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Enjoy scrolling through all of our Frosted Face senior animals who have benefit from our mission at Frosted Faces Foundation.  They are listed in order of date of rescue, including those that have passed. If you have been following a certain Frosted Face's story and would like to know how he/she is doing, please email us at

Please make note of animals still looking for families. Their "Family" is listed as "Frosted Faces Foundation."  View biographies and more photos at Available Frosted Faces, learn more about becoming a family and the different programs we offer. You can also help fund their care by registering as their monthly sponsoring Fan.  

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Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 7
Date of Rescue: December 10th, 2014
Date of Passing: November 15th, 2016
Family: Amy Pierce
Fans: Rachel McCord
Tribute: She and a younger male were confiscated from a property, both deemed aggressive. Her friend was euthanized, but a volunteer recognized Emma's sweet demeanor and advocated for her exit.

She lived almost two years in the care of Amy Pierce. Amy is a shar-pei expert and has a blind shar-pei, Jake, who looks much like Emma. We truly thought Emma was going to live longer than any other Frosted Face, because she was the youngest dog we have ever rescued knowingly at 7 years old. She was diagnosed with lung cancer just last week, but the last couple nights were a terrible struggle and medication was not preventing suffering.

We owe many thanks to Amy Pierce for giving Emma a beautiful life she probably never could have imagined: enriching walks in the fresh air, healthy meals, and cuddles under soft blankets. 



Acquired from: Coachella Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: December 23rd, 2014
Date of Passing:
Family: Trevor & Kristin Lucas
Fans: Jennifer Murray, Rosemary Luna



Acquired from: Long Beach Animal Care Services
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 23rd, 2014
Date of Passing:
Family: Steve & Chris Pennington
Fans: Anonymous



Acquired from:  Los Angeles West Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue:December 26th, 2014
Date of Passing: February 18th, 2016
Family: Matthew & Heather Klingelberg
Fans: Evelyn Fielman
Tribute: It is with heavy hearts that we set Frost free tonight. After a 4 week battle with cancer it was his time.

Frost joined our family a few days after Christmas last year and lived all but the last few weeks healthy and happy. He was loved by all who met him, instantly fit into our pack and provided our family several moments of comic relief.

Thank you to Kelly Smíšek and Andy, who run Frosted Faces, for trusting us to provide for Frost.

Although this is the most difficult part of fostering, it is tempered by the knowledge that one less dog had to suffer needlessly and alone in a high kill animal shelter. Our boys continue to learn invaluable life lessons through these difficult times. Those lessons will undoubtedly influence them positively as they continue to grow into young men.


Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 28th, 2014
Date of Passing: May 12th, 2017
Family: Cecilia Villanueva
Fans: David Joseph Katona, Bonnie Sposato
Tribute: My mother had died recently and I was overwhelmed with grief.   I felt lost and alone ... until I came across Sunny's photos at Carlson shelter. One look at her and I knew in my heart I had to save her.  I was clueless about fostering a dog, so I called one of my very good friends, Kristin Lucas, to get me in touch with Kelly.  

When I actually first met her at the shelter, Sunny looked so confused and frightened.  She barely looked up at me.  She was probably wondering, like all the rest of the dogs there, why she was in that place .... but a few hours later, she took her freedom walk on December 14, 2014. 

From that day on, I spent everyday loving and caring for Sunny.  I know she was grateful for rescuing her, but I think she just loved me as her human.  Sunny helped me get through something devastating in my life, and in turn, I gave her a life that every dog should have, a loving home.  She had become part of my family. 

Sunny was beautiful, tender, loyal, and strong.  She loved our hikes and runs together.  Most of all, she loved my hugs and kisses.  She was never too far from me, always at my side. 

I will love always you, My dearest Sunny.


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Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 2nd, 2015
Date of Passing: January 4th, 2015
Family: Karen Shepard
Tribute: After only two nights in our care he passed away in his sleep during the night on January 4th, 2015.  Remy was a gentle big bear who walked slowly around the house who battled with bouts of dementia.  When we got him he appeared to have lived outside and had no fur under where a large tight collar was wrapped.  His fur was soaked with oil and debris.  

We wish we could have seen him truly settle and feel comfortable at home.  We couldn't wait to see how great his fur would grow with proper care. We mostly wanted him to have new and enjoyable life experiences where he knew he was part of a Family.  We lost Remy too soon, as it was only the beginning of the BEST of his life.  He was loved deeply by Andy & Kelly Smisek, and we will never forget you.


download (3).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: January 7th, 2015
Date of Passing: April 26th, 2015
Family: Sheila & Lino Vitale
Tribute: Lexi lived with family, Lino & Sheila Vitale, for four beautiful months!  We lost her after she suffered a debilitating seizure leaving her completely paralyzed. Lexi was deeply loved, and her absence has left her parents completely crushed.


download (4).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 16
Date of Rescue: January 7th, 2015
Date of Passing: November 13th, 2015
Family: Bobbie & TJ Shaw
Fans: Rachel Charles, Alison Coutts, Amy Treptow
Tribute: It's sad news tonight. Kelly and I decided it was time to let Tito go. What can I say about Tito? He was one of the sweetest little dogs. I first saw him in his video at the pound walking in circles. It was heart breaking. He went to a foster but they couldn't keep him so I told Kelly I would take him. He hasn't really been all there from day one, but I think he knew me and my husband, and the grandkids loved him. The one thing I'm going to miss the most will be the little bark that he would make. Sounded like a little seal. We are going to miss you Tito dearly, my little old man. He's gone. I can't believe it.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: January 11th, 2015
Date of Passing: August 25th, 2016
Family: Wendy Loeffler
Fans: Stephanie Powell Pilgrim, Heather Smith
Tribute: Unfortunately today was Irie's last day. She was tired and her body was done in. She was with us for 19 months and was such a sweet soul. I always called her my stubborn mama because she always figured out a way to make her will happen. Whether it was pulling herself onto the couch when she first came to live with us or figuring out how to navigate the stairs and floors of our house after her back legs stopped working so well. She will be missed by my son and me as well as my other dog, who always seemed to take such care of her.


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Acquired from: Apple Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 20th, 2015
Date of Passing:February 15th, 2015
Family: Rob & Jen MacAller
Tribute: We had to say goodbye to our friend Arthur today. We only met him a few weeks ago, but he worked his way into our hearts immediately and there is an empty feeling in the house right now. As we shed our tears and grieve we are reminding ourselves that we are lucky to be the ones who got to snuggle him in the end. Thank you Frosted Faces for sharing Arthur with our family and for helping us to teach our children to Love Big in this life. Arthur, we love you and will remain your Forever Family.


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Acquired from: Coachella Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: January 21st, 2015
Date of Passing: March 25th, 2018
Family: Philip McArdle & Andrea Leach
Fans: Lori Jasinski, Lisa Lind, Morgan Kleiderlein
Tribute:On March 25th, 2018 we fulfilled our promise to Peter.

We rescued Peter on January 21st, 2015 from Coachella Valley Shelter after he had been surrendered by his owners. He weighed 124 pounds and could barely stand! Peter lived with us for two years as we helped him battle his weight and fear aggression. In that time he lost 50 pounds through a balanced diet and exercise. We worked with a trainer, started him on some medication to take the edge off, and desensitized him using a cage muzzle around the house.

Peter was not the easiest dog we had ever rescued. Not only did we battle and conquer his obesity and aggression, when he had a bowel obstruction caused by ingesting a stuffed toy we were faced with the option to treat or justify euthanasia based on his lack of adoptability and now major medical need. We forged ahead and did not what was easy, but what was right. We treated. Heck! We covered that surgery TWICE because he ate a Swiffer mop head once he landed a family.

That's right! A week after Peter's second Frostiversary he was chosen to be part of Philip McArdle and Dr. Andrea Leach family! He spent one whole beautiful year with them.

Andrea reflects,"The mass on his left butt cheek had grown significantly and arthritis in his back legs had made it difficult for him to walk on his own, even with maximal doses of pain medication, and we decided the most compassionate thing we could do for him was to help end his pain before it kept him from having any joy in his life. We’re very sad that we don’t get to see that cute face anymore or give him kisses on his clammy head, but we know in our hearts it was the right decision for him.

When we first met Peter at Frosted Faces, he surprised us — it’s not often you see a hairless dog his size! — but we quickly appreciated what a calm, warm, peaceful guy he was. When we brought him home, he immediately fit in with the rest of our pet family; it wasn’t long before he’d found a favorite sunny spot on our bed to spend the day, and our cats decided that the warm sun on Pete’s sweaters made him a perfect bed for a cat nap.

Petey had been known as kind of a grumpy boy before we got him, but I think that was a mixture of pain and distrust. After we learned what he didn’t like (a pretty short list - his feet being touched or bending his wrists to put on his shirts) and controlled his pain, we put away his muzzle and it’s been collecting dust for most of the past year. Because he hadn’t had a super stable home for a while, I think it took a while for him to accept us as his family. We knew it had finally happened when we were away for a few days and he whined and did a happy dance when we got home - that made us feel so proud and happy!

