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Enjoy scrolling through all of our Frosted Face senior animals who have benefit from our mission at Frosted Faces Foundation.  They are listed in order of date of rescue, including those that have passed. If you have been following a certain Frosted Face's story and would like to know how he/she is doing, please email us at

Please make note of animals still looking for families. Their "Family" is listed as "Frosted Faces Foundation."  View biographies and more photos at Available Frosted Faces, learn more about becoming a family and the different programs we offer. You can also help fund their care by registering as their monthly sponsoring Fan.  

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Acquired from: San Diego Animal Shelter- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: December 18th, 2016
Date of Passing:
Family: Craig & Carla Cackowski
Fans: Mari Stein


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Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: December 27th, 2016
Date of Passing: May 12th, 2017
Family: Ray & Nancy Funderbunk
Fans: Christie Kacmarcik, Lynn Cannizzaro
Tribute: Noah was so skinny and had a mass on his eye, but that didn't get him down. He was a pro at fetch (including bringing the ball back!) and hiking. He knew when it was time to settle and comfortably placed himself on the couch. Noah was incredibly soft, rabbit fur soft! He was the perfect domesticated shelter dog who deservingly got his second chance.

Noah was not eating well, had diarrhea and was vomiting this last week. Bloodwork revealed few abnormalities, but an x-ray and ultrasound showed us that he had a blockage as a result of a large abdominal mass that was pinching his intestines. We made the decision to let Noah go.

Nancy wrote in reflection, "Thank you all for the support and kind words. Noah has left a hole in my heart but some really wonderful memories! I want to let you know that the people at SDBAH were amazing, especially John (the vet). He was so gentle and compassionate that I knew we were in the right place and making the right discussion for Noah.

I am taking a hike this morning and placing Noah's tags on the pole at the top of the Way Up Trial. This is a telephone pole filled with dog tags from everyone's loved buddies that have gone on to dog heaven. He will be next to my sweet Opal."



Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 6th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Gary & Lisa Douglass
Fans: Tralynn Gray, Joyce Onufer



Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: January 6th, 2017
Date of Passing: May 14th, 2018
Family: Gary & Lisa Douglass
Fans: Gina Philips, Jennifer Glatz, Brenda Barozzi
Tribute: On Monday, May 14th, we fulfilled our promise to Hansel. He passed as a result of severe collapsing trachea after hospitalization at VCA Animal Medical Center of El Cajon with 100% oxygen assistance and no improvement.

We rescued Hansel on January 6th, 2017 from Riverside Shelter. He and 9 of his siblings had been living in a van with a homeless woman, until she had to be hospitalized and the dogs were confiscated. We rescued the two oldest, Hansel and Gretel.

For weeks they lived at Frosted Faces Foundation, were lucky to be loved by two Foster Families, and all of a sudden these wonderful people who wanted BOTH Hansel and Gretel came along. No one could outdo their patience or hairstyling abilities!

His mom writes, "With great heart ache we needed to let Hansel go this morning. On Mother's Day his breathing became increasingly labored. Was hopeful after he had a dose of steroids he'd be back to his huffy baseline and we would be home for dinner. When the vet kept him overnight I was a little stunned...and feared the worst. When we laid eyes on him this morning it was clear the right thing /only thing to do was to hold and love him and say goodbye.

Gretel and I are very sad, a little lost, and exhausted with grief. Was so happily looking forward to the one year mark in early June, that H+G joined our family. He had so many bow ties that he will never wear. His Halloween costume arrived today.

Full of gratitude for Kelly, the little girl who was going to save all the old dogs when she grew up. Thank you to Bethany and Emily for coordinating Hansel's care. Thank you Gina Philips, Brenda Barozzi, and Jenifer Glatz for being Hansel's Fans. Thank you FFF for trusting us with these two sweeties to cherish and adore. Hansel brought us so much love and joy!"

Thank you Buddy and Lisa Douglass for firstly being "Yes People" and giving two senior dogs with medical conditions a home. Secondly, thank you for enjoying them while persevering through potty training, Hansel's sass, and yaps for attention! He will be missed.



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Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 10th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Anthony & Mary Savoia
Fans: Robin Kardon, Judith Johnson, Tina Wesemean


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Acquired from: Riverside Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: January 11th, 2017
Date of Passing: March 7th, 2018
Family: Amy Pierce
Fans: Ryan Malina, Cynthia Schumacher
Tribute: On Wednesday, March 7th, Charlie was granted peace through euthanasia at the age of 13 years old.

We rescued Charlie, formerly Peach, on January 11th, 2017 from San Jacinto Shelter when he was euth-listed for space. Amy committed to Charlie sight unseen, despite having just lost her Frosted Face Emma to lung infiltration. She loves the breed and knew few would volunteer.

Charlie lived a quiet life with Amy, moseying out to go potty and finding his soft bed at her feet. Amy often said, "Charlie is just being 'Charlie,'" and she let him. Aloof, but comfortable, using the house as his own and falling into routine. We learned he needed this as dementia overcame him.

When Amy started to see signs of fear stemming from confusion, she didn't want that for Charlie. After caring for her mother with Alzheimer's until her passing, she knew it to be a painful part of the aging process from the human perspective and did not want that for her boy.

Thank you to Amy Pierce for giving Charlie a place to call "home." Thank you to Ryan Malina for being his dedicated monthly sponsoring Fan



Acquired from: OC Animal Care
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: January 15th, 2017
Date of Passing: July 16th, 2017
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Fans:  Loree Cook, Christina Arnott, and Sara Rodelo
Tribute: We personally agreed to be her Foster Family to set an example, oh wait, and because no one else offered. We had never been a Foster Family for a cat before, but we have two cats (one of whom recently passed) so we figured it would be a learning experience. Can't be any harder than dogs, right?

We made our patio into an enclosed small catio which was perfect for Miss Z because she was very scared of us and liked to retreat to small dark areas. She immediately did not mind our two cats, and preferred them to us. She even preferred out pittie, Sawyer, to us! She gradually went from hiding in her tower to us finding her on the rug of her catio. Just these last two months she would sneak into our bedroom during the day and sleep on our bed with Sawyer. When we walked into the room, she would dart back to the catio! Only a few weeks ago she started trusting us and slept on our bed with us, would approach us and even nudge us for pets. Andy and I would text each other photos of her in weird places of our house where she wouldn't think we would see her, always noting, "Progress!" Amazing how long it took her to come around to us! I think that is what makes her loss so sad, is that we finally were feeling like she was part of the family, or rather, SHE was starting to feel part of our family.

As I re-watch a video I am including that was filmed this week, she really was starting to sneeze a bit. It was Saturday night when we realized her nose and mouth seemed congested and she wouldn't eat. Sunday I took her to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital for diagnostics. Andy had to stay on site at FFF to manage the dogs and volunteers. He tearfully kissed her goodbye knowing her condition looked grave. At least I would be with her... They did an in-house blood panel to find that she was anemic with a hematocrit of 17% and thought she looked like she had an upper respiratory infection. We agreed to try to hospitalize her, understanding that fluids and antibiotics may drop her hematocrit even more, and that a transfusion would only be a temporary fix. I brought her favorite pittie to the appointment to sit with us. After sitting at the hospital for more than two hours making these decisions, SoyBoy and I kissed Z good bye and headed back to FFF.

It was perfectly timed so that as we pulled into the driveway, an hour away from the vet, that we received a call that Z had a violent seizure and it was recommended that we let her go. I think we deal with so much loss that these terrible things are bound to happen. I was not present for her last breath, so I must wonder with a smile- maybe that's what she wanted, was to pass in peace without these crazy humans always trying to hold her.

There is a hole in our hearts and home today, but you know what? Miss Z paved the way... she paved the way for another life to be saved because you know cats are just very independent dogs who go potty in a litterbox! We will foster another Frosted Feline again when we have caught our breath.

We love you, Z bear.



Acquired from: Redlands Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: January 16th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 12th, 2017
Family: Kathy Tran
Fans: Jennifer Nayer, Alana Lawler, Sima Salek
Tribute: On September 13th, 2017 we fulfilled our promise to Pepe after a valiant battle with renal disease.

