Kelly Smíšek operates Frosted Faces Foundation with her husband, Andy Smíšek, with the help of several volunteers. 

We save senior animals who are abandoned in shelters whose most certain fate would otherwise be euthanasia. Seniors are often deemed less adoptable and are the first to be put to sleep when the shelter needs more space to accommodate incoming animals.

As we grow, meet new people, and learn from experiences, we are continually developing new programs to positively impact senior animals whose lives are in jeopardy and whose love is at risk of being abandoned.  We invite you to scroll through our website, review the programs we have in place, and shed a tear for Frosted Faces we have loved and lost.  Please consider how you can contribute to the mission of Frosted Faces Foundation, and send us an email of new ideas, improvements, or ways you would like to get involved.

Fosters, Forever Fosters, and Forever Families drive the mission of Frosted Faces Foundation by caring for the senior animals. Friends volunteer time and donate professional services such as transporting, grooming, short term fostering, performing home inspections, organizing events, and gathering donations. Monthly sponsoring Fans financially support our promise of lifelong veterinary care, for example, helping to cover the costs of wellness check ups, diagnostics, major procedures, and monthly medications.  

Frosted Faces Foundation recruits, organizes, and supports these exceptional people who share our mission.  The combined efforts of the Families, Friends, and Fans provide each Frosted Face with a strong foundation of enduring commitment. 

Kelly & Andy