Pete loved to get in the car and hit the road. He was always up for loading into the back seat for a trip to the park, and he was an adventurous traveler on weekend road trips. He especially loved the desert, where he grew up and where the air seemed to fill him with energy. But our favorite memories with Pete will be quiet moments at home: he loved to sidle up next to us on the couch or hang out with us in the kitchen while we cooked, and his deep brown eyes and curious, grizzled face made us smile.

Peter died peacefully at home, surrounded by his dog and cat sisters and brothers, after eating a bean burrito in record time. We loved him and we’ll miss him deeply. Thank you all for caring for him for the years before we met him, and for trusting us to become his forever family."

Thank you to Philip and Andrea for showing Peter he was worthy of family. Thank you to Lori Frierson JasinskiLisa Lind, and Morgan Kleiderlein for being Peter's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.

We love you, Peter.



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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 25th, 2015
Date of Passing:
Family: Esmeralda Anallacastillo
Fans: Terressa Whitaker, Gina Luttenbacher


Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 17
Date of Rescue: January 28th, 2015
Date of Passing: May 6th, 2019
Family: Ken Erickson & Sarah Losoya
Fans: Lauretta Johnson, Jean McCumber
Tribute: On Monday, May 6th, we fulfilled our promise to Dolly.

Dolly was originally a matted stray at OC Shelter. We rescued and vetted her, and placed her with a nice family. It became evident that the family had a lot of other responsibilities so we asked to rehome Dolly and they agreed. Dolly's new family met our every expectation of fulfillment of family in support of our mission.

"It is with the heaviest hearts that our Dolly crossed the rainbow bridge today. Dolly, aka the Dolly Llama, has just celebrated her 3rd Frostiversary with our family on May 2nd. I will never forget April 26, 2016 when Kelly sent a picture and asked if we were interested in fostering her. One look at her face, and how could we say no? We brought her home a few days later and she fit right in with our family.

We laugh because she was so spunky, we took her for a walk on the beach her first day and even though she was around 18 years old, had so much life and her. We thought we had been duped into taking a much younger dog. :)

Every morning between 6:00am and 6:30am, our Dolly alarm clock would start going off; she would bark letting us know she wanted her food.

I could go on for a very long time about how much she brought to our family, the joy of hearing her little paws scamper on our wooden floors will be missed. We were so lucky to have her as long as we did and she has left a hole in our hearts."

White White

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Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: February 1st, 2015
Date of Passing: February 1st, 2015
Family: Bobbie & TJ Shaw
Tribute: 15 year old White White from Baldwin Park Shelter was rushed down to our vet in San Diego on February 1st, 2015 by the speedy & loving Daniel Murray.
From what we understand, White White's owners brought her in the day before to be put to sleep and the shelter did not do it. She could not walk, control her bowels, and seemed to be having a hard time breathing.  

Our new Frosted Face has Family, TJ & Bobbie Shaw, anxiously wanted her, but we were not so sure her systems will allow her to keep on. That night was a night when I wonder how we do this, but affirm that we do not rescue for us (at least not initially ♥) - we leap and we do it for them. She sleeps peacefully eternally and we ache as we had invested our hearts.

We lost her. I don't even quite know how to wrap my head around her death because we didn't even get to say "goodbye." The ER vets took White White back, her gums were pale, they began an exam while giving her fluids & oxygen, and we waited patiently just to have them come out to tell us we had lost her of natural causes. We always make a point of being present for our Frosted Faces' passings and not being able to hold White White tightly and tell her how much she meant to us is devastating.

There is peace in knowing that she was wrapped in her soft pink blanket, prayed for, treated, and had plans of another Family. We are lucky to have gotten her out of the shelter just one day after she was surrendered, because she would have surely passed in a metal cage. We think that her mom & dad knew it was her time which is why they brought her to the shelter and requested White White be put to sleep. We suspect that per shelter policies they could not do this for them. We can only guess that her family did not have the resources to help her cross the bridge and felt they and no options (only speculation). There is no reconciling that she was without her family of 15 years and that she struggled in the end. 

We tried, I am sorry. We love you White White.



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: February 3rd, 2015
Date of Passing:
Family: Victoria Roberts
Fans: Rita Sakr 



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: February 5th, 2015
Date of Passing: June 21st, 2016
Family: Kelly Saltern & Shannon Catalano
Fans: Bobbi Moody
Tribute: It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that our little Vixie left us last night. Vixen became part of our family in May 2015. So I have to tell you, as an adult I didn’t have dogs until we adopted Alfie and Sammy in late 2014.

I love animals and I loved Sammy and Alfie both from the moment we got them. But Vixen was always different for me. Weighing in at a healthy 4.5 pounds, she was the smallest dog I had ever held! I still remember the first time I held her on the sidewalk outside of Headquarters. I was terrified and amazed all at the same time!

From that point forward, our relationship blossomed. Vixen was sweet, cuddly and affectionate, as well as bossy, mouthy and determined! She was my kind of girl! She fit in really well with the rest of our crew.

Some of my favorite memories of her include her chasing Charlie, our 15 year old cat, around the house, and the way she barked and demanded food when she was hungry, in the sweetest way you could imagine. Oh and I can’t forget the way she laid there like a baby when I diapered her every night.

Vixen was way more bark than she could ever back up. In fact, I think she considered herself the resident guard dog here at home. I held her in my arms as she took her last breath and she will forever be the first dog I ever fell in love with.



Acquired from: Coachella Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: February 5th, 2015
Date of Passing:
Family: Jill Knipp
Fans: Rita Stanfield

Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy-IMG_7902.jpg

Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: February 11th, 2015
Date of Passing: October 3rd, 2017
Family: Moira Mahony
Fans: Amber Tkach, Faith Manno Balsier
Tribute: She had not been doing well and after a particularly difficult night, I called my vet and made an appointment. After evaluating her (a requirement at his practice), he agreed it was her time.

Miss Daisy was a little spitfire. She was opinionated and let you know how she felt. Early in her time with me, I gave her a little appetizer snack before her meal. After the measly portion, she walked over to her food mat and peed on it! I recall thinking how cat-like that was. When I adopted a new dog some years ago, one of my cats pooped on the garage floor in protest. That's what cats do. Miss Daisy was commenting on the measly food portion by peeing on her food mat. She did it only once as she realized that it was simply an appetizer and the meal came soon after.

She hated getting wet and it took her quite some time to enjoy our beach outings. She even got to the point where she would dip her paws in the water though that's as far as she would go - toes only. She loved riding in the truck - high in her booster seat perch and able to see all the sights. I took her on all sorts of errands which she loved.

She got out daily in her stroller - another activity she enjoyed. She was a hit with all the dog walkers in the park. A number of people would stop us to give the little Miss a pat on the head. In her early days she could make a good portion of the walk before needing to be put in the stroller. I knew when it was time as the opinionated little Miss would simply sit down and not walk another step.

Every morning during harness leash-up time, I would kneel down to get her harness on and she would lay her head on my knee for pettings. Before she became so bloated she had a habit of throwing herself on the floor in front of me for belly rubs. She was so adorable. I like to think I gave her the best last years of her life. It makes her loss a little easier to bear



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: February 15th, 2015
Date of Passing: December 6th, 2015
Family: Becki Doherty Masters
Fans: Elaine Byrnes
Tribute: Kelly asked me to say something about Quinn and I’m finding myself at a loss for words…I think because it will make it “real” to write or talk about it. 

We lost our sweet Quinn this morning. He was a funny boy; well actually a funny old man. He loved string cheese and scratches behind his ears. But his most favorite thing to do was to bury and shake his face in the blankets in his bed. He LOVED it. We will miss him.


download (9).jpg

Acquired from: San Diego Animal Control
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: February 19th, 2015
Date of Passing: Feebruary 20th, 2015
Family: Kelly & Andy Smisek

Nothing would convince me to leave him behind after seeing his frail body spinning in a small dark concrete kennel at Bonita Shelter. Thank you to Terri Green & Noelle Kottas for reaching out to us on Alfie's behalf. 

We took him to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital for an exam where they told us he had a very loud heart murmur, his back legs were weak, and he was quite thin. His spinning was not a result of vestibular disease, but more likely an organ system failing. 

We never pull dogs without forever fosters in place, but I was just telling someone I had a gut feeling he had to get out to-day. Good thing we rescued him because I can promise you that Alfie was tucked tightly between Andy & I that night until his passing.

We took 9 year old Alfie from San Diego Humane Society to the San Diego Bay Animal Hospital the morning after he suffered seizures his first night with us. We learned that his lab work was okay, so that meant the tight circles, head pressing, getting caught & barking in corners was most likely a result of a disease in his brain. The doctors explained to us that if he was seizing, like we had experienced with him the night before, in combination with the other symptoms, his disease & dementia was very advanced. 

The most difficult decision of quality of life & considering the peace of death, comes in evaluating dogs with severe dementia for us. Since we rescued Alfie the day before, since early afternoon, he showed the above symptoms along with constant humming of being "lost" or in pain through the whole day, night, and today. He had no rest, no sparkle, no recognition of comfort.