We rescued Pepe, formerly Mosby, from Redlands Shelter on January 16th, 2017. When his mom applied to help a Frosted Face she could've chosen anyone. She said "yes" right away to welcoming Pepe as her own, and handled his care with enrichment and hope which surely improved is prognosis.

She wrote in tribute, "✨Run free my angel, you will have new legs to help you chase all the birds you wish🌈 Pepé crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday evening. The past 8 months have been quite a journey for us, and I thank you for lessons you've taught me. You've handled life with such grace & tenacity, so it's only right as my last act of love to help you leave this world with dignity. Your presence will be deeply missed 💞 until we meet again, my love 🐾💓"

To Kathy Tran, thank you for being Pepe's Forever Foster Family. Witnessing such a young professional woman take the initiative and make sacrifices to provide for a senior dog is awe-inspiring. Thank you to Jennifer Nayer, Alana Lawler, and Sima Salek for being Pepe's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.


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Acquired from: Imperial Valley Humane Society
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: January 17th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Katy & Ramin Goshtasbi
Fans: JoAnna Green, Nancy Semrow


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Acquired from: OC Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: January 26th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Taren Hoffos
Fans: Sara Rodelo


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Acquired from: OC Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: January 27th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Stephanie Schumacher
Fans: Meredith Small, Leslie Smart, Ellen Wenzel


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Acquired from: OC Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: January 28th, 2017
Date of Passing: January 31st, 2017
Family: Darryl & Dana Thompson
Fans: Krista Nadolski, Terry Phillips, Trisha Snyder, Kristyn Kohut, Jane Leavy, Susan Guenzel, Rick & Mary Johnson, Debra Sakata
Tribute: We rescued Wilson on January 28th, 2017 from Orange County Shelter. X-rays from the shelter were inconclusive as to whether he was suffering from pneumonia or lung cancer, but one thing was for sure, he was struggling to breathe and he needed to be euthanized or exit.

We rescued him to redo xrays and bloodwork to either justify euthanasia or treatment. His xrays were the same and bloodwork was more indicative of cancer, than pneumonia, as his WBC count was normal. Oh but we are a hopeful bunch, and we continued treatment for pneumonia just to be sure.

After two restless nights of pacing, wheezing, and posturing for air, Wilson's family brought him back to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital for an exam and to redo xrays. This set proved to be worse than the first two, and Dr. Ferenstein advised it was absolutely time to let Wilson go, and not one more night with his family would be fair.

Daryl and Dana, two months ago having never put a dog to sleep, applied to be a Forever Foster Family. After only two weeks of losing their first Frosted Face Edna, they committed to Wilson knowing it could be for a short time, and GOSH, it was quite impressive how completely loving, selfless, and rational they could be all over again.

Dana writes in tribute:

"With a very heavy heart, we had to say goodbye to Wilson tonight. He was struggling to breathe and the vet said it was time. He was suffering and it would only get worse. Kelly Smíšek and I kissed him and talked to him and held him while he peacefully left for a better place. He is no longer in pain and that comforts us.

Daryl and I are so lucky to have spent the last four days with such a beautiful soul. He was perfect. Gentle and loving. Even though he was only here for a very, very short time, we fell in love with him and we are missing him deeply. Rest In Peace, our handsome man. We love you, buddy."

Breathe easy, big guy.


Acquired from: Coachella Valley Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: January 28th, 2017
Date of Passing: February 17th, 2017
Family: Ken Erickson & Sarah Losoya
Fans: Kristyn Kohut, Richard & Mary Johnson
Tribute: Daphne passed away peacefully on her own in her bed at her new family's home.

Her mom reflected, "We are devastated. Please know we did everything we could for our sweet Daphne. She passed peacefully in her sleep. We just wish we had more time with her."

Daphne required her new family to feed her by hand, a whole arrangement of foods, and to be woken up to be escorted outside to go potty. We all knew her time was limited, but everyone forged ahead with full hearts. She slept with her new family each night so they could keep an eye on her and was held always. Daphne wagged her tail non-stop and in spite of her crazy little knees, she would impressively be able to navigate herself to the softest bed in the room.


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Acquired from: Harbor Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 8
Date of Rescue: January 31st, 2017
Date of Passing: May 28th, 2019
Family: Susan Gonzales
Fans: Rachel Frederick, Debra Sakata
Tribute: After I forever fostered Fisher some 2+ years ago, I got comments to the effect of "what was I thinking?" and "why would anyone do something like that?". They were referring to the fact that Fisher was an animal aggressive Pitbull that had cancer and had been given only 4 to 8 months to live. 
Since I had recently gone through several losses in my life (which included my son, my mom, my six year old female boxer and last but certainly not least my 15 year old male boxer), I was "thinking" I was getting the hang of this grief thing..... besides, knowing his life was so limited, I was sure I could take good care of him without becoming too emotionally involved.....

I didn't set out to adopt or rescue a dog that day. In fact, it was just the opposite. I only tagged along with my boyfriend to help him install a sound system he had donated to the (then) new Frosted Faces home in Ramona. Before we left that day we both made a pact that we would not entertain adopting a dog anytime soon. We had several things we wanted to check off our bucket list first.
It was then we saw Fisher for the first time. I really hadn't ever been acquainted with a Pit Bull before and he was a big one! Fisher was very stoic but he definitely had a regal presence. His favorite position was crossing his front paws which made him look even more stately. 
Anyway, to make a long story short, after a return visit the following weekend to finish the sound system, I couldn't seem to get Fisher out of my mind. I decided I was pretty well equipped to deal with the grief of losing him in the near future and considering I was alone and so was he, I decided to give both of us both a break as well as some sorely needed companionship. Fisher was a tough nut to crack. He had a lot of physical issues to say the least as well as a questionable past. He was not warm and cuddly and he did not give kisses. He was pretty scarred up and was covered with growths which tended to bleed excessively. To top that off, he was very touchy and would often growl and snap at even a soft loving pet. I'm sure a lot of it was that he was in such pain. Despite all of his issues, Fisher continue to gain weight and began to thrive. He went from 51 pounds to 81 pounds. Since I am retired, we became constant companions. I suppose him needing so much attention gave me a sense of purpose and direction. He went through several different surgeries including teeth removal, spleen removal and two different operations to remove/stop bleeding hemangiomas. Poor guy had horrible skin issues and was on antibiotics more than he was off them. Interestingly enough though, 4 months turned into 8 months and 8 months turned into one year which turned into two years and at that point it almost seemed he was going to live forever. By now, our dynamic had changed. Fisher had come to trust me and became quite clingy and loving. We did lots of traveling together as well as spending many lazy months dozing in the peaceful solitude of my ranch in Northern Arizona. Fisher was the perfect traveling companion and our energy levels were pretty comparable. I hardly ever left him alone.

After putting a few bucket list trips on hold for a couple of years, we decided and planned to take a well-earned vacation.
After a couple of days away, I got the devastating news that Fisher had passed away.

I know we all know what we're signing up for when we get involved with a Frosted Face. What I didn't know was how hard loosing him was actually going to be 😭
Thanks for saving me Fishy.
RIP my sweet boy💔



Acquired from: San Jacinto Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: February 15th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 5th, 2017
Family: Lottie Siann & Kerstin Mooneyham
Fans: David Triemert, Kirk Christiansen
Tribute: It's with a very heavy heart that we are sharing that Lulu had her final day on this earth this past Tuesday. Kerstin and I have been away for our honeymoon and Lu has been in the amazing care of FFF while we are away. It has been hard for us to come to the realization that Lu will not be home with us when we get back.

FFF reported to us earlier in the week that Lu was not eating and she had some bad nights. She had very severe dementia and we also theorize she could have had a brain tumor of some sort.

Over the last six weeks we have seen a noticeable decline in her health mostly attributed to her mobility. She lost almost all ability to walk and stand on her own. She went from standing to eat to lying to eat which ended up being more comfy for her than being held.

