sister ran around the house squeaking so when he got the chance he would get it, tuck it under himself and nap so he didn't have to deal with it.

Biscuit had an adventerous 14 months. He moved from CA beaches to snow in CO and back to the CA Inland Valley. He loved the sand, the snow (didn't like putting his boots on though) and had recently discovered that pine cones were fun to push around with his nose.

My heart has a huge empty space, last night I didn't wake up to him linking my leg in the middle of the night for potty time but I woke up anyway reaching for him. 

I know that we all share this empty space, the void, the huge hole in our hearts when we lose our furever foster but the things we learn from them, the bond that is formed to me is somewhat different than these same things I share with my own dogs. The forgotten, abused or dumped senior dogs that FFF entrust to our care show their gratitude in multiple ways for being given the chance to live a happy fulfilling end of life. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share Biscuit's last year. He will forever be in my heart.



nAcquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 9th, 2014
Date of Passing: February 5th, 2018
Family: Ralph Denton
Fans: Kellee McNamee
Tribute: On Monday, February 5th, Kasa passed away at the age of 13 years old.

We rescued Kasa, formerly Julia, on December 9th, 2014 from San Bernardino City Shelter. She was overbred with rotten teeth and large mammary masses.  The Dentons agreed to be her Forever Foster just one week after losing their family dog, Monkey.

Ralph and Lisa loved Kasa fiercely as she was Lisa's service dog and she accompanied them everywhere from church to the pool.  In 2015 Lisa unexpectedly passed away leaving Ralph and Kasa to form an even stronger bond.  In 2016 Ralph's job took him across the country where the company put him up in hotels and Kasa made the cross country trek with him and was arranged to stay at each location in the hotel with Ralph.

In 2017 Ralph and Kasa moved back to San Diego where he had to find new housing with no breed restrictions and he had to work long hours to pay additional rent to accommodate Kasa.  He hired a dog sitter to walk Kasa during those days too!

Kasa is a just dog, a loyal companion who probably had no idea how many sacrifices her dad had to make for her.  All she knew was that the man of her dreams loved to cook yummy food for her, take her on late night walks after the evening shift, she was always tucked in warmly under the covers on the bed, and she was never without a stuffed hedgehog to destroy.

This fall Kasa was diagnosed with renal disease and he remained at her side as she went through treatment.  Yesterday her body said she was all done there were no words left to embody the current devastation, but moreso devotion that was Ralph and Kasa.  

Thank you Ralph Denton for loving Kasa in the face of the most trying adversity  Thank you to Kellee McNamee for being Kasa's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fan.