We decided to let Alfie go on February 20th, 2015. More than anything we wanted Alfie to know that we were there for him. That we would fight for him if he wanted to fight & we would carry him if he wanted to be released. We did what we thought was best for Alfie & he will always be a Smíšek. We love you Frosted Face, Alfie. Your Family is mourning tonight, but we know you are at peace.  Love, Kelly

These cases can be the most emotionally difficult. All your efforts to make them understand that they are safe and loved seem to fail as the dementia has them in a state of total confusion. But, Kelly doesn't ever seem to give up. When I got up for work at 5:00 this morning I found her lying on a dog bed on the floor with Alfie snuggled up tightly in her arms and sleeping peacefully. I believe that at least a part of him knew that he was safe and loved, and that's all we can ever hope to accomplish.



Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care and Control
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: February 19th, 2015
Date of Passing: September 12th, 2016
Family: Jackie Portman
Fans: Kim Salt, Becky Naylor
Tribute: I've been avoiding writing this post because it was easier to avoid the truth and pretend my old man Bob-O is just sleeping under the bed like he used to like to do. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that Bob-O crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. 

He came to me 20 months ago with most of his senses failing him; he was stone cold deaf and had poor vision. The only thing that worked well was his nose. His hind quarters were thin and he frequently wobbled from one side to the other when he walked but he would just pull himself back up and keep on walking. Bob-O had a very healthy appetite and that along with a healthy diet we were able build his strength and muscle mass and he became stronger. He no longer teetered from side to side when he walked. 

We had so many adventures together. We went camping, we went to many different parks and even did the "doggy paddle" in the pool at a friends house in Riverside. Bob-O's energy was never quite the same as the rest of the park but he loved being in the mix and taking part in the activities. He also loved when the grand kids came over. It is my belief that the first part of his live was lived with children based on how he loved to be around my my Grandchildren. He loved it when they were over. He seemed to go from one to the next trying to decide who he liked the mist. 

Unfortunately, he began to slow down almost as if his battery was wearing out. He no longer got excited when he could smell me getting his food ready. He stopped doing his little bunny hop that I was never able to catch on video. He slowed down on how much he ate and eventually didn't want to eat at all. I had to carry him up and downs the stairs for the last 4 or 5 weeks. We had his weight up to 22lbs but today he only weighed 15.5lbs. 

The bloodwork that was done 3 or 4 weeks ago determined that he was in kidney and liver failure. He also had a UTI at that time that we cleared up with antibiotics. He picked up a little after that but it didn't last. My Bob-O was still drinking plenty of water but hadn't eaten for 3 days before I took him back to the vet today. It was at that time it was suggested that Bob-O be helped to cross over the Bridge.

I sure miss my old man and all of his quirky ways. Keep an eye on us Bob-O. Make sure we all stay on the right track. Jezebel & Opie have been looking for you all day. Til we meet again Old Man."



Acquired from: California City Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: February 25th, 2015
Date of Passing: March 17th, 2018
Family: Amy Pierce
Fans: Cherylynn Miykeilah Roberts, Debra Sakata, Pooja Teckchandani
Tribute: Last year Meadow was diagnosed with a mass in her bladder for which we immediately begun treatment. Yesterday Meadow went to College Animal Hospitalbecause her mom thought her belly was looking distended. A mild ultrasound didn't show fluid in her abdomen, but her bladder was monstrous and she was no longer able to relieve herself due to the growth of the mass. It was the day that we were lucky enough to avoid for so much longer than we anticipated, but still, it was the day that was inevitable.

We rescued Meadow on February 25th, 2015 from California City Shelter. We placed her with a family who immediately returned her to FFF after one accident in the house. Meadow lived with Andy and me for longer than most Frosted Faces do, and she was almost too perfect to keep for ourselves. Built like a line backer, behaved like sweet, dependable, comforting pudding. We have many fond memories of taking her to OB Dog Beach, snuggling her in under our covers, and the dog piles she never fussed over (photo included). We were overjoyed to place Meadow with a good friend of ours, Carey, who made Meadow a priority.

Hikes, long walks, lots of bully sticks, countless laps around the aviary, beautiful strings of pearls, and a few camping trips later- one of the resident dogs was picking fights with innocent Meadow. Even in spite of Carey's best efforts to have the two live in separate parts of her home, a tussle where Meadow lost her ear was the last.

I can't tell you there was a RIGHT solution here. We already knew Meadow had bladder cancer, and at this point the dogs were already separated. As an organization we chose the guaranteed "safe" option and voted to rehome Meadow, while her solution-driven, committed mom respectfully complied. I would like to say we make decisions like this with the dog's best interest at heart, but two years in with a terminal prognosis added to the complexity.

Amy Pierce stepped up to the responsibility of homing, healing, and loving Meadow as part of her family. Meadow often sat on the couch with Amy, head in lap, a deep sigh letting her know she was comfortable. When Amy emergently took Meadow to College Animal Hospital due to the distended belly and discomfort, we suspected the worst.

Dr. Rose let us know that it was time and it was then that Amy let us know she had called Meadow's previous mom, Carey, and asked her to come to the hospital to be at Meadow's side in her final moments. Such a compassionate gesture on Amy's part who surely loved Meadow as her own.

At the age of 13 years old Meadow passed in the arms of her two moms, Amy and Carey, both who sacrificed so much to see her happy and safe. Meadow was fiercely loved for three years, experienced adventure and fashion, lucky as a bully breed to leave the shelter and know family.



Acquired from: Pasadena Humane Society
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: February 28th, 2015
Date of Passing: January 10th, 2016
Family: Paula Rushton
Fans: Karen Bisogno, Rachel Walsh
Tribute: The last minute rescue was not just because he was a nearly immobile senior dog with no interest but because I had nothing better to do on NYE than methodically trim away the many, many knotted mats from his deplorable coat. Once the worst of the mats were gone and later a complete shave, he could move around much better and started showing off his Tully Trot!

Originally thought to be a hospice dog, Tully proved 'em wrong by exhibiting the unmistakable Pom sass and attitude. He wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. He gobbled down a cheeseburger on the drive back to San Diego and hadn't stopped demanding food since. This dog could eat! Having only four teeth did not slow him down.

Tully was a sweet, funny mellow old guy who was a joy to have around the house - he gave his FF sister Joey da bidness when she runs into him during his nap time and she respected his authority. 

Goodbye to my sweet and sassy Tully. Tully enjoyed a full year with me, my pet crew and his many friends supported by Frosted Faces Foundation. Tully was approximately 16 years old (he may have been alive during my 20s, he was that old!), but seriously, I already miss him. He was so much fun, insanely cute and a very good boy. Hooray for senior dogs!"



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 2nd, 2015
Date of Passing: July 25th, 2015
Family: Lisa Biel
Tribute: It never gets easier. [We] just let River go to the rainbow bridge...I hope I made a difference. I hope he was a little happy with me. He was loved



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: March 4th, 2015
Date of Passing: September 14th, 2015
Family: Edward Holland
Fans: Victoria Conway
Tribute: He had one of the most dramatic rescue stories to date. Otis was confiscated from a burning property where the owner and all of the inside dogs died inside. Otis was an outdoor dog, and looked the part on top of being severely neglected, and he survived - giving him a second chance at happiness. We knew Otis had lung cancer and mast cell tumors, and just this week he began to show signs of neurological deficits and pain.

11 year old Otis was rescued from Baldwin Shelter on March 9th, 2015. Upon arriving at the shelter we learned that Otis is part of an investigation and the notes were just put on his file that morning. 

His owner's house burned down, and the owner and one dog died inside. The other dogs were rescued and taken to a private vet immediately. We were scheduled to pick Otis up now on March 20th. We asked to visit Otis and realized he is in far worse condition than we understood. 

We went back to ask questions. This is where we learned that the home that had burned down was in deplorable conditions and all surviving dogs are in rough shape. At the same time, they had made contact with the next of kin on three days prior, who stated they wanted the dogs. This means that these dogs have to wait 14 days for them to come get them. We insisted that they call the family while we were there to tell them we wanted Otis.

They got in touch with them, and the family said they still wanted to come in. We were assured that the staff would encourage the family to relinquish the dogs due to pending charges & their poor condition. 

We offered to foster Otis through the county until the owners claimed them or until the hold was released. They said no.

We started to head back to San Diego with disappointment, when we got a call from the Sergeant that the Family was surrendering Otis! We turned around to rescue our boy!

His Forever Foster, Edward Holland, writes:

"It is with a heavy heart that I had to say farewell to one of my best friends ever today. Bubba (Otis) has gone onto join some of his fellow Frosted Faces alumni in heaven chasing squirrels all day pain free. People often told me how I had done a wonderful thing by taking in an old, deaf, mostly toothless, limping puppy with cancer. The truth is Bubba was my rock and he helped me get through a very tough time. My kids are grown up, Girlfriend recently moved back to California, my (ex) mother-in-law of 26 years passed away and my mother lost her battle with Cancer shortly after.