Lu has always loved her meals so when Kelly told us she was not eating we knew it was close. It is really hard for us because we were not there for her in her final moments. We know FFF has been taking the very best care of her and for that we are so so very grateful.

A little bio on Lu for those of you who don't know the story: FFF rescued her on February 15th of 2017 from San Jacinto Shelter. We saw her photo and fell in love immediately. She was scheduled to be put down the day FFF came in to save her. The shelter cited she ran away but there is no way that could have been true because she couldn't even walk due to her arthritis which was especially bad in her front legs and ankles. So bad that you could visibly see the swelling. The day we picked her up from FFF she had a terrible seizure and it was obvious she had been very neglected.

It was also obvious that she had been left alone as an outdoor dog as for weeks she would try to sleep outside and not come in even on the cold spring nights. We would always bring her in but she wanted to sleep by the door. We also realized that she was somewhat incontinent so we remedied the situation by making her special diapers out of toddler organic diapers which worked so much better than the dog diapers. She would sleep comfortably in them and 90% of the time could signal to us that she needed to potty.

We also put our knowledge of animal nutrition and nutraceuticals to work along with our holistic network and got Louie on a series of herbs from our acupuncturist and good friend, CBD and homeopathic tinctures from our holistic vet and our own regimen of raw dog food and organic veggies and squash. This did miracles and it was so impressive how much better she became after our love and care.

During the first weeks in our home she was always quite disoriented but eventually that disorientation went away and the only time she ever really appeared to have trouble was during the late evenings before bed. It's said this is when dementia is the most visible.

Being a part of FFF has been so uplifting and an overall very positive experience. I would say that FFF is the best run rescue I have come across in my four years (relatively short amount) of rescue work but I honestly do not know how a rescue could be better managed. I am so impressed with the FFF network and I don't know how they do it but they do! I want to thank them for this experience as it will be something we will do again in the future. It's so nice to know there is a dedicated and well supported rescue who specialize in senior animals.

We are so happy that we could at least give Lu what she served which is a loving home, a warm bed and lots of cuddles. We hope that Lu crossed over knowing she was loved by us and Kelly and the FFF team. We will desperately miss her presence as when we return there will be no Lu there to greet along with the other two dogs.

Thanks to Kelly and everyone in the FFF network for allowing us the ability to help aid a senior dog in need. This experience has changed me in ways I am still learning to recognize.

Most of all thank you Lu for making us more grateful and appreciative of the little moments in life we will miss your sweet teddy bear face. May you Rest In Peace 💕



Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care and Control- Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: February 19th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Steve & Doreen Smith
Fans: David Triemert, Sandra Buechner



Acquired from: OC Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: February 28th, 2017
Date of Passing: April 8th, 2019
Family: Weena Joshi
Fans: Pooja Teckchandani, Mary Jo Ball, Cathy Lazarus
Tribute: On Monday, April 8th, we fulfilled our promise to Riley.

Riley was witnessed being dumped in a park. He was held at the shelter while they tried unsuccessfully to identify the owners, and then he was available for adoption with no interest. Riley was scheduled for euthanasia when we went to the shelter to rescue him.

Over the last two years he has been an independent man and loved walks. His body began declining a few months ago and on Monday Paws into Grace came to his home to give him a peaceful passing with his mom and sister.

"Today we said goodbye to our dear sweet Riley. He was with us for two years and we loved our grumpy old man! He liked walking in our canyons up until the very end, and we hope that he found a flower field with all of the smells today."


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Acquired from: Hope for Paws
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: March 1st, 2017
Date of Passing: March 18th, 2019
Family: Janice Bellinghiere
Fans: Caryn Requejo, Ginger Haggerty, Robin Zakoor
Tribute: In the very early morning hours of Monday, March 18th, we fulfilled our promise to 11 year old Gunnar.

Gunnar, formerly Gibson, was found abandoned in a parking lot and transferred to FFF from Hope For Paws as a "hospice case" with degenerative disc disease. Volunteers lived with and loved on Gunnar for 8 months never expecting him to be placed due to his size and struggle to walk.

It was a chapter only found in fairy tales on the day Janice met Gunnar and agreed to be his mom and gave him a year and a half longer! Imagine committing to a 90 pound dog who needed the use of a sling, and ultimately a wheelchair. Never getting the "good days" of puppyhood or romping ... he was work from the get-go with devotion strengthened on the premise that Gunnar needed her. I can't picture Janice ever saying a dog is "not a good fit for me" because she is selfless, but tragically as in loving all dogs, she was the one left behind with heartache because SHE needed HIM. Gunnar passed in his sleep in his home unsuspectingly preceded by bright, happy days.

"I am so sad. The house is so quiet without him. I am so grateful we did not have to make the gut wrenching decision to euthanize. And I feel good that he died in a home where he was loved and pampered, on a nice soft bed with a cozy blanket. He knew I was caring for him and loving him until the end, but honestly I am just a mess. I didn't realize how much of my time was spent taking care of him as it had just become routine, and he was never needy, just always a big goofball wanting love and attention."


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Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: March 2nd, 2017
Date of Passing: April 11th, 2017
Family: Jim Ito & Melanie Granfors
Fans: Lisa Switzer, Patricia Allem, Lindy Kalpakoff
Tribute: Olive was immediately diagnosed with terribly metastasized lung cancer and she wasted away quickly while her parents tried to maintain her sparkle.

"Our dearest Olive,

As I sit here next to you, as you breathe your last, I will try to express how much you mean to us. We believe in wallowing in our grief because it is such a clear manifestation of what true love & devotion to animal welfare feels like.

We pray there is a way to make up for all the lost time during the 12 years before you landed right in the middle of our hearts and home.

I want to believe that your days spent at the center of our universe -- absorbing all of our love and devotion, has erased and replaced whatever happened to you on your way to us.

God bless the broken road that led you straight to me... lyrics that couldn't be more perfect for just about every dog rescue that happens... but even more so when an angel like you is snapped up in her last days on earth and cherished beyond description before letting go.

Frosted Faces Foundation, and Kelly Smisek: There are no words to adequately thank you for what you've given to us by putting your trust in us to do this deeply spiritual work with precious animals.

Olive, you couldn't be more beautiful and dignified, despite your grave illness and who knows what neglect you endured.

It looks like you may have had lots of puppies long ago.

Oh, that they all have genetic traces of your sweet, kind demeanor.

And your strength to face adversity, and your grace to accept help & love from strangers. The kindest of strangers, we assured you. And you embraced us and added so much to our lives -- in just 38 days.

Whatever happened to you, however hurtful, or challenging or mean; we apologize and vow to spend our days working to change all of it. We'll do it in memory of you, and in your sweet name, Olive.

You will have a very special place in our hearts forever.

A special thank you to Dr. Andrea Leach, of HouseCollar in-home vet services, for helping us let Olive go with peace, grace & dignity."

Fly high, Olive.


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Acquired from: Abandoned in a foreclosed home
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: March 2nd, 2017
Date of Passing: July 15th, 2018
Family: Michael Albini & Rebecca Gonzalez
Fans: Lisa Lumpkins, Wendy Edwards, Susan Mohr
Tribute: On Sunday, July 15th, 2018 we fulfilled our promise to 15 year old Winnie.

We rescued Winnie on March 2nd, 2017 after she had been left behind in a foreclosed home, abandoned in a cardboard box. The clean up crew reached out to us and we agreed to make Winnie's days different. We placed her with a family who didn't take the time to make Winnie a priority in spite of our extensive screening process that begs for preparedness and sacrifice. Them admitting defeat was a good thing. Senior dogs are vulnerable and most that we acquire deserve a whole new life different from what they knew.

We were happy to place Winnie with a new family who invested the time and energy to keep her diapers changed, fed home made food, and enriched her life. Because Winnie was blind it was always a hard to tell how bright she was, but she did find food, beds with her friends in them, and sought water. She did a whole lot of sleeping, but also wandering, standing and staring. Many of us within the FFF community tend to dogs with dementia so long as they don't seem distraught. When Winnie's eye ruptured this week, she was rushed to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital for surgery.

