Volunteers of Frosted Faces Foundation donate time, energy, and services that help us to keep our Frosted Faces and their families comfortable.   If you have time or a service you would like to donate that could benefit our Frosted Faces, please fill out the form below.  If you have already registered to volunteer, please email volunteer@frostedfacesfoundation.org to be scheduled.

Volunteering at FFF is by appointment only.


“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love.
Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.”
-Mother Teresa


Volunteers of the Week

October 1-7: Erin Hoye
October 8-14: Christina Orlovsky Page
October 15-21: Jen Lash
October 22-28: Angela Gunnett
October 29-November 4: Diana Coelho

November 5-11: David Klein
November 12-18: Linh Vandermar
November 19-25: Joyce Floyd
November 26-December 2: Olivia Spadafore

December 3-9: Isaac Marks & Heather Osswald
December 10-16: June Watterson
December 17-23: Traci Curry
December 24-30: Tammy Larson
December 31-January 6: Tayler Brown

January 7-13: Holly Mitchell
January 14-20: Claire Compton
January 21-27: Mary Arkwright
January 28-February 3: Ryan Malina

February 4-10: Rod & Barb McAllister
February 11-17: Douglas O’Donnell
February 18-24: Terri Denning
February 25-March 3: Andrea Liesman

March 4-10: Rick Hoffman
March 11-17: Hope Tileston
March 18-24: Elizabeth Deeney and Rena McDonald
March 25-31: Michele Radeke

April 1-7: Christina Alkire
April 8-14: Ingrid Dahlin & Darren Yanzon
April 15-21: Kim Simonsen Dollins
April 22-28: Kris Valverde
April 29-May 5: Kendra Ramada

May 6-12: Holly Zierden
May 13-19: Carrie Sorrento-Hagen
May 20-26: Patti Edwards
May 27-June 2: Jeanne Canniff Wilder

June 3-9: Marla Hernandez
June 10-16: Lizzi Marie Black
June 17-23: Raymond Heller
June 24-30: Jacqueline Solano

July 1-7: Barbara VanHorne
July 8-14: Andy Rieve
July 15-21: Merri Kelley
July 22-28: Sue King

July 29-August 4: Alicia Anthony
August 5-11: Carol Leary
August 12-18: Bethany Keeble
August 19-25: Lori Jasinski
August 26-September 1: Romy Skirpan

September 2-8: Monika Horvat
September 9-15: Paula Rushton
September 16-22: Delia Haust
September 23-29: Mariah Becker
September 30-October 6: Jen Stahel