I am a nurturer and caregiver by nature, but found myself alone until that old fart (figuratively and literally) came into my life. He had the answers to the Universe…I could see it in those thoughtful eyes of his. Either that, or he was telling me to “suck it up butter-cup and get me a treat”. Not sure how his life was before we met, but I can say we had a Blast together at the end. The Boss misses his Bubba!!

Cha Cha


Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: March 15th, 2015
Date of Passing: February 25th, 2018
Family: Brandi Stone
Fans: Allison Jacobsen
Tribute: On Sunday, February 26th, Cha Cha passed away at the age of 16 years old as a result of a ruptured splenic mass.

We rescued Cha Cha from Baldwin Park Shelter on March 15th, 2015 just days after her 5 year old friend, Gordon, had been privately adopted. We had seen her while pursuing the rescue of the late Frosted Face Otis and had to go back. Brandi Stone immediately volunteered to be Cha Cha's mom and was so excited she even picked her up from the shelter.

We suspect she was named Cha Cha based on how her whole body danced, and the sweet song and rhythm never slowed until the day of her passing. She attended the annual FFF parties and was a trendsetter with her pearls. Her mom writes, "There are no words. What do you say about a queen, a legend, the happiest tail wagging love muffin ever? I’m so sad I can’t believe it even now. I can’t breathe."

Thank you to Brandi Stone for making Cha Cha feel like the queen she thought she was, and for being positive support for FFF families. Thank you to Allison Jacobsen for being Cha Cha's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fan.


download (10).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 10th, 2015
Date of Passing: November 12th, 2018
Family: Stacey Starks
Fans: Leslee Potter
Tribute: On Monday, November 12th, we fulfilled our promise to 15 year old Gracie.

We rescued Gracie on March 10th, 2015 from Lancaster Shelter after she was surrendered by her owners. She was clearly neglected and unhappy, but her mom Stacey changed her life.

Gracie struggled with perianal fistulas and spondylosis that made it painful to go potty at first, but with the right diagnosis and concoction of medication she improved and maintained. In the end, Gracie developed a mouth mass that grew alarmingly fast. Her final moments were spent in the arms of her mom during seizure-like activity that caused her to pass away.

"The unselfish part of me is very happy for her that she does not have to feel pain anymore and that she is with Bella and Lily, Tina and my Favorite, my first girl that started it all. I know that she looks beautiful again and that she is loving life like she did down here. And of course the selfish, mournful side of me is missing her presence.

I guess that is normal. I just admire her strength so much. I admire her desire to do everything her way, even leaving this earth. I’m so so grateful I was there. I need to remember that. I need to remember that I was lucky to be home I was lucky to be awake.

I am so incredibly lucky that she was a part of my life. She has taught me so much. I’ve never had a more stubborn dog, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s what made her her. She was gorgeous and she knew it. One thing that blows me away and stands out about her is her personality. When she came to me she was a feisty grumpy little thing. If anybody touch her wrong dog -wise, she would growl or nip. We used to call her the grumpy old lady. Unlike other dogs, who usually get grumpier as they get older, she got sweeter and more patient.

When I first got her, she wouldn’t approach me looking for attention or love. It probably took a couple of years before she did that and when she did start doing it she never stopped. She just got sweeter and sweeter as she got older.

Last night she left this earth on her own terms just like she lived her life. I admire her for that. I respect her for that. And I’m so so grateful I was there.

She was so special and these last four years have been a blessing with her. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I will forever miss her as she took a piece of my heart with her.

On a final note, I think what is the hardest part is she was the last chapter of Bella. For years it’s been Bella and many other dogs including Gracie and Lily. Gracie was the final chapter of that book so it’s hard to close that book. Now I have to make a new story. I so enjoyed the book of Bella and I will forever keep that book in my heart. 
I just hope they all follow me on my new journey with the new book that I write."

Thank you to Stacey Starks for cherishing Gracie. You never took your time with Gracie for granted and you were the most diligent of pet parents. Thank you to Leslee Potter for being Gracie's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fan.




Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 17
Date of Rescue: March 15th, 2015
Date of Passing: May 15th, 2015
Family: Daniel & Rose Sanders
Tribute: We had to say goodbye to our Sweet today.  She was a part of our family for almost 2 months to the day, but we can’t remember what life was like before she entered our lives and hearts.  She was 17 and had kidney issues when she first came to us.  She was a shelter surrender, and we couldn’t bear the thought of her living out her last days without a warm, loving home to be a part of.  Common sense would dictate not to get too attached to her.  Kelly warned us that our time with her would be short, but we unabashedly gave her full access to our hearts anyway.  Her tail, which was lifeless most of the time, wagged on a few occasions, and what a joy it was to see.  I wish I could have been quicker on the video to have captured it.   Then there were her “cracker dog” times when she would leap like a gazelle around the yard.  We wish we could have seen her in her younger days.  Her nicknames were numerous in our home:  Kanga, Roo, little girl, Sweetie-pie and Youngster were among our favorites.  She loved, and was loved by, our other dog, Monte.  When we took her to the vet today, she and Monte touched noses.  It was like they both knew and were saying their own goodbyes.

She loved to lie in the sun and at night, would bask in warm towels from the dryer that I would wrap her up in.   When I woke her up for that last potty break before bed, she never wanted to get up.  I would carry her out every night and I would always kiss her on the nose.  She didn’t care for that at first, but it became our thing.  I’m really going to miss those times the most. 

We were so honored to have been a part of Sweet’s life and we’re so glad that she was showered with love in a warm, cozy home.  We love you, baby girl, and we’ll never forget you.



Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 17th, 2015
Date of Passing: September 2nd, 2017
Family: Tina Saxton & Carley King
Fans: Robin Harmon
Tribute: There aren't words that can adequately describe my love for Denny and the heartbreak I feel from losing him today.

He came into my life just shy of his 13th birthday, fresh off surgery for a toe amputation and being neutered, and a long flight from San Diego. Louie, Nash and I drove to O'hare to pick him and Carley up and I remember seeing this little stocky scruffy champagne colored dog with his adorable pointy ears, that clearly wasn't feeling well, and wondering how long he was going to be with us. A month? 3 months? Adopting elderly pets doesn't come with any guarantees. Yet despite the cards being stacked against him, it ended up being 2 1/2 years.

Denny was an absolute gentleman, crabby old man, lover, warrior, sun basker, snuggle master, bully stick hoarder, food beggar, treat snatcher and ball fetcher. He loved to sprint along side me while his younger brothers wrestled. He would bark and chase and almost take me out daily by getting under my feet. This got worse as his vision faded and the way he made sure you were right next to him was by putting his little wet nose up against my leg.

His life's goal at points was to dig the perfect nest in the bushes at both of his grandma's houses so he could sleep soundly in them while laying half baking in the sun. He took his nesting ambitions indoors as well and tried to build the perfect soft carpet nest in five different places at my mom's house. Her carpet will never really recover from his quest.

Denny didn't merely "scratch" an itch on his face or body. He collapsed his entire front half onto any rough area he could find using his back legs to propel his entire body 10 feet across the floor in a full body scratching rub down.

Every morning, Denny met me in the bathroom because he felt that a human's time spent anywhere near a toilet was best spent scratching his neck and butt until his legs buckled from the enjoyment. The demands for petting didn't end there. I would then spend another 10 minutes rubbing his neck and sides until he fell over because he leaned into the rubs so hard he'd lose his balance. This was a ritual he enjoyed throughout the day as well.

He couldn't walk for as long and as far as his younger brothers, but that didn't stop him from trying. When he got tired, he let the wind blow through his ears as he sat above everyone looking out of his stroller, which always brought him a ton of attention as he rolled down the street.

I can't describe what the last 2 1/2 years with him have meant to me and do it any justice. In one of the most difficult years of my life, he knew exactly when to just sit by me or when to crawl up on me and shower me in kisses. Even in his last few days as it became apparent that something was seriously wrong, he was my shadow, my love, my rock and my wise old man telling me it was his time to move on.

The void that is left with his passing is deep and painful, but I still wouldn't trade my time with him for anything in the world. I thank God and Frosted Faces Foundation and Carley for insisting we "adopt another old one" for bringing this angel into my life.
Dennison Bean Saxton-King, aka "DD," aka "little bear," aka "old man" and every other name we assigned you over time, thank you for being part of my family and being one of the most amazing dogs anyone could wish for. I was honored to be your mom. I love you with all my heart. I will miss you greatly.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: March 18th, 2015
Date of Passing: January 22nd, 2016
Family: Holly Walthers
Fans: Jody Anne, Itzel Pichardo
Tribute: We noticed him on the day we were there to rescue Otis who had a kennel across from Tyson, and we promised we would be back. Little did he know, we would not only be back, but that he would live some of the fullest eleven months a dog would ever get to live!