It was then all of our forward momentum came to a screeching halt as we had to consider her current quality of life in combination with an enucleation and whether it was worthwhile. After various phone conversations we decided that euthanasia was the more sensible, fair option. If Winnie's eye hadn't ruptured, she would probably still be here today sleeping on her soft bed in her diapers, being carried everywhere, or sitting outside on her mom's lap as she sipped an after work glass of wine.

Her mom shares, "Saying this week has been the hardest would really be an understatement, and today I had to say goodbye to my Winnie. My little innocent girl, I really wanted to give you many years of happiness to make up for all the bad you went through, I wanted to shield you from anything that could hurt you. I love you so much, and I'm really sorry we didn't get more time with you.

To say Winnie was special falls extremely short to who she was. She was kind of an odd girl, definitely not your typical dog and nobody really ever understood what made me fall for her from the first time I saw her, but after that one look, I could not get her out of my mind. Bringing her home really changed everything for me, it was as if she was a puzzle piece that was missing in my life and the more I got to know her the more I realized how absolutely special and beautiful she was. She was such an innocent soul, and all I wanted was for her to be as happy as she could be, it was the least she deserved.

Sure, Winnie was blind, could barely hear, her nose didn't work the best and she wasn't big on showing love, but I felt like I had a special connection with her, that we communicated on another level. I am going to miss her more than words could ever express. I love you so damn much my Winnie."

Thank you, Michael Albini & Rebecca Gonzalez, for your relentless love and energy that you poured into Winnie. Thank you to Lisa Lumpkins, Wendy Edwards, and Susan Mohr for being Winnie's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.


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Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: March 9th, 2017
Date of Passing: 
Family: Rachel Labbe Bellas
Fans: Susan Guenzel, Tawnya Torok


Acquired from: East Valley Animal Shelter Los Angeles
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: March 10th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 20th, 2018
Family: Scott & Katie Gajda
Fans: Stephanie Font, Team Leo
Tribute: On September 20th, 2018 we fulfilled our promise to 11 year old Coco.

We rescued Coco, formerly Princessbaby, from East Valley Shelter- LA on March 10th, 2017. She scored an incredible family. When she began to show signs of degenerative myelopathy they got a wheelchair from FFF and they used a sling until Coco no longer had the strength to push off of her front feet.

"We had to let Coco cross over to heaven. Our family is beyond devastated and completely heartbroken. She continued to deteriorate rapidly and could no longer get up to urinate on her own. It was a very difficult decision.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for allowing us to be her family for the past 19 months. Coco Chanel completed our family with her love grunts, cuddles, excitement for walks and her unconditional love. My heart is hurting and I miss her dearly. We are so proud and blessed to have found FFF."

Coco was loved enormously by Scott & Katie Gajda, along with their girls. Thank you for making her feel special. Thank you to Stephanie Font and Team Leo for being Coco's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.


download (1).jpg

Acquired from:  East Valley Animal Shelter Los Angeles
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: March 10th, 2017
Date of Passing: April 15th, 2018
Family: Susan Jamme
Fans: Tralynn Gray, Andy Montagnino, Pearce Family
Tribute: On April 15th, 2018 we lost the king of frosting, 16 year old Stanley. We rescued Stanley on March 10th, 2017 from East Valley Shelter Los Angeles after he had been surrendered by his owners.

This guy brought in so many applications to FFF, and he landed with easygoing Susan Jamme. In the end Stanley was not eating, isolating himself, and not acting well. He was diagnosed with a liver mass, and while his status fluctuated between loving life and failing to thrive for a few days, there was no doubt in the end it was time.

His mom shares, "I’m kind of a mess still. I’m still looking for him to head over to me with the white tip on his tail doing a slow wag. I still try to count his nose when we get ready for bed or searching for his bowl to plunk his over-easy eggs in, or slip him an extra piece of chicken while he watched me fix dinner.

Stanley really did exhibit all the quirks I’ve shared over the past year or so. If he wasn’t a secret agent in his past life, he will be one in his next life.

He had more integrity than any animal I’ve ever known. Certainly, more than most people. I never saw him do one single thing he didn’t want to, eat anything he wasn’t excited about, or not cleaned his face on a chair next to the door, or go outside to pee within 10 minutes of finishing a meal. He always knew exactly where I was and staked out the doggie bed closest to my side of the bed.

Stanley was understated and underwhelmed by all efforts to ingratiate ourselves into our lives and hearts. Stanley was purely apologies, no regrets.

I will always be so grateful to have known him and shared his life. It was an honor and a privilege. I miss him like crazy."

Thank you, Susan, for being so in tune with Stanley. He was such a sensitive guy and needed someone like you to make him comfortable and welcome. Thank you to Tralynn Gray, Andy Montagnino, and the Pearce Family for being Stanley's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans



Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: March 14th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 21st, 2017
Family: Andy & Kelly Smisek
Fans: Rebecca Livingston, Kristine Rose, Debra Sakata, Debbie Christianson
Tribute: When faced with the decision whether to remove Patton's ulcerated sprawling mass upon rescue or euthanize him, we were told it would buy us 6 months with him at best. Seeing that he had lived a terrible life, we decided he deserved that chance at happiness and we personally would offer this to him.

We have arrived at "at best."

We rescued Patton from Riverside Shelter on March 15th, 2017. Today marks 6 months and one day since Patton's surgery, and we were forced to let him go as his newly formed mass near his spine ruptured affecting his nervous and lymphatic systems causing him great discomfort. He took his last breath with his head cupped in Andy's hands and my lips pressed into his nose.

As I type this with a writhing headache from crying, I just want you to know how much we loved Patton. Our only regret is how busy we are and that our time always has to be divided with each of the Frosted Faces whose timelines are also unknown. May I also mention what a terrible idea it is to start a social media account for a much loved family dog, because you will only find me endlessly scrolling his profile reliving our time together as if he is the ex that got away. Scroll with me & look up Patton Smíšek to share our memories. ❤️

Thank you to Jennifer Glatz, Rebecca Livingston, Kristine Rose, Debra Sakata, and Debbie Christianson for being Patton's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.

To my Patton, I could never squeeze you hard enough or long enough to keep you on this earth with us. Mommy and Daddy will love you always and forever.

To all the Frosted Faces waiting to meet us and the wonderful people who stand beside us in this mission- we are coming for you, hang on.


Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: April 5th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 24th, 2018
Family: Patrick & Jessica Walsh
Fans: Jane Leavy, Kathleen Phelps
Tribute: On Monday, September 24th, we fulfilled our promise to 16 year old Lucy Lu.

We rescued Lucy Lu, formerly Lulu, from Bonita Shelter on April 5th, 2017. She went to live a fairytale dog life with Jenny until one weekend in May 2018 her mom broke her back while paragliding. Because her recovery would be long and uncertain, we were asked to rehome Lulu.

We knew former FFF family, the Walshs, were boxer lovers and in the market for another dog so we reached out to them and they agreed to love Lulu for the rest of her days. They called her Lucy Lu because that same day they also adopted a shih tzu from us who they'd been eyeing named Lulu too!

We have collected reflections from both families who loved Lucy Lu/Lulu very much.

Jenny reflects:
"I’m incredibly sad to hear that Lulu has passed. She was such a light in my life and I am deeply grateful for all the love and sweetness she gave the world around her. The last night we were together was camping in the tent, which meant she got to be in her favorite spot- little spoon! The next morning I broke my back.

With the outlook for my life ahead being uncertain and as friends and family took over my care, it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to care for Lulu during my recovery, no matter the outcome of my injury, and it wouldn’t be fair to her. Thankfully the foundation I got her from found her a new home. I never got to say bye and I have missed her greatly. I haven’t made that known to many people because I feel ashamed for giving up a dog, something I have criticized people for. However, I truly believe that it was the best thing for her even if I wished differently.

She was my beach buddy, my snuggle bug, my source of laughter as she never laid on a bed properly and snored like an old man, she was inspiring that even at her age she would still be silly and spunky and run around, she was my boat dog , my lap dog, my weekend warrior for trips to mammoth, the reason I cooked regularly, one of the reasons my biceps stayed in shape from carrying her and one of the sweetest most loving creatures I’ve know!

My heart is heavy, I’m grateful for the family that gave her a home the last 4 months and I am thankful for all the joy she brought to my life 💕 What a blessing these four legged friends are and all the things they teach us! Run wild you sweet gentle soul and sleep in only the most comfortable places! ❤️"

The Walsh's reflect:
"It’s with a sad heart that I have to let you all know that our Lucy girl passed away last night. She declined quite quickly over the last few days and her body gave out last night. We took her to the vet last night and the they told us it was time. We knew it in our hearts but were having a hard time letting go. Lucy made it clear to us last night that she was ready.

It was a hard but easy decision at the same time. We didn’t get that doggie that Jenny speaks so nicely of. She was definitely weak and on the decline when she came to live with us. I see the pictures of her with Jenny and she looked so much more healthier. She was so skinny and had some kind of issue with her back end when we got her from you guys. She walked in circles and it would bother her if you touched any part of her back end.

We did all we could to make her happy and feel loved. She was still eating and trekking along so we kept right along with her, but the sparkle in her eye had left. No matter how much she ate she wasn’t gaining any weight and she could barely walk. When her body started giving up on her and she didn’t even want to try and get up, we knew it was time. It was hard because we never got the fun that Jenny did, we only got the tough part. I hope Jenny understands this. Poor Lucy was a lot of work at the end, but she was so very worth it. Thank you for your compassion and deep understanding."

We are blessed to know and be associated with two truly selfless, kind families. Thank you Jenny Fitzgerald, and Patrick & Jessica Walsh for loving Lu. Thank you to Jane Leavy and Kathleen Phelps for being Lucy Lu's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.


download (3).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care and Control- Carson
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: April 17th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: John & Carolyn Hedges
Fans: Jaclyn Zandieh, Beverley Patterson, Joanna Scheipe, Gail L Warzyn, Caryn Requejo, Mari Stein, Nicole Piracci, Sara Rodelo, Leslie Hampton, Amy Rowland, Elizabeth Schwind


download (4).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care and Control- Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: April 18th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Lynn Crafts
Fans: Carolyn Albee, Raylene Wall, Caryn Requejo


download (5).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care and Control-Carson
Age upon Rescue: 20
Date of Rescue: April 19th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 4th, 2019
Family: Manuel Agah & Klaudia Barsi
Fans: Audrey Brooks, Sara Rodelo, Tina Roese, Vicky Aldana, Lori Haskins
Tribute: On September 4th we fulfilled our promise to Sonoma.

His parents called that day sobbing to let us know they were on vacation and that their sitter came home from work to find Sonoma had passed away. They were at the airport heading home immediately.

The following day they apologized for being irrational. I let them know that they say sometimes dogs wait for their owners to leave so they can let go. Maybe that's a thing? And of course it would be abnormal not to be completely upset and heartbroken.

They were such a neat family to work with, lots of ear infections, cultures, and vet visits to stay in touch about...and I am certain Sonoma was harder to keep comfortable in the end than couple led on. I reminded them to cry it all out to heal and assured them they would not forget anything, as you all know, the first one you lose, is memorable unlike any other. It's a new, foreign pain that you can choose to wade in whenever you need to feel and remember.

"Stay as long as you want...

I would whisper this phrase in Sonoma’s ear all of the time. As I type I breathe but I can’t catch my breath. Little Sonoma decided to leave this morning.

This is tough for Klaudia and I as Sonoma is the first pet that we ever lost. I know that fostering a senior dog would always result in this natural, but unfortunate outcome. We knew it would come but nothing can prepare someone for this. It sounds strange to foster a senior dog when you’ve never lost a pet but we couldn’t say no to Sonoma.

Sonoma got older by the day as he slept more and moved less. His mobility deteriorated and his old dog spells took over sometimes. I’d give anything right now to hold him all night during one of his spells.

We fostered Sonoma aka grandpa, aka tata, for over two years and we loved every minute of it. I have to thank FFF and all of you for what you do. The toughest part from today is that we were flying from Texas when it happened, we weren’t here with him. I hope that he can for give us for this. We will see him one more time tomorrow at the hospital and we will give him a goodbye.

I’ll miss his breath on my cheek when I carry him. I’ll miss his thankful tail wag when I pick him up after a fall. I’ll miss how he slept on his paw. I’ll miss but will not forget.

When it’s time for Sonoma to choose who he goes with, Klaudia and I, or his old family, I just want to feel his breath on my cheek one more time.

Thank you FFF for the past two and a half years with grandpa. We love you always Sonoma."



Acquired from: Ventura County Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: April 20th, 2017
Date of Passing: April 30th, 2017
Family: Frosted Faces Foundation
Fans: Chris Fenner, Lisa Switzer, Margarita Chase
Tribute: Gwennie had been showing neurological dysfunction, but in just recent days looked a little brighter, a little stronger, like she needed more time on Earth.

Early yesterday morning she started seizing and it never stopped. We rushed her to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital where they injected valium to calm her down. Dr. Lantrip educated us that when dogs start seizing over the age of 7, 90% of the time it is from a brain tumor, and this fit the bill for Gwennie's behaviors over the last week and a half. We made the decision to euthanize Gwennie as she had been seizing for over 45 minutes and we knew quality of life was lacking even prior to the episode.

We try to "fix" all the Frosted Faces we rescue, undo the damage, I guess. Hindsight is 20/20 and there was no "fixing" her, the condition she had was irreparable and we just needed to spend time together. I have no idea how she ended up as a stray at the shelter, but the only thing we could do was to pick up loving her at the point where someone else surrendered. At the end of one long day at FFF last week I found myself spooning Gwennie falling asleep with her on her big Costco bed for a good hour before realizing I had fallen asleep and needed to lock up. So many "to dos" and all she required was a slow down. She captured my heart to slow down with her that night.

I am grateful we had these times to just be together, because this sudden ending was unpredictable and heartbreaking. I will say I am at peace that her body decided, because I personally have a very hard time deciding to let go of dogs that eat, sleep, and walk whose lights have dimmed behind their eyes.


download (7).jpg

Acquired from: Final Wish Program
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: April 20th, 2017
Date of Passing: June 18th, 2017
Family: Ryan & Kris Valverde
Fans: David Triemert, Amy Treptow, Keith & Jo Zakarin, Alison Coutts

When Ryan and Kris volunteered to be both Zoey and Sara's family, it wasn't because they thought it would be easy, it was because they knew it was the right thing to do to keep them together.

Somehow amidst this selfless act that seemed to just be in the beginning chapters headed for a fairy tale ending, all the remaining pages were ripped out and we turned the page to empty binding.

We did an emergency splenectomy on Zoey Friday, June 16th. Previously she had been experiencing nose bleeds too for unknown reasons, but this we knew we could fix.

A friend once told me to be grateful for every vet bill, because it means you were able to identify the problem and fix it, so we forged ahead gratefully. After surgery, Zoey stayed at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital to recover. Although her eyes seemed bright she was completely paralyzed within her own body. She could not move at all, go to the bathroom with knowing, or eat. Her legs with extended "neurologically" and her eyes followed her family around the room, but she could not lift her head. She had tremors and was chewing on her tongue and lips. There was something else changing in Zoey.

We gave Zoey a few days to recover, while her family visited her every day and brought her good tasting foods. Yesterday, Dr. Traversi called to let us know that he thought she was suffering because her breathing had changed and that we needed to let her go. Her family rushed down to be with her with Zoey's sister Sara in tow.

What was to become of Sara? Where is the rest of their happily ever after that we all wanted for them? It's not neat or predictable, but somehow their dog Indiana was writing his own chapters on crazy colored construction paper with big crayons in a font I picture to emulate his fun-loving personality. He somehow enchanted Sara and became her best friend these last few months, always doing zoomies in the yard, sleeping near each other, and playing tug o war, when Zoey was off with mom going on slower walks and resting her head quietly on her mom's lap. Mom had a way of pulling Zoey aside for special mellow time when Sara and Indiana were being rambunctious.

Her mom shares, "Thank you all for the kind words. I know we only had Zoey a short time but I felt like we knew each other forever. She was my shadow and I was her guardian. She would follow me all over the yard while the other two romped around and she would stay behind me when people would come over.

I loved our quiet moments together, just the two of us. I could feel her eye roll when we would watch her sister and Indiana play. I'll miss how she would perk up when she heard the treat bag open up, or a cheese wrapper.

It wasn't long, but we bonded quick. And it certainly wasn't long enough. Zoey will always be in my heart."

10 year old Sara and 12 year old Zoey came to us through the Final Wish program when their mom's family trusted us with their care due to her late stage Alzheimer's and inability to care for them. We have notified the family and kept them informed about Zoey's care throughout.

We love you Zoey and we will take very good care of your Sara.


Acquired from: Final Wish Program
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: April 20th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Ryan & Kris Valverde
Fans: David Triemert, Krista Hogan, Karen Terra, Judy Traub


download (9).jpg

Acquired from: San Bernardino City Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 17
Date of Rescue: April 26th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 6th, 2018
Family: Ann Vertrees
Fans: Cathy Karr, Sabina Meyer, Margo Pisa, Kathy Huisinga Scheffer
Tribute: On Thursday, September 6th, 2018, we fulfilled our promise to 18 year old Henry.

Henry was relinquished to San Bernardino City Shelter on April 26th, 2017. The devastating surrender video can be found within the comments of this post.

Ann Vertrees had just become familiar with FFF and wanted to help in some way. When she saw Henry she immediately offered to be his mommy. He will forever be known as the Frosted Face who wore doggles on his walks! He wore booties inside to prevent slipping, enjoyed the company of his sister, and being tucked in at night. During his short stay at FFF he was later discovered as the mystery dog who performed a soft extended "cooooooooo" sound when left alone. He only ever wanted love and attention.

His mom shares, "It’s with a broken-heart that I let you all know we had to let precious Henry cross the rainbow bridge. He deteriorated very fast and the vet felt it was time for him to go to prevent suffering.

I am so thankful to Frosted Faces for letting me love him for 16 wonderful months. He was truly a precious little love."

Thank you IAnna Elizabeth Verta for being Henry's empathetic mom and for your generosity in support of our work. Thank you to Cathy Karr, Sabina Meyer, Margo Pisa, and Kathy Huisinga Scheffer for being Henry's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.

Stuart little

download (10).jpg

Acquired from: Los Angeles Animal Care and Control- Baldwin Park
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: April 27th, 2017
Date of Passing: October 21st, 2018
Family: Barbara Smith
Fans: Dana Fier
Tribute: One would not think that quiet little Stuart would be such a fighter. He battled three serious illnesses as a Frosted Face and won them all, but on October 21st 15 year old Stu drew his last breath.

We rescued Stuart Little, formerly Shorty, from Baldwin Park Shelter on April 27th, 2017 after he had been surrendered by his owners and was scheduled to be euthanized because he was suffering. We hospitalized him for days in oxygen with no improvement, and finally a culture revealed that we needed a very unique drug for his treatment. Stu survived and went on to find family.

Stu had a beagle brother named Copper and they learned to share the couch and bed, never to share food or treats though! Although Stu had no teeth he was a ferocious little eater! Stu had ginormous feet and lumbered his long body around with inflated confidence. Stu always ate a little wet food with rice and warm water two meals each day, but that's not all! He also got two snacks. He got a teaspoon of cottage cheese in the morning, and part of a hard boiled egg in the afternoons! His coat grew to be so soft and meat filled in over his bones.

This winter Stu struggled with IMHA and again was hospitalized for days until it was managed. He was on lifelong medication thereafter. Most recently, Stu struggled with pancreatitis.

Stu was a frequent boarding "Frosted Friend" and all of the FFF volunteers enjoyed spending time with him and will miss him dearly.

Stu's mom is in shock after losing her little man and Copper is sad to no longer have his friend. Stu's mom let us know that she is heartbroken that he is gone. She did everything she could for him to make him happy and feel loved.

Thank you to Barbara Smith for accommodating Stu for the many vet trips, giving him special meals, and cleaning up his messes. Thank you for holding him tightly and talking to him sweetly. Thank you to Dana Fier for being Stu's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fan.


download (11).jpg

Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: April 28th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Kyle & Alexis Bowen
Fans: Moira Mahony, Guy Zigfrid, Darby Hall, Joe & Renee Dalo


download (13).jpg

Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: April 28th, 2017
Date of Passing: May 25th, 2018
Family: Sam & Angela Ballard
Fans: Theresa Mulligan, Sue King, Laurie Brewer
Tribute: On May 25th, 2018 we fulfilled our promise to 10 year old Grace.

We rescued Grace, formerly Ruthie, from Bonita Shelter on April 28th, 2017. Often we reflect when our beloved is gone with words that aren't enough to embody the experience, but Mom's assessment of Grace's last night emits the love poured into Grace and pain of her absence.

"I can barely compose anything, as tomorrow we will be saying goodbye. Her body is failing her and the look in her eyes is asking for help, but there's nothing more that can be done. Earlier this week, just a few days after her Frostiversary, we had a quality-of-life discussion with our vet at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital. I returned to work, shut the library door, and wailed. All week, we have treated her with chicken, roast beef, ham, watermelon (always her favorite) a grass-fed burger, and carne asada (her new favorite). I've snuggled with her on the floor every night before bed, and shared beautiful memories and reasons why we love her so very, very much. Please, please send love. There are no words right now..."

Feel our love as you cross, and know you were the missing piece to our puzzle. 
here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)"

Please hold Sam Ballard & Angela Wanderlust in your warmest thoughts as they mourn. Thank you, Sam & Angela, for taking a chance on Grace and making her family. The photos were always priceless, bringing us into your world to appreciate happily ever after. Thank you to Theresa Mulligan, Sue King, and Laurie Brewer for being her dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.



Acquired from: San Diego Animal Services- Bonita
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: April 28th, 2017
Date of Passing: November 23rd, 2018
Family: Tawnee Haley and Wayne Pellham
Fans: Roxanne Perez, Kristi Palmer, Tralynn Gray
Tribute: On Friday, November 23rd, we fulfilled our promise to 10 year old Toast. We rescued Toast from Bonita Shelter on April 28th, 2017 after he came in as a stray.

"The day after Thanksgiving, Tawnee came home to find that our Toaster strudel had passed. He was a good boy, and we loved him. Our best guess is that he had a final seizure or stroke. We hope it was fast and painless, since it happened in his favorite sleeping spot. He had been having episodes the last week or so where he would seem to seize, along with losing control of his bowels. Once he came back to us, he seemed to like the warm baths following these episodes.

When we first picked him up from Frosted Faces Foundation, they had just removed some growths, and he had stenosis and he would seem to lose the use of his back legs. Even when dragging his back legs around, our Toast would have the cutest smile on his face. It was easy to keep a good outlook with him. Every morning, he would get up and meet us in the kitchen for his treat. As a matter of fact, anytime we were in the kitchen, he was generally under foot for treats.

He wasn’t the most active of dogs, but we will have some great memories. We are glad for the time we had with him, and wish we had more time. As our second Frosted Face, we appreciated the good times, and it seems to be easier this time, knowing that for the last year and a half, Toast never had to worry about if his parents were coming home or if he was going to end up somewhere else. I wish his sponsors could have met him too... Roxanne Perez Kristi PalmerTralynn Gray are all amazing. RIP Toast"

Thank you to Tawnee Haley and Wayne Pellham for choosing Toast. I will never forget the day you surprised us with a visit after Frosted Face Missy's passing and you asked for the one who may not have a shot at getting a family as easily because his behavior was a little misunderstood. You made it happen for Toaster Strudes and we are sincerely grateful.


download (14).jpg

Acquired from: The Barking Lot
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: April 29th, 2017
Date of Passing: April 3rd, 2018
Family: Maria Neuzil
Fans: Juan Perdomo, Nancy Veach, The Catered K9
Tribute: On Tuesday, April 3rd, we fulfilled our promise to 13 year old Spike.