Tyson flew out to live with Forever Foster, Holly Walthers, of Leo Puppy Mill Survivor. Tyson participated in races with his wheelchair, went on hikes, received extensive therapy for his degenerative myelopathy, and was allowed to live and pass on his own terms fighting for every second of happiness in his new beautiful life all thanks to the efforts of Team Leo.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue:  8
Date of Rescue: March 18th, 2015
Date of Passing: February 16th, 2016
Family: David & Nancy Wild
Fans: Stephanie Font
Tribute: I have read and reread [the post about Dopey's passing] and have tried numerous times to respond but just could not articulate the words to express how thankful David and I are for Kelly and Frosted Faces, Dopey's wonderful sponsor Stephanie Font and all the forever fosters. Kelly's write-up on Dopey is such a beautiful tribute and all the condolences and heartfelt thoughts from the group have been overwhelming.

A year ago March 28th 2015 David and I drove down to San Diego to pick up our Dopey. I will never forget our first meeting, David kneeled down to greet Dopey and Dopey kissed his knees then layed his big head down in David's lap and fell asleep. Dopey a big boy at 80 pounds, a lopsided face with dermatitis on his muzzle, horrible skin fungus and smelly ears couldn't have been more perfect - we fell in love out the gate! We loaded Dopey up into our car and couldn't have been more then a mile away when we got rear-ended at a red light. Couple of dings on the bumper, scared the heck out of David and me but didn't phase Dopey at all - we will on our way home!

Dopey possessed extremely soft qualities that you would not expect by looking at him. Dopey's nature was pure goodness - Dopey was kind, he was gentle, he was loving and compassionate, he was a protector, he loved life! Nothing bothered Dopey, he never growled, never showed his teeth, never reacted to anything he was introduced to in a negative manner not even pain, so stoic - Dopey just let everything roll off of him...there are just not enough words to describe the beauty in this very special boy. If I possessed half of Dopey's qualities I would be quite fortunate. Dopey's gentle nature was communicated in such a quiet way, positive energy just exuded from him and everyone who met him was immediately drawn to him. David and I were so proud of our Dopey, an ambassador to his breed, he exceeded the scales on temperament and for that matter he exceeded the scales of any dog breed - period! We just plain admired our Dopey.

Dopey's ear was chronic so we started a regiment and it went like this - Mario (our petsitter and vet tech at our vets) would come and pick up Dopey every other Monday from the house. Mario and Dopey would go through the drive thru share some lunch and head to the vets office - first Mario and he made the rounds at the vet's and said hello to all his friends and then headed in for his medicated bath, get his ears cleaned, and then to see Dr. Latos for ear check and antibiotic gel packs that were inserted into his ear. Dr. Latos would tell me it would normally take two people to do this procedure but not with Dopey he would just sit there and patiently let them do it, never showing any signs of discomfort - Dr. Latos said he is one stoic dog! Dopey would then hang out and I would come and pick him up after work - Dopey really enjoyed these outings!

The treatments definitely helped Dopey with being more comfortable but after 10 months of not being able to get rid of the infection we knew we had to pursue other options. We fretted over the surgery, we were nervous about it but finally reconciled that we couldn't let our fears supercede what was best for Dopey so the appointment was scheduled.

On Monday morning Feb 15 2016 we all drove down to San Diego from Woodland Hills for the scheduled surgery. Dopey greeted another dog in the waiting room, got weighed and then I handed over the leash to the girl who was going to prep him for surgery...leaned down and kissed him and Dopey with his wagging tail went through the door. That unfortunately was the last time we saw our Dopey, this last glimpse will haunt me for a very long time.

David and I are so blessed to have been Dopey's parents, he was a gift that was lent to us for a short time. No wonder the good Lord wanted him back he was beyond special.

The Wild household is very somber right now, a big boy with such a unique quiet gentle nature has left such a screaming loud void. Dopey's 17 year old blind fur- brother Bebe is missing Dopey's guidance - Dopey always made sure that Bebe was headed in the right direction because being blind Bebe would sometimes end up in places he needed help getting out of - Dopey was always there letting Bebe bump into him to know he was O.K, and steering him the right direction. Carter, Dopey's shitzu brother, is looking for Dopey to start the cookie party, Dopey would get the gang all barking where Mom was forced to go into the kitchen to give them all their treats. Cowboy - his kitty brother is looking for Dopey so he can rub against him and hang from his tail, and Mom and Dad see Dopey everywhere - especially when I do wash, Dopey had a thing for clean towels and thought every towel and blanket I washed was for him!

Feeding time around the Wilds has changed - Dopey loved to eat - he would jump up and down in Dopey fashion, give his low barking woof, woof hey feed me Mom, I want my breakfast, I want my dinner and I want it now! Just last week Mom was not moving fast enough so Dopey gently mouthed my arm to get me moving off the couch. There was always such happy commotion around feeding we are all just going through the motions, everyone in the Wild household is so quiet, the silence is deafening without our Dopey.

When Dopey's vet found out that Dopey didn't make it, he called me immediately to express how very sorry he was and wanted to know step by step what had happened...his response was I think Dopey threw a clot, and once that happens there is nothing anyone can do. I kept repeating over and over we lost our good boy and Dr. Latos said Nancy I have to correct you Dopey was beyond a good boy he was perfect!

I cant thank Kelly and Frosted faces enough for being the conduit that allowed Dopey a well deserved second chance that brought him into our home. We will be forever grateful.

The Wild family is taking the loss of Dopey very hard, replaying the events of that fateful Monday/Tuesday, the what if's enough to drive one crazy - terrible things happen and it did. Losing any of our furry kids is painful but there was just something about Dopey that will make this loss as unique as he was.

So Godspeed Dopey, Dopey Doo, our Dopester - your family and friends know that you are O.K. its just going to take a very long tine for our broken hearts to mend and the pain to soften.

The pain is great but the love for Dopey will always be greater.

We miss you something fierce...

I am so sorry Dopey....

Love Mom, Dad, Carter, Bebe, and Cowboy"

Message from the Director:

We are numb. Even hours later the words don't come out right. How can you have such good intentions and have such a terrible outcome?

Dopey died this morning.

We rescued 8 year old Dopey from Baldwin Park Shelter on March 18th, 2015. He was surrendered there by his owners on February 12th, 2015. We knew his "networking photo" like our favorite seat on the couch. We kept going back to it and no one had the resources to help him- including us. We received an application from David and Nancy Wild, who had cats and two "froo froo" dogs-not the typical application for a bully breed. He LUCKED out!! This family was the jackpot. When all checked out, we just had to cross our fingers he would pass his cat test at Headquarters. Dopey was a dog I couldn't be more proud to exclaim that FFF had the resources to spring!!

Dopey was the most gentle, stoic dog I have ever met- of course, passing his cat test. Dopey was part of an incredibly loving, attentive family with the Wilds. He loved to go camping with them too, and they most recently went over New Year's.

From day one Dopey struggled with ear infections. The whole right side of his face looked like he had had a stroke because they were so chronic. David and Nancy Wild donated all of Dopey's medical expenses, getting his ears cleaned and packed at least once a month. We started discussing the option of the TECA-BO surgery since his ears seemed to not be healing. Nancy sent us email upon email with questions, concerns, and measures for how she should prepare Dopey, signed "Worried Mom." I cannot tell you how many times I have reread those emails today with misty eyes.

We raised funds and invested in a TECA-BO surgery for Dopey which was executed yesterday. As soon as Andy and I got into town last night, we stopped at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital after-hours where they let us visit him in recovery. His entire inner ear which they removed was calcified and bone-like. They explained that even as they removed the bulla there was infection and pus accumulated at the skull. This was an infection so deep that it could not be cultured for treatment until this point, and an ear canal so damaged and painful that Dopey was an excellent candidate for the surgery.

No call from a vet at 8:00am is a good call post surgery. I think the whales in the Pacific Ocean heard my outcry when I learned the news that Dopey did not make it through the night. My first thought was Nancy. I cannot emphasize how much these Forever Fosters LOVE their Frosted Faces. Nancy is devastated, replaying the decisions, and what I thought most interesting-- she kept saying to me, "How could they have left him in the shelter?"

You know, this gave me great comfort in knowing that through so much grief, there was no question as to how Dopey had lived his last Frosted year- it was magnificent to all standards because of the Wilds. Not Nancy, not any of us, are accountable for other people's actions that leads dogs to be surrendered to shelters as seniors, but we empower ourselves to decrease the suffering in this world, we do our best, and Nancy and David did that for Dopey.

How can things go so wrong with such good intentions? They just do. It will sting, and we will have this abyss of grief beside us that we can dive into at any point if we choose to, but we will continue to love and make a difference in honor of those who have changed our hearts like Dopey.



Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services: Carlsbad
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 20th, 2015
Date of Passing: May 4th, 2018
Family: Gary & Stephanie Gragg
Fans: Alida J Lucas
Tribute: On Friday, May 4th, we fulfilled our promise to 15 year old Zeus.

We rescued Zeus from Carlsbad Shelter on March 20th, 2015 when he was 12 years old. The Graggs had actually found him on Black Mountain hiking trail very early in the morning without identification.

They brought him to the shelter to be claimed, and when he was facing euthanasia they called us to rescue him. "What if we covered medical, would you Forever Foster him?" Not a whole lot of people say "yes" to this, but these guys are not like a whole lot of people.

They thought they were lucky to find us, but we were more lucky to find them! Their family volunteers at FFF, and Steph has driven about 40% of our freedom rides!

Zeus was a happy old guy who enjoyed stroller rides and naps in front of the patio door. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure over two years ago, and with treatment has lasted an impressively long time! On Thursday his mom noticed he was not eating or bright so he was hospitalized at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital where X-rays showed a mass effect and an ultrasound showed his gall bladder was enlarged. The next morning new x-rays showed a blockage of some kind, maybe a foreign body, but more likely a mass. Labs reflected late stages of renal failure and we already knew he was in congestive heart failure, so we had to make the rare difficult decision not to treat and let him go.

Thank you to Gary and Stephanie Flay Gragg for rising above all expectations and seeing Zeus through to his last breath with love. Thank you to Alida Lucas for being his dedicated monthly sponsoring Fan.


download (1).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: March 23rd, 2015
Date of Passing: August 24th, 2015
Family: Elaine Byrnes
Tribute: My little spitfire. Oh, how quick and smart!

She seemed to love almost everything except surprises. Such a funny little girl. As long as she knew that putting on a harness and leash meant either a walk or a car ride, things couldn't have been better, but what if that meant something else? I don't know, anything else? Then it called for a trip to her favorite hiding place...well, not really a hiding place because I always knew she was there, I just couldn't get to her. Behind the sofa, under the sofa table against the wall. 

Walks were such a close second to car rides, it's hard to know which were her favorites. When we would start out, she would scrunch down on those adorable 2" front legs - like a sprinter - then as if someone yelled "go!" she would lunge forward. So so proud of herself. For about the next 10' to 20' she would actually jog, then stop, rinse, repeat. We only did that a few times since we had to pace ourselves. 

The car rides...anywhere and everywhere. She loved them. Long rides were great and she would settle into the bed I always keep on the front seat for her and Lola. Usually, though, rides ended at daycare, West LA Dogs, really the highlight of her week. Ziva played with everyone and was loved by humans and canines alike.

We were saving a surprise for Kelly and Andy. Mom is still learning how to use the camera, and we didn't tell anyone. Ziva loves loves loves the beach. Unless they took her when she was at headquarters, I didn't think they knew this about her. When we got close to the water, she could barely contain herself in the car. It was about the funniest, sweetest cutest thing.

Ziva was my shadow, my love and my sweetest puppy ever. What a gift she was to have been part of my life. To say I adored her is an understatement. There are no words to say how much I will miss her.



Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 25th, 2015
Date of Passing: April 3rd, 2016
Family: Todd & Brenda Henderson
Fans:  Angela Schell, Laurie Roberts
Tribute: If Love Could Have Saved You, You would have lived Forever!

Today I was faced with the unthinkable, the daunting decision that lies within us caring for these senior dogs. I asked myself a million times this past week; am I making the right decision? Does she still have the quality of life she so deserves? Is she living in dignity? Or is she suffering?

Honey came to us almost 1 year ago. She was welcomed with open arms, and loving hearts by all of us. We had a learning curve, as most do, with a new family member. Honey had dementia, her liver was failing and so were her kidneys. She was a finicky eater and she didn’t care for dog food. I attribute that to living on the streets in San Bernardino and digging through trash cans for her next meal.

She ended up in the Devore Animal Shelter and that’s when Kelly of Frosted Faces came in and decided this sweet girl’s life is worth saving. Boy am I grateful for that rescue and blessed that Kelly trusted Honey with me and my family. For a dog that seemed so broken, she was thriving for so long!

She was not your normal dog, she did not get excited and wag her tail when you arrived home, but she did get up from her bed to be with you! She didn’t play tug a war, chew bones or play with toys. But she seemed so happy and smiled a lot. When my husband was around, Honey knew a treat was coming her way.

The past few months, Honey’s mobility got worse and she was losing weight. After celebrating her 1 year Frostiversary on March 25th her quality of life significantly deteriorated. She could not get up on her own anymore. I had to carry her to go out and go potty and to her food dish. Friday she stopped eating, and if she did actually take food in, she threw it up.

Her light at the end of the tunnel was dimming. I will always cherish and remember holding her sweet loving face as she crossed the rainbow bridge. It was not an easy decision, but I hope she knows how much I love her!

'If tears could build a stairway, I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you back again.'

Rest in Peace Sweet Honey Dew Henderson.

Thank you so much to her loving monthly sponsors Angela Schell and Laurie Roberts.


download (2).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: March 28th, 2015
Date of Passing:May 31st, 2016
Family: Hazel Desoto
Fans: Christa Morones
Tribute: Tuesday night, our Oreo crossed that rainbow bridge.
For being our smallest dog in our pack, he took a large part of us with him when he passed. And so many tears we left. Tears of sadness. And later tears of joy. There is joy in that we were blessed with him, coming into our lives, being able to be and live together.

Oreo is free of those ailments that chased him as he aged. But they never held him back from being that active senior on the move, walking the house and giving us a bark to let us know he wants to go hiking too. Being blind, deaf, having trachea and heart issues didn’t hold him back. His other senses are so acute that you’d think he could see and hear! And for a small guy, he had a big bark!

We can honestly say that his time with us, was filled with happiness, love, affection and laughter. He is our very, very special boy, who captured and stole our hearts when we first saw his picture. Oreo is just about the cutest old man you’d ever meet. People always thought he was a puppy. And when we tell him he is 14yrs old, they are amazed. But all love him, he is just too cute!

Like many, Oreo too loved to eat! When it was time to eat, he’d run to the kitchen. Being blind, we are amazed how he’d not run into the walls! He’d circle you as the food is prepared. And would often keep one of his front soft, white furry paws on top of your foot. Almost as if saying ‘found you, keeping tabs on you, you got the food!’ Always a good eater, Oreo would finish and then go to one of the bigger dogs to see if they had any food in their bowls left. Often the bigs would let Oreo finish their food.

One thing we love about Oreo is how he expresses his happiness. Yes he would do the run around, happy panting and stuff. But every day, every time, Oreo would look and find Hazel (knows her scent, smell) he would then do skips and hops. Happy to find her, that she is there. For an old guy with issues, for him to do this, was special. The love between Hazel and Oreo is indescribable. They knew each other well.

We miss you Oreo, our Baby Ori. We miss your antics, your skips and hops and even your stink!

Thinking of you every day. We will see you again Ori. Until then you be a good boy and share your food.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 31st, 2015
Date of Passing: July 23rd, 2016
Family: Jenna Larson
Fans: Davida Kelley, Joanne McLaughlin, Nancy LaRocca
Tribute: Harry was loved by two families. He was loved by Mark & Renae Anderson and a whole family of other animal friends, until Harry needed more constant care and to be lifted after episodes of instability. He was lovingly placed with the ever accommodating, Jenna Larson who gaveHarry four more beautiful months. Harry struggled with degenerative myelopathy until in the end his quality of life was too poor to go on.

Jenna wrote in tribute:
Yesterday I said goodbye to my big polar bear boy... I know that it was the right thing to do, his body was tired and he let me know it was time but that doesn't make it easier.

He was such a cool dog, he was the official greeter at the kennel and would hang out in the office to welcome all the daycare dogs. I will miss his big goofy smile and having him follow me around at home and at work.

My youngest dog had a special bond with him and would let you know ifHarry had fallen over and needed help up, he misses him too and has been sleeping in Harry's bed.

I am so glad that he was a part of my life, I just wish we had more time together. I will miss you Harrison/Harold/Hairy Harry! There will never be another gentle giant like you ❤️❤️❤️

Halle Beary

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Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 11
Date of Rescue: April 3rd, 2015
Date of Passing: May 5th, 2017
Family: Seung Eun Chung
Fans: Katherine Evans, Vanessa Kopp, MarciAnn Yantz
Tribute: I think all of us forever families and forever fosters know this day will come some day, so much sooner than we want or expect. That’s kind of what it means to love a senior dog, I guess. Even knowing this, I’m still devastated, stunned, and utterly heartbroken about losing Bearbear… It all happened so suddenly; I still can’t believe she’s gone.

Kelly named her Halle Beary (I changed the spelling to Halley), but she never seemed to respond to Halley. I started calling her Bearbear one day and it stuck. She had that much personality that her name had to be doubled. She was my neighborhood-famous little teapot (short and stout) bear. She taught me so much and made my life infinitely better. Bearbear was a wonder and one of the best things to have happened to me.

Thank you Kelly, Andy, and Frosted Faces for trusting me with such a precious gift. I feel honored and truly blessed (and I’m not religious) to have been able to share my life with such a brave, smart, sassy, sweet, and beautiful and unique soul. Thank you all for the support and community. I have loved being a member of this special group.

Bearbear, I will miss you and love you forever. Rest in peace, my sweet prancing puppy. I will never forget you. I hope you were happy and knew you were loved. Thank you for giving me two amazing years. I wish we could have had forever together.