Spike was rescued by The Barking Lot from Devore Shelter in February 2012 at the age of 7 years old. In April 2017 we moved him to Frosted Faces Foundation to enhance his quality of life and to increase his chances of finding him a family through our senior dog loving network.

I am certain that there are dogs we have rescued who have suffered for longer in more devastating circumstances, but what is different about Spike's story is that we crusaded for five years to find him a family. A volunteer told me she would fall asleep crying at night about Spike, bearing such a heavy burden of compassion in a situation for which she could not deliver a solution.

It reminded me of this quotation, although extreme for these circumstances, appropriate for so many of us animal lovers.

"Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.”
-Andrew Boyd

We sat at that table and carried Spike with love~ did this volunteer whose heart was so big it could burst. She funded Spike's care. did all the volunteers who enriched Spike's life with overnights, hikes, and quality time. There are far too many to name who shaped Spike's journey, but all were significant! did Stacy Parmer, who held out hope, recruited volunteers, and unselfishly entrusted us with Spike's care.
Five years without family for an innocent, voiceless animal is a long long time and it is difficult to comprehend.

On October 27th, 2017 Spike's fairy tale of family came true and he was chosen by Maria Neuzil. Suddenly the Universe didn't feel so heavy. Our destinies shined ahead together, alongside Spike's.

In early December, just one month after placement, Spike was diagnosed with pleural effusion. Diagnostics from an echocardiogram to a CT scan proved nothing, and we were slapped with the reality of our heartbreaking charge we know all too well.

Maria shares, "He came into my life and gave me more than I could possibly give him. He brought so much joy and happiness. He taught a few people that pit bulls are sweet and loving and would not hurt anything. He taught my granddaughter how to love dogs, her first words were "woof". He gave my neighbor a reason to start the Pet Oil Company, and he also got my other neighbor to talk to me for the first time in 15 years, and in a good way. He gave me unconditional and continual love and nothing more than love. He sat on the bed looking out the window waiting for me to come home all day. I could see him when I pulled up and by the time I got to the door he was there waiting for me. The housekeepers love him and will fall apart when I tell them tonight he won't be there tomorrow. My life is going to be missing so much happiness that he brought to me.

It was a rough night and morning and I am sure it will be for awhile. I just miss his happy little face following me all the time. I am honored to have been the one to become his mom for the little time we had together. It is the work you do that made that possible. The love you have for these dogs is truly amazing. I don't know how you do this all the time, it hurts so much."

Maria Neuzil, you have some very tight hugs waiting for you. Thank you for giving Spike the best of his life. Thank you to Juan Perdomo, Nancy Veach, and The Catered K9 for being Spike's dedicated monthly sponsoring Fans.

While Spike leaves behind a legacy of lessons, the most important one is the value of volunteerism. While all of us volunteers thought we were just biding time until his impending adoption, we didn't realize we were writing Spike's story. We showed up, we brought quality to his life, and we turned helpless compassion into action. Please volunteer and be part of the solution.


download (15).jpg

Acquired from: Coachella Valley Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: May 3rd, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Stefan & Kristina Maroudis
Fans: Tralynn Gray


Acquired from: Coachella Valley Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 14
Date of Rescue: May 3rd, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Jeff Dyberg & Susan Ryan
Fans: Mary Lyn Clements



Acquired from: Riverside Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: May 15th, 2017
Date of Passing: September 15th, 2017
Family: Melany Biendara
Fans: Philip Baldacci
Tribute: On September 15th, 2017, at the age of 13 years old, Clara was blessed with her final breath in the arms of her family.

We rescued Clara from Riverside Shelter on May 15th, 2017 when she was scheduled to be euthanized. From day one we knew she showed signs of having dementia. There are varying philosophies about whether to euthanize a dog at this point or to care for and accommodate them as we do for humans.

Because Clara showed no discomfort and her behaviors were manageable, we wanted to see her accommodated and in the hands of an experienced family. We love each Frosted Face as our own. Although they come to us late in their lives, we would want for a lifelong canine companion with whom we shared many memories, to be held on Earth for every last possible second.

Melany truly exceeded expectation keeping each day regimented so as to keep Clara calm and clean. She familiarized herself with the dim light within Clara that still flickered, so much that she also recognized when it no longer burned.

Few dogs are graced with this kind of patience from their owners in their final days, and we are honored to know such a compassionate person like Melany Biendara who did this for our Clara. Thank you, Melany. 


download (16).jpg

Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care and Control- Lancaster
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: May 16th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Frosted Faces Foundation
Fans: Kelly Freel, Nancy Veach


download (17).jpg

Acquired from: OC Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: May 16th, 2017
Date of Passing: January 18th, 2019
Family: Robin & Carolyn Hoffos
Fans: Lynn Cannizzaro, Karen Billington
Tribute: On Friday, January 18th, we fulfilled our promise to 11 year old Felix.

Felix was fiercely loyal as expected by the breed. He would run a B line right toward you and push his nose into your lap. At rest his eyes would eerily follow you like he was judging you. Gosh, Felix was so smart. He was quiet and smart, and you always suspected that he knew better than you in his little doggie brain. He loved to eat and would bark for his food and attention- he knew what he wanted!

Felix lived the life of luxury where he also frequented Copper Meadows Eventing. He could run the fields and he was a stealthy hunter! This couldn't have been a better placement for as much attention as he was able to soak up from his humans in combination with the neat place to roam and be outdoors.

He was a valued member of the Hoffos pack and will be terribly missed. We love you, Felix!



Acquired from: Apple Valley Animal Services
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: May 16th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Douglas & Stacey Collins
Fans: Carla Anderson



Acquired from:  OC Animal Care & Control
Age upon Rescue: 15
Date of Rescue: May 16th, 2017
Date of Passing: November 27th, 2017
Family: Ryan & Kris Valverde
Fans: Robin Zakoor, Monica Fitch, Jodie Reyes, Angela Wilder

We rescued Reese from OC Animal Care on May 16th, 2017 after he came in as a stray. The shelter guessed that he was 8 years old, but later found a microchip that was 15 years old!

Reese battled poor kidney values, congestive heart failure, a deep ulcer on his eye, and a mass on his bottom. On November 24th the mass on his tushy ruptured so he went to San Diego Bay Animal Hospital. Knowing how poor his heart was but that antibiotics would not be enough to manage the infection, we applied a local anesthetic and removed the mass. That evening Reese began showing signs of neurologic dysfunction which we thought may be related to the pain medication. After a couple more trips to the vet the following days and standing by for change, his condition only progressed and his quality of life was poor.

His mom shares,

"We had to say goodbye to our sweet Reese’s Pieces 💙😔💙 We knew when we took him in as a Forever Foster that he had a lot stacked against him, and we accepted it. But I thought we would for sure have more than 3 months.

I guess that’s when we have to look at what we were able to do with him in those 3 months. In that short time, we took him to Fiesta Island, family camping, baseball games, baby showers, birthday parties, picked up his “boys” from school, celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving with us, you name it!

Considering the condition he was rescued in, I would say he probably lived the best days of his life with us, and I can be happy with that. You will always be in our hearts Mr. Puppers 💙"

Thank you to Kris Valverde for choosing to make Reese part of your family and packing a lot of love into so little time. 


Acquired from: Ramona Humane Society
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: May 19th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Steven & Cheryl Hirsch
Fans: Kim Blunt


download (2).jpg

Acquired from: Final Wish Program
Age upon Rescue: 13
Date of Rescue: May 25th, 2017
Date of Passing: August 30th, 2019
Family: Therrol & Nikki Troxel
Fans: Lisa Switzer
Tribute: On August 30th we fulfilled our promise to Cocoa.
Cocoa was entrusted to us through our Final Wish program when her mom went into a nursing home. Cocoa was blessed with so many more months because of this well planned decision.

To speak to the patience and respectfulness of Therrol and Nikki during emergent visits, they go unmatched, and yet they were tough as nails for their girl.

"How do I begin? My heart broke yesterday when I lost my sweet, spunky Warrior Princess, Cocoa, one month short of her 16th birthday.

She has valiantly fought congestive heart failure and collapsing trachea for 1 of the 2 years we had her. Her 7 med ritual 3x a day determined our lives and schedules but she was a trooper taking her syringe meds with some whipped cream after. She loved to eat and forever voiced her love of meat at each meal. The meds caused her to take many trips outside to pee and she owned every part of our yard.

She always had to be near me or in her line of sight...she had a bed in both bathrooms as she accompanied me daily. In year one she tore both ACLs and needed help to get on the couch or bed. She would sit and grrrrr at me until I figured out what she needed. This grrrr worked when she spotted a lost treat she couldn't reach but smelled exactly where it was. She loved walks/ stroller rides and rides in the car. During our many trips to SDBay she would sit in my lap and look out the window.

She never liked men and would guard me fiercely against even my husband and son. The poor repair men who would come to our house never had a chance. She lived with our 3 labs and was head over heels in love with Gus our 13yo 100 lb boy. She would do a little flirty dance in his face and chest several times each day. He is mellow and went along for her.

I miss her energy, her little body in bed and our daily snuggles. She was my baby girl and I was her mom. She endured 30 syncope episodes since January, her last two yesterday at VCA as 8 hours in the oxygen chamber could not save her. The trachea was limiting her breathing. Letting her go was heart wrenching because I knew she would continue to fight to stay with me and I couldn't let her struggle any longer.
She took my heart with her .💔💔😢"



Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 18
Date of Rescue: May 27th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Anthony & Mary Savoia
Fans: Tralynn Gray, Itzel and Martha Perez, Dana Vines
Tribute: On Thursday, May 31st, we fulfilled our promise to 19 year old Bizzy.

We rescued Bizzy, also known as Bisabuela, on May 27th, 2017 from Devore Shelter. We hospitalized Bizzy last week at San Diego Bay Animal Hospital with what looked like another episode of constipation, but she began to look dull and struggled to breathe as her stay lengthened. We were forced to make the decision very quickly to let her go with no uncertainty that her little body had had enough.

Her mom shares, "This picture captures the essence of sweet Bizzy. This is exactly how I will remember her. She would look up at me like I’m the center of the universe, just waiting to see what my next move would be. She would follow me, even when it was just a couple steps, then again sit at my feet and look up at me with those big, beautiful eyes. And as soon as I sat down, she would climb all the way up to sit on my chest with her nose resting next to mine. She didn't have to speak, her love was palpable.

She was completely trusting and happily approached any situation. We could take her anywhere. She went in her stroller to the pet store, to the FFF anniversary party at the beach and even strolled alongside the canine Frosted Faces in the pride parade. I think it was that blind trust that made her so endearing. Everyone loved Bisabuela. She was literally the sweetest cat I've ever shared my home with. Now, it’s hard to imagine my home without her.

I can’t fathom who would’ve surrendered her at 18. I would give anything to have just one more day with her. One more day to snuggle her and tell her she's mommy's favorite. One more day to say goodbye. The hole she's left behind feels so huge that I try hard not to fall in.

I'm so grateful to Kelly, FFF and all of her monthly Fans, Tralynn Gray, Itzel and Martha Perez, Dana Vines. Thank you for allowing us to make Bizzy Bee part of our family. And a very special thank you to Sherri and Joyce at Kitty Devore Rescue for being her champion, without your help Bizzy would not have made it out of the shelter.

I hope you found my niece Meghan when you arrived in heaven, Biz. I know she'll take care of you until we meet again ❤"

Thank you Anthony and Mary Savoia for giving Bizzy every last good day.


Acquired from: Devore Animal Shelter
Age upon Rescue: 9
Date of Rescue: May 27th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Sharon Martenson
Fans: Alexis von Wiegen, Cheryl Blankenship


download (8).jpg

Acquired from: Ramona Humane Society
Age upon Rescue: 12
Date of Rescue: June 8th, 2017
Date of Passing: June 17th, 2017
Family: Frosted Faces Foundation
Fans: Joan Krueger, Stacy LaFrance, Michelle Bennett
Tribute: Forest was surrendered there by his owner who was having issues with his landlord. We instantly sprung for him because it was love at first sight.

He made his way down to Frosted Faces Foundation where the transporter (also shelter volunteer) mentioned that he always breathed a little harshly. We noticed he was hacking, and suspected it was just kennel cough. We took him to High Valley Veterinary Hospital where we did our standard entrance exam, they did a senior panel and shot some chest x-rays. His blood panel came back nearly perfect, but his chest showed some abnormalities. The vets recommended we do a heartworm test, which we did, and it came back negative. From there we assumed it was just an upper respiratory infection and started him on Doxycycline and Baytril.

For the first few days Forest had good energy for an old arthritic man, ate his food readily by hand, but his congestion grew progressively worse. Between Andy, myself, and volunteers we home cooked Forest's meals which included chicken and eggs. He ate this okay. We gave him warm baths to help loosen up the boogies and just yesterday when he had a messy bowel movement, Andy scrubbed him up, wrapped him in a blanket, and volunteer Toni held him. His temperature spiked Thursday evening at 102.9, which isn't even that high, and was mostly around 100.5 on Friday.

We see kennel cough, upper respiratory infections, and pneumonia more often than we would care to. What leaves us uncomfortable is that Forest seemed bright and his symptoms did not prompt us to bring him to the vet again for more intensive care. At the same time, we are wondering is there was something more going on than a virus and we will never know.

To be completely honest, I am aching. Flashes, I just keep seeing flashes of these last few days looking for a sign that he needed more aggressive treatment, wishing we had spent more time visiting with him when instead we let him rest and were very careful not to have him out with all of the dogs playing... wishing I had held him late into last night so that I could be with him if his crossing was inevitable.

Part of me has to believe I could not prevent this. As healthy and happy as he was when he arrived, there was something underlying, we did our due diligence, and we couldn't help with the most loving care. Could it have been a horrible quickly progressing pneumonia? Yes. Some other aggressive infiltration of his lungs? Yes.

The day Forest and I truly began to bond was two days after his rescue. I had noticed on his relinquishment form that he had lived outside his whole life notated by his owner, and that he was fed Ol' Roy. He was already sleeping inside at FFF and eating cooked chicken breasts, but it was after I made his file, I Ieft my desk to find him and just held him with a lump in my throat. He was so quiet, so grateful. My eyes welled up as I realized how lucky he was and that we could change his life for the better.

...We aren't going to get to do that. I don't get to find him a family, I don't get to make breakfast for him anymore, I wasn't going to get to introduce him to the pack, or watch a late night movie with him wrapped in my legs.

Things we did get to do this week- we sat in a really warm bathroom most nights while he soaked and I kissed his nose over and over. Forest always found the dog house and took deep naps in there after going out to go potty. When I saw this, I was inclined to wake him up and move him back inside, thinking, "No more dog house living for you, Forest! Only air conditioning and soft blankets!" His bark, his bark sounded like my boy, Patton's, bark. Between many of us, eating was always a special time because we had to hand feed him and he loved being catered to. He got encouragement from our sweetest voices and he ate last so we could spend as much time with him as needed. One morning I found him in the fold of his big comforter. He had buried himself like a chihuahua tends to do, and he looked up at me wagging proudly!

This whole situation just really fucking breaks me. He had stolen my heart and I made a whole lot of promises to him I couldn't keep. I know how many people were invested in Forest, and I almost feel like I owe everyone an apology because I cannot explain this.

Forest, we loved you so so much. You were very special, you deserved better, and I wish I could have made that happen for you.



Acquired from:  Los Angeles Animal Care and Control- Downey
Age upon Rescue: 10
Date of Rescue: June 8th, 2017
Date of Passing:
Family: Christina Alkire
Fans: Bonnie Sposato, Jarissa Aquinde