Acquired from: Coachella Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: April 9th, 2015
Date of Passing:
Family: Mike & Denise Reeves
Fans: Donna Felten, Monika Szumilak



Acquired from: Orange County Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: April 21st, 2015
Date of Passing: July 27th, 2015
Family: Matt & Nadia Fulkerson
Tribute: Boni (Bon-Bon) has been our snuggle buddy, my daughter’s backyard playmate and my constant couch companion. I feel very strongly that quality of life supersedes my own personal perspective (which would be that he lives forever). He came to us as a bag of bones and with a special home cooked diet and a ton of TLC, not only did he put on weight but his skin condition got better and he started to truly live. 

He moved from the security of his crate to sleeping with my daughter, and you wouldn’t have known he was blind with his confidence getting around our house (memorizing a three bedroom floorplan – color me impressed!). The best part was that Boni came out of his shell; from a shy, scared sweetheart, he found happiness in many ways. He loved his favorite chew toy and would take the funniest stance if he sensed my daughter coming to take it. He loved his back scratched and I swear he would smile when he got them. And oh man, did he love his food!!! He could eat more than our other four pets put together! 

Over the past three weeks, he has deteriorated fast. For me, seeing him go in peace in my arms is far more fitting; to let him leave with a bit of dignity and hopefully, the memories of the happy times he’s had with us. For me, quality of life is what he had; where you could see a bounce in his step and his little nubby tail wagging when he found you.


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Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: April 21st, 2015
Date of Passing: August 5th, 2019
Family: Tim Boyd
Fans: Joni Duke, Laurie Roberts Fine Art
Tribute: On August 5th we fulfilled our promise to Ella.

Ella lived with the ultimate bachelor through moves and even on a boat for a year! She attended his company's karaoke nights and rocked sporting uniforms.

Last year he settled down and started a family. Ella was not a fan of the baby at first and safety was an issue. Tim's commitment to Ella did not waver, and he bought a gate to separate Ella from his son during "crazy hour!"

Ella was incontinent, and so they used diapers and started her on a PPA. With the amount of changes these two endured over the last four years and the common excuses we hear of people relinquishing dogs, Tim could have surrendered Ella back to us at any point and I would have not been surprised, but he TRULY stuck by his girl.

Just 6 months ago we removed a concerning mass on Ella's abdomen that was cancerous, and our only guess is it grew internally with a vengeance.

"Ella passed away today. She went the way we all hope to go - in her sleep. She had really been struggling for the last few months with a cancerous tumor and her hind legs were quickly giving way, so there is some relief to go with our sadness. Although he drove her nuts much of the time, Apollo really loved her and always refers to any dog he sees as an 'Ella.'

I'm glad that he had her, even if only for a little while. We think Ella was around 14 or 15 when she died, so she lived a long, full life and in the end that's all any of us can ask. Ella will be cremated and returned to us in a memorial urn so she can watch Apollo grow up. Sleep well, girl."



Acquired from: Wasco Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: April 24th, 2015
Date of Passing: December 12th, 2016
Family: Richard & Mary Johnson
Fans: Terry Strait, Ryan Malina
Tribute: We rescued Bertie from Wasco Shelter on April 24th, 2015 after she had been surrendered for euthanasia with untreated diabetes at the age of 12 years old. With hospitalization and guidance, Bertie's new Forever Foster Family managed the condition to a point where she was gaining weight, had good energy, and was a happy thriving girl.

Bertie was bossy, demanded a place on the couch, and her blindness did not prevent her from taking a few missteps before crawling up and pushing out a place to cuddle all on her own. Kisses were offered unabashedly and everyone was a friend.

Yesterday her family returned home from work and Bertie appeared in critical condition. We rushed her to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital where they treated her for hours and we all stayed at the hospital late into the evening hoping for a turnaround, but she did not make it.



Acquired from:  South LA Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: April 24th, 2015
Date of Passing: February 12th, 2017
Family: Steve & Chris Pennington
Fans: Stephanie Pilgrim, Susan Thomas, Philip Baldacci
Tribute:  Lucky, Luck-a-Buck, Lucky-dog, Old Man, Ancient One. So many names that all mean beloved pack member. You were such a challenge Lucky. From the first day we brought you home, still recovering from multiple minor surgeries, you let us know that YOU would make your own decisions.

You were ever independent, intelligent, and so very strong-willed. It was obvious from the permanent callouses you wore that you had been an outdoor dog. It was obvious from your unfamiliarity with hugs and pets that you had been forgotten in some backyard, maybe for years. It was equally obvious from your constant whining, and looking out the window that you were a loyal dog who didn't understand where your other family was. The only thing we could do for you was to love you.

Eventually you stopped looking out the window, next you stopped whining. Your signs of dementia went away, and a tiny bit of your hearing came back. Sadly all those years of less than stellar care had taken their toll on your spine and hips. You got more and more wobbly. But you also learned to tolerate our help in standing you up from your many falls. You tolerated the 24/7 diapering with grace. You followed us everywhere, laying under our feet or resting your head in our laps. You learned we loved you and that it was OK for you to love us back. You were truly one of the pack.

We all appreciated your strength of character and will. When you first arrived everyone suspected you'd make it just a couple of months. Well, almost two years later you showed them, Lucky! You knew what you wanted and you weren't ready to let go of love so easily!

Challenges seem to make us appreciate success. You were worth the challenge Luck-a-buck! You were so worth it. We loved every independent inch of you and all of us, your brother and sister pack members included, will miss you terribly. Today is the house is too quiet. Today we remind ourselves that we will see you again across the Bridge. Run freely Old Man, there's plenty of sun and soft grass to nap in when you're ready. We love you Lucky."


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Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: April 29th, 2015
Date of Passing: May 21st, 2015
Family: April Smith
Tribute: Freckles ~

You were only with me for a short time, but it felt like you were my friend for so much longer.
I'm so glad we were able to spend your last day relaxing in the sand, with the breeze in your face.
I laid you to rest under this beautiful tree, because I know how much you love being surrounded by nature. I placed you under a heart, because you took a piece of my heart when you left. I think you were always meant to be here with me, I just wish we had more time.


download (8).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: May 1st, 2015
Date of Passing:May 19th, 2017
Family: Abby Chang
Fans: Robin Harmon
Tribute: I am so fortunate to have loved and been loved by amazing dogs that were all meant to be a part of my life. Any amount of time I get with them is a gift, whether it is a few months, a few years, or (if I am lucky) all of their lives.

Jethro crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning at 9:47 with his belly full of sausage egg McMuffin, hashbrown, and Stella & Chewy treats.

To Jethro: You surprised us all by beating the odds stacked against you and lived two more years to the ripe old age of 14. I am so grateful your last days were filled with lots of "last's" -- snuggling, hugs, kisses, photos/videos, words of love and comfort, visits from dear friends who wanted to say goodbye, trip to the park, endless treats, chicken...and some "first's" -- sleeping on the sofa, steak, an In N Out Double Double with fries, and McDonald's.

Your big soulful eyes and tired body told me you were ready. Even though I knew today would be the day, nothing really prepared me for this difficult farewell. I gladly traded sleep to be able to soak in every second I had left with you this week. You take a piece of my heart with you. The kitchen will not be the same without my faithful sous chef.

I miss you terribly but find comfort knowing you are finally free from painful arthritis, those dreaded medicated baths, and the horrible skin condition that ravaged your body for the last 14 months. It was truly a blessing to have been your mama. Thank you for being so easy to love and make happy. I will cherish the memories of our time is never long enough. Rest in peace, sweet boy. Love you forever.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Downey
Age upon Rescue: 16
Date of Rescue: May 20th, 2015
Date of Passing: November 4th, 2015
Family: Sarah Melick
Tribute: The sunset was something special tonight. The way the clouds sat and the sun shown threw, as if the sky was opening it's heart to greet an amazing soul. I knew who it could belong to, but I wasn't totally convinced it was her time. Or rather, I didn't want to be convinced. Each dog touches us in a special way. Some stronger than others. I knew going into it my time with Mabel was going to be short, and I cried for her going into her surgery, fearing the worst. That little munchkin came charging out the other end, guns a blazing! That sweet face was head butting her brother and sister out of the way to be first in line for food. For the next five months the back yard was scoured over daily by her huge floppy paws and her sharp nose, propelled along by the fastest moving happy tail I've ever seen. She slobbed all over every freshly cleaned bed and blanket the moment it hit the floor. She was a champion at making herself into a burrito. No one ever believed I didn't do it when they saw her masterful technique.

The waves of loss are choppy and unpredictable. I had to say goodbye to a piece of my heart tonight. I cried as I held her. Leaving always feels wrong, helplessness is overwhelming. With so many pieces left to care for at home I jumped back into the grind and made it to my car. I cried again. Took a deep breath, made it home and made them all dinner. And then I cried some more. Up and down I'll go for the foreseeable future, like we all do. 

Mabel was my magic. She loved life wholly. She inhaled each breath like a fresh meal and each exhale carried her around like she was floating on clouds. She warmed my heart while she warmed my thighs as we cuddled together each night.
Thank you for letting me love you little one. I will be forever grateful for our time together. You made me a better person. Until next time.

Sir Elton Franklin


Acquired from: Long Beach Animal Care Services
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: May 22nd, 2015
Date of Passing: April 19th, 2016
Family: Jaymie Hudson
Fans: Lena Peters, Chris Degelsey
Tribute: My heart hurts. Today we said goodbye to my handsome little man, Sir Elton Franklin. He has been going down hill the last month or so with mobility, arthritis pain and dementia. We could no longer control his pain, keep him comfortable and live with dignity.

He was accused, on more than one occasion, of looking like "an odd little possum" because of his crooked, hairless little body and funny walk. But to me, he was the most handsome little man. His bright eyes and determined spirit lit up my heart everyday. He followed me around the house with the rest of the Pomtourage, only he added an extra little grumpy grunt when he walked, especially if it was dinner time! He loved his "mommy and me time" in the evenings. He would walk up to the couch and head-butt my foot. He loved being held while I relaxed and watched tv. I will miss the way he nuzzled my neck, tucking his head under my chin and kissing the back of his hairless "bat" ears.

I know the beginning of his life wasn't the best, and he was dumped at the shelter when he needed care and love the most, which is why I feel so blessed to be the one to show him his life mattered to someone. Having him in my life for the last 11 months was something simply beautiful. Rest in peace my handsome little man, run with the angels, feel no pain, only light and love.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 16
Date of Rescue: May 22nd, 2015
Date of Passing: September 26th, 2015
Family: Hazel Desoto
Fans: Gayle Dockham
Tribute: Where to start? I guess when your heart is heavy your mind becomes cloudy too.

Today we say goodbye to our grand old lady Precious...all 16 years of her glory.

It all boils down to her not having the quality of life we all struggle to give our frosted faces.

We did everything we thought possible but in the end, her dementia was getting the best of her.

Countless times while she's eating or drinking where she would stop and just stare into space. I had to prod her to snap her back to reality and she would continue on to what she was doing.

Heartbreaking sound of her crying while walking in tight every minute was a struggle to live. The only time she would be at peace are the few hours she is sleeping soundly. Those are the times we love to remember. Then it's back to her prancing while painfully crying.

After careful consideration, and guidance from Kelly...we both decided it's not good to prolong Precious' agony. We want her to pass away with what is left of her dignity.

As the vet informed Alan and I that Precious is gone, we both burst out crying and we cannot control the tears. She deserves to rest and finally be free from all sickness. No matter how short she stayed with us, there's not a single doubt- she is family to us. Thank you to Frosted. Faces Foundation - Kelly and Andy for giving us the opportunity to be Precious' forever foster family.
Special thank you to Gayle Dockham for being Precious' fan.

May you run free and stay happy little girl!!! We love you!


download (9).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: May 22nd, 2015
Date of Passing: October 15th, 2015
Family: Amber Hansen
Fans: Lauretta Johnson
Tribute: I just said goodbye to one of the best friends I've ever had. Dolly went to sleep in my lap and doesn't have any more pain now. My heart is in pieces looking at her leash and collar beside me but I'm so grateful to have had her in my life and would do it all over again 100 times if I could. Thank you all for loving her with me.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: May 23rd, 2015
Date of Passing: March 22nd, 2017
Family: Taren Hoffos
Fans: Lisa Switzer
Tribute: Beautiful Brown Doggie came into my life in June 2015, a point in my life when I was struggling. I clicked on the Frosted Faces Facebook page one night just before 9pm, and saw his sweet, square face, long arched back, and pigeon toes. He looked like I felt: tired, sad, and not very hopeful. I submitted an application right then, and got an email back almost immediately - can we schedule a home visit?! That was it, he was coming home.

I remember picking him up at the animal hospital and noticing his bald butt and scabbed nose, his strange growths on his belly, and his patchy-haired tail. I lifted him into my truck and drove him home with his head in my lap. The next day, at 3 am, I again lifted him into my truck and drove him 6 hours up the coast to his first horse show.

In his time with me he traveled to horse shows throughout California, Arizona, Oregon, and Montana. He chased butterflies in Palo Alto, sun bathed beside a lake in Whitefish, dipped in a river in Ashland, and heard thunderstorms in Flagstaff. He grew stronger and healthier, his hair sort of grew back, and he became confident and happy. He found his voice, and he used it! He met so many dog friends - his favorite thing - at dog parks and horse shows, he ate wayyyy too much horse poop, and more than once he wandered off on grand adventures (thank goodness he was so slow).

He truly lived in the moment, and it wasn't hard to tell what he thought about things - he was an open book. He could be tough and stubborn, looking at me while walking the opposite way, but he was also the best cuddler and the most sympathetic shoulder to cry on. I think that he taught me to not give a damn what people think and just be who I am, because that was his motto.

We got happy together, and I'm so grateful to him for that. He was such a beautiful soul. Thank you to Frosted Faces for trusting me with his care and for choosing him - he was so, so worth it.



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: May 26th, 2015
Date of Passing: July 27th, 2018
Family: Julie Kole
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Laurie Roberts Fine Art
Tribute: On Friday, July 27th, we fulfilled our promise to 17 year old Bailey.

We rescued Bailey, formerly Scooby, on May 26th, 2015 from Carson Shelter after he was surrendered by his owners.

"I don’t even know where to start. To say I’m devastated is a huge understatement. Bailey was my world and I had him for 38 great months. People would tell me that Bailey didn’t look his age and my mom swore he was going to live until he was 20. He turns 18 next month per shelter records. The day I saw his poor video at Carson Shelter, I was at Baldwin Park shelter taking videos of dogs for Kelly. I said “that’s my boy!” And she put the call in to get him.

When I got him, he was obviously an outdoor dog and he weighed only about 32 pounds. In two months of having him, he got up to a healthy 55 pounds. Whoever decided to relinquish him, I figured it was their loss. He came to my home knowing a few commands, housebroken, and got along with his cat siblings (Chased them a few times too). He was so easy going and had a great temperament. He was perfect in my eyes. He loved rolling around in the grass, climbing up the slopes in the back yard, car rides, and taking walks. He loved treats and peanut butter.

He was on a few medications mainly to help with his debilitating arthritis and some dementia. He also took cannapet biscuits daily and because of that, I think it helped him live longer than we all expected and the product gave Bailey a good quality of life. He was even the subject of a cute cartoon by cannapet to promote the product and to help shelter animals!

In the past several months I noticed a slow decline and an even worse decline in the past few weeks. He still enjoyed his two walks a day but rolling in the grass was a thing of the past. He had lost a significant amount of weight in the past few weeks because he was not keeping food or pills down. Bailey’s vet attributed his rapid decline possibly to intestinal cancer or another internal issue. I knew right then that I had to free him of his pain and discomfort.

Bailey changed my life for the better because I also suffer from arthritis and chronic pain. He taught me that no matter how much pain I was in, going outside to enjoy ourselves was key to feeling better. Before I got Bailey, when I was in pain I would just go home and go to bed and prepare myself for the next day. He taught me that life is short and to enjoy the simple moments. He was the most amazing dog I could ever ask for and I know it’s going to be a difficult adjustment for me. I still look at the side of my bed thinking he is right there with me. I got up the last two days like clock work at 2 am for his potty break even though he’s gone. I guess he’s trying to tell me he is still here with me.

Bailey, you may be gone from my sight, but you will never be gone from my heart. Thank you for coming into my life and thank you Kelly and Andy for rescuing him."

Like we told Julie, she is so special. I remember she would've taken anyone when we met. Bails destroyed her house, chased her cats, and even with her flare ups she did right by him. I think I will always still feel like he's out there somewhere, happy and with her. There's such comfort in that. She took such good care of him, I never felt like I had to worry. Thank you, Julie Kole. Thank you to Lisa Switzer and Laurie Roberts Fine Art for being Bailey's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.



Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 20
Date of Rescue: May 28th, 2015
Date of Passing: October 2nd, 2015
Family: Trevor & Kristin Lucas
Fans: Charlene Buechner, Jessica Schlueter, Cristine Halstead, Julie Knoeller
Tribute: With broken hearts, we had to put our 20 year old little boy Jack to sleep today. Over the last couple of months Jack began to deteriorate more quickly due to dementia. He would wander aimlessly around our house barking and crying and we were unable to comfort him no matter what we did. Other times he would just stare off into space, seeming to lose track of where he was. After meeting with Dr. Lindsey of Lindsey Veterinary Care a couple times over the last few weeks, trying different supplements and medications, we all came to the conclusion that it was time to let Jack go.

We already miss our boy more than anything in the world and while are hearts are heavy, we are so grateful to Frosted Faces for rescuing Jack as he touched our lives in so many ways. When we first got Jack we were unsure as to how long he would be with us given that he was thought to be 20, but he was a trooper and stuck with us for several months. He loved to cuddle with us, prance around in our backyard and more than anything eat. We will never forget his unique way of prancing around and how adept he became at navigating around the house despite not being able to see or hear too well.

Thank you Kelly and Andy for not only rescuing Jack, but allowing us to be a part of his life. We will be forever grateful that we got to spend that last few months with Jack and we hope that we were able to provide him with the same amount of happiness that he